The Last of Us’ Joel Imitates Banderas To Celebrate Naughty Dog’s VGX Win as Studio of the Year

To celebrate Naughty Dog’s victory as studio of the year at the VGX 2013 a rather hilarious clip imitating Antonio Banderas from the film Assassins was showcased.

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Abriael903d ago

Lol yeah, I'm still laughing. Keighley had teased some response video and I kind of imagined something like this.

ShinMaster903d ago

Best moment during VGX lol

Blastoise903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

My favourite part of the show.

miyamoto903d ago

Naughty Dog: Best developers of the planet Earth!

ZodTheRipper903d ago

This and 'No Mans Sky' were my favourites :D

ColinZeal903d ago

I lolled hard when I saw that - friggin epic!

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-Foxtrot903d ago

Sad when the best thing of the VGA's was a GIF

Abriael903d ago

No Man's Sky looks really amazing.

I_am_Batman903d ago

The few game announcements were pretty good. But other than that this show was probably one of the worst I've seen in my life. 3 hours of stupid jokes, some stoned rappers, horrible live music. After watching this show I'm not surprised that gamers have a bad reputation.

isa_scout903d ago

Yeah,No Mans Sky and The Witcher 3 looked amazing though. Damn why do I let Keighley troll me everytime though?
All in all it was a absolutely wretched show. McHale was a horrible pick as a co-host. You could actually tell that he made Geoff and devs like Tim a little uncomfortable.
Guess we'll just have to wait til E3 to see some more awesome game announcements and trailers.

starchild903d ago

What? How? This was funny, but it was far from the best thing out of the show. Personally The Witcher 3 is far more exciting than anything else. Quantum Break also looked like a great game for the Xbox guys.

popup902d ago

I thought Broken Age was awesome too.

nukeitall902d ago

The best thing was Titanfalls and Quantum Break trailers for me. Cannot wait!

The akward hosts and setting of VGX though was off putting.

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hulk_bash1987903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

Definitely alot more subtle than this:

But just as funny and unexpected.

listenkids903d ago

Damn, I completely forgot about this video, so good.

Guwapo77903d ago

No idea how I missed this video. LoL

Insomnia_84903d ago

Gets studio of the year...
doesn't get game of the year.

Pff the VGA's are so flawed. Only reason GTAV won was because it's a multiplatform game. Name the last game that won game of the year that was exclusive to the Playstation brand.....exactly!

Name the platform with the most goty exclusive games...exactly!

Majin-vegeta903d ago

UC2 back in 2009.This is twice ND has got robbed of GOTY.

2013-Gta v

Ninjakiwi903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

Uncharted 3 won GOTY at VGA in 2011, so quite recently. but yeah it is still quite rare that a deserving PS game wins GOTY.

EDIT: somehow I mistook Gametrailers GOTY awards for VGA, they gave uncharted 3 GOTY not VGA

spicelicka903d ago

Stop crying. Omgg i'm a sony fanboy omg sony game didn't win GOTY omg the world is against sony.

You could say the same thing about Microsoft and Nintendo, walking dead won over Halo 4 and Mario bros last year.

Last of us is an amazing game, but I found GTA 5 to be more ambitious and bigger and better in scope. I'm still glad ND won studio of the year.

But grow the hell up, you really thing having the most exclusive games automatically wins you GOTY awards wtf? You do know PC as a platform has way more exclusives than Sony right? Dozens of F2P, indie, and under-advertised games get released for PC every year......exactly!

frostypants903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

I am playing both TLoU and GTAV right now. TLoU is a work of art. GTAV is fun but it is more of the same and anyone who says otherwise is f*cking blind. This is like if The Departed lost an award to a Steven Seagal flick or something.

alexkoepp903d ago

If anything rockstar got robbed, they made the GOTY, yet the studio isn't studio of the year?

frostypants902d ago

@Tainted Gene, yeah, it was predictable. GTAV was supposed to be the greatest game ever, so everyone just accepted that it was, and ignored its obvious issues (mainly, that it is fundamentally the same freaking game as every GTA since GTA3). I refuse to believe that if there was a poll of those who actually played both GTAV and TLoU, than anything more than a tiny minority would claim that GTAV was a better game.

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re2_apocalypse903d ago

Most definitely the funniest and best thing that came out of the VGX show, lol

TruthInsider 903d ago

Does anybody know what Antonio Banderas actually thinks about this and why haven't Sony signed him up for ads?

sklorbit903d ago

he was at the ps4 launch event in new york!

gpturbo81903d ago

if this is your idea of "epic" were in fuckin trouble.

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pyramidshead903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

Was brilliant haha, one of the highlights of the VGXs a long with No Man Sky and The Witcher, also Broken age. Rest was kinda meh. Joel McHale didn't give a fvck either and Geoff was losing it inside his mind. So so so bad, it turned out to be good.

MonChiChi903d ago

The show was very disappointing, think next time I wont even waste my time.

cyguration903d ago

It was cringe-worthy in an entertaining way. I was just going to see how much more destructive McHale would get, bringing absolute mind phukdom to Keighley.

The Dorito Pope looked like he was about to keel over.

I was loving it.

pyramidshead903d ago

was such a bad mix and you could tell McHale was seeing how far he could go, Geoff was close to breaking his safe face I swear. The tension was one of the best things about the show!

Majin-vegeta903d ago

One of the best if not best thing to come out of this lame show.

SkippyPaccino903d ago

That won the internet tonight

alexkoepp903d ago

I found bioshocks team trying to give acceptance speeches far more entertaining

e-p-ayeaH903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

ok that was cool unlike the whole gta5 music concert.

Ben Dover903d ago

Is it weird I really wanted the people performing that lame GTA5 concert to die on stage?

minimur12903d ago

the 'artists' attempting to 'present' was so annoying. pathetic


brometheos903d ago

Seriously they were like a bunch of 6 year olds