VGX: Best Indie Game Winner Is Gone Home

Best Indie game is revealed at VGX

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Psychotica1351d ago

I just bought this today, pretty good so far..

curtis921351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

come back in 1 hour and 40 minutes after you beat it and let us know how it was

@flamehawk yes. And I read and looked through every drawer I could, every room I could find, too. Not saying I saw everything but I played it slowly and methodically and when I went back into steam after it was over, said I'd played it for 102 minutes. The game is an experience I loved it but for $20 (which is what it was when I bought it) I felt a little ripped off for 1h42m.

FlameHawk1351d ago

its only a 2 hour game?

Are_The_MaDNess1351d ago

yup only a 2 hour long game. its a good one tho. alot of emotion is the story.
really tear jerking at times.

got it free from IGN Prime myself and it was well worth the 2 hours. not sure if they still give out the game tho.....

Grave1351d ago

I finished it in 80 min and after I finished it I felt sick that I even spent $10 on it.

kyon1471351d ago

I really need to try this out..

AndroidVageta1351d ago

Quite sad really. Only good thing the game had going for it was the house itself (in it's layout and detail). Other than that it was like 2 hours long MAX and about some teenage lesbian runaway. Woo-hoo...

Really, REALLY, wasn't that good of a game in all ways possible. Game play was meh, story was meh, the premise of the game was misleading, etc.

But hey, at least Bioshock Infinite didn't win GOTY...that would have sucked haha!

Pintheshadows1351d ago

Should have been given to The Stanley Parable.

ThichQuangDuck1351d ago

Was my favorite as well. I have not played Gone Home,but Stanley Parable was something entirely novel with so many endings. Gone Home seemed more to have the press backing

Pintheshadows1351d ago

The Stanley Parable is just indescribably brilliant isn't it. I tried to describe it to a few friends but I just couldn't. It is the most unique game I have ever played. It is a witty commentary on gaming and life.

kwyjibo1351d ago

I thought Papers, Please would get it.

Good selection of nominees though, even though there was no standout like previous years.

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