Tom Clancy's The Division: VGX 2013: World Premiere Featurette

Technophiles rejoice! Take an incredible tour through The Division's revolutionary new Snowdrop engine in this world exclusive feature.

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iGAM3R-VIII1625d ago


GarrusVakarian1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Agreed, dat snowdrop engine. The hazard lights of the car illuminating the smoke, the snow/slush trails on the ground, the lighting, the bullet holes impacting different surfaces accurately. Amazing.

Next gen excites me so much, ive been waiting for this for years.

Edit: Off topic but does anyone else find the VGX host incredibly annoying/not funny?

Lalanana1625d ago

This is truly NEXT GEN.. WOW!

mikeslemonade1625d ago

Looks good considering the scope of the game.

hulk_bash19871625d ago

Amazing, the hype for this game is over 9000!!!!! In all seriousness this makes it that much harder to wait for a release.

ZombieKiller1625d ago

That's why I hate the VGX and all these other shows. They act like the gaming community is a bunch of overhyped kids who sit around all day eating Doritos and drinking Mt. Dew. Then they make it sound cool. I wish there was an awards show where it was hosted by gamers instead of this wannabe crap. Every year they get more and more clueless and it makes me not too proud to be a gamer.

As for The Division....holy freaking next gen! This is the REASON I keep gaming. This looks amazing! In every way! Did you see the reaction to the gunfire?! Or the lighting!?

I really cant wait to play this game.

Guwapo771625d ago

I'm so amped for this game. Also, can we get a Rainbow Six Patriots on the Snowdrop engine too? Please.

JokesOnYou1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )



OK added to the Day One List.


ShinMaster1625d ago

The Division was the best looking game at VGX next to Witcher 3.


I think there's no disputing how pretty this looks... But maybe a little too pretty... To the point that I'll believe when I see it running.

If they release the game with those assets and having that quality to the effects, than I'll be impressed, but right now I really don't expect it to keep it, I don't even think that's doable (considering it looks like an open world game).

Don't get me wrong, but it wouldn't be first ultra pretty engine showcase that looks nothing like the inicial impression when there's actually a game running on it... I'll be really surprised if they actually made an honest showcase (because let's face it, recently, who does?).

But it's ok for me even if it doesn't look like that in the end, my expectations with this game are just as high as they were back on E3, because they are much more grounded on gameplay premises.

starchild1625d ago

Stunning amount of detail. Wow, this is going to look so good on PC.

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TomShoe1625d ago

This game looks AWESOME.

Can't wait.

raresteak1625d ago

Best looking next-gen game I've seen so far.

Completely destroys Ubisoft's other "Watch Dogs" if anyone remembers that remotely. Let's not forget how good The Division looked in motion with the most realistic animations I've seen in a video game.

LOL_WUT1625d ago

It already took Watchdogs spot in my must have games of next-gen. Dat lighting though! ;)

mikeslemonade1625d ago

No. Best looking games so far is Infamous and Quantam Break. Infamous is open world too.

The Division is about the scope of the game. It looks good for open world standards, but not even close to the best in the graphics category.

raresteak1625d ago


LOL you really think Infamous > Division?

There goes your credibility.

Skip_Bayless1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Nope. And firstly you already lost your creditability by proclaiming prior that Watch Dogs was the best looking thus far. There's atleast 5 games shown that look better than that game: Infamous, Quantam Break, Final Fantasy XV, Killzone, MGS5 etc.

Perhaps you were fooled by the smoke and mirrors of the "engine" trailer. Also perhaps you are still hyped from watching a new trailer. Pay attention to the part where the player is actually shooting at the sign. Looks great but nothing special. The textures on the tires of those cars aren't even realistic. Also pay attention to the sewer system. The water looks like PS3 launch graphics.

And once again.. Looks impressive for open world.

raresteak1625d ago


"And firstly you already lost your creditability by proclaiming prior that Watch Dogs was the best looking thus far."

Are you high or just that plain stupid?

If I've ever "proclaimed" (and mind you that's the wrong word) that Watch Dogs was at any point the best looking game, show me.

Otherwise, you're either high or just that plain stupid.

Skip_Bayless1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Yea very fitting for someone to resort to personal attacks when they're proven wrong haha

"Completely destroys Ubisoft's other "Watch Dogs" if anyone remembers that remotely."

"Best looking next-gen game I've seen so far."

So firstly I said "proclaim". You did proclaim. Straight from the dictionary proclaim-to announce officialy or publicly. This is a comment section that is public is it not??

And you did imply Watch Dogs was the best looking thus far. Otherwise why would you say Division is the best so far and then conveniently mention it completely destroys Watch Dogs. And why would you say "best looking next-gen game thus far" And why would you imply Infamous doesn't look as good as Division or Watch Dogs.

Just admit it you don't have the intellect to compare graphics. Don't say an open world game and say it's the best graphically. Cause I can guarantee you that when you go up close and look at the textures, the open world game usually loses.

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ajax171625d ago

Well Said! This is definitely my most anticipated 3rd party game!!

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1625d ago

Cant wait for pc version im sure it will be a nice benchmark to boot.

ILive1625d ago

Agreed, looks fantastic. But I want to say its the most impressive so far, but then their is the Witcher 3 and metal gear solid 5.

Beastforlifenoob1625d ago


THIS is what I call next gen...

Wheras on the other hand WIIU is not next gen look at the wii u's stupid games


Locknuts1625d ago

Woah! Did a Wii U owner bang your Mum or something?

tee_bag2421625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

lol.while he watched

TAURUS-5551625d ago

its a must buy for my PS4....yummy yummy

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Snookies121625d ago

Yeah, this is incredible...

theWB271625d ago

This is my next gen game. I hope this delivers everything it promises. Beautiful.....

CaptainPunch1625d ago

Yeah this looks pretty incredible, next gen is here!