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Broken Age: VGX 2013: World Premiere Featurette

Go behind the scenes at Double Fine and see Elijah Wood in action as the starring voice in Broken Age!

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ifritAlkhemyst1508d ago

Yawn. Sorry Tim Schafer, but you've been having a pretty terrible glut of mediocre software output since Psychonauts.

Just give me Grim Fandango on GOG and I guess I'll buy 2 copies of this game.

WeAreLegion1508d ago

You didn't like Stacking? Seriously?

ifritAlkhemyst1508d ago

Cute and whimsy and quality writing can only take you so far. If you don't have the game to back it up, then just make a movie or write a book. Psychonauts was Double Fine's last actual game that didn't suck.

WeAreLegion1508d ago

Everyone keeps saying Joel is annoying. I'm not watching. That's depressing. I like Joel.

Pintheshadows1508d ago

First impressions count for a lot. My first impression of Joel. He needs a punch in the face.

kidhero991508d ago

When people say that Geoff wanted it to be more serious, yet there were those awful viral segments and the bizarre show ending concert. Geoff was the executive producer of this show, he approved all this.

kidhero991508d ago

Joel's teleprompter jokes where really, really bad, but the two times he got real (asking Reggie how much money SM3DW made and if he liked the PS4/One, and asking Geoff if he has ever disliked a game) where good.

Geoff just talked stuff together while devaluing the word 'incredible'.

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