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Tomb Raider Definitive Edition for Next Gen Consoles

Tomb Raider coming to next gen as Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (PS4, Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Xbox One)

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Flyingdog670  +   499d ago
alexkoepp  +   499d ago
wah wah wah, tomb raider HD so lame - make a new game next gen users don't want ports we want new games
Utalkin2me  +   499d ago
Would be nice if they did the 10 dollar upgrade for people who already purchased the last gen version.
Gaming101  +   499d ago
It would certainly be nice if the $10 upgrade program was done, however knowing the capitalists that are Sony and Msoft, and knowing how console owners are used to taking a cactus up the ass every time a new revenue stream is exploited... it's not happening. Console owners are used to paying $40 for Angry Birds when you can get it for 99 cents pretty much everywhere else. Of course we're going to be expected to pay 30-40 bucks for an all-dlc included "definitive edition" of Tomb Raider.

And just like the previous Tomb Raider, I will wait for it to go down in price and ignore it until I get it for free on Playstation Plus or something.
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bryam1982  +   499d ago
wtf it looks the same to me great game regardless
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C-H-E-F  +   499d ago
NAY!! wasn't Square Enix the main company talking about oh we need next gen consoles to come out because we have this and that and the ps3/360 can't handle all we have to offer... but your ps4 "Rebuilt" game made "For next gen" looks like a middle-aged ps3 game... lmfao just like Tomb Raider on the ps3 thou shall pass.
I_am_Batman  +   499d ago
I might pick that version up cause I missed the first release.
e-p-ayeaH  +   499d ago
Definite edition yes most certainly its very much like the pc version with ultra settings enabled.
pwnsause_returns  +   499d ago
yea, it looks like Tress FX is enabled. see her hair.

I have not yet played this game. So for someone that thinks is lame, is a good pick up for next-gen for me.
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LOGICWINS  +   499d ago
Def picking this up. Theres a big void for next gen action adventure games between AC4 and Second Sun.
Treian  +   499d ago
Not trying to be a fanboy, but I can already play this game on my PC with "next-gen" graphics. Seems like Square Enix is turning this game into a cash cow.
CGI-Quality  +   499d ago
As an owner of the PC version, who can max it out without even breaking a slight sweat, I have to disagree. Her face looks more updated, as they said it would be, and the environments, particularly the foliage, has seen a bit of an overhaul. The PC version is still based on last gen assets.

I'm going to pick this up on PS4 and compare (really enjoyed the original - so why not).
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rayzorn  +   499d ago
i just picked this game up from steam last week.not this version though. with all other tomb raiders for 13 bucks. looks good i got to beat ac4 now so i can start playing it.
modesign  +   499d ago
this did not look next gen, looked like ps3/x360 version.
dboyc310  +   499d ago
The hair looks better but I'm not going to shel full price for prettier hair. Don't see why they bothered with making a next gen version.
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modesign  +   499d ago
i see it as a excuse to charge 60 bucks for a year old game on ps4/xbone.
Ashunderfire86  +   499d ago
Big whoop got this on PC already! Show Deus Ex:Universe.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   499d ago
I guess if you missed it on 360/PS3 its worth a buy on next gen. If it's 40$ for purchase. Theres no way I would pay full price for a slight upgrade.
BlakHavoc  +   499d ago
O boy, another port...
shaenoide  +   499d ago
World premier? it's just an HD remake... god I feel scammed ><

is VGX/VGA usually so bad?

EDIT : I just bought the PC version for 5 bucks... who could be so dumb to pay full price for that?
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zielocz3k  +   499d ago
her face looks a lot different from Pc/Ps3/X360 version
Blacklash93  +   499d ago
I'd have to hear a lot more before I'd even consider getting this. The original version was certainly a very fun game and I liked it enough to fully explore and 100% it, but there'd have to be extensive new content and improvements to warrant another purchase.

Could be a good deal for people who haven't played it before, though.
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Jamaicangmr  +   499d ago
Well isn't that special
So basically the current gen of consoles are powerful enough to give us the PC experience so they are now re-releasing it.

Lol! Naaw i'm good.
BABY-JEDI  +   499d ago
I've got the original on PS3 which was great. But, a revamped HD. Is it really worth it? Got to offer me a lot more than boosted graphics for this sort of money.
90Supra  +   499d ago
aaaaaaand this is why I passed on the PS3 version...

I'll be picking it up...
Frankfurt  +   499d ago
Her face looks a LOT worse

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flappersack  +   499d ago
Damn thats an atrocious quality video.
josephayal  +   499d ago
60 dollars is asking abit much
llMurcielagoll  +   499d ago
Since I Tomb Raider on PC when it came out, all I see is basically the same version of the game except now "next-gen" consoles has Lara Croft with Tress-FX hair textures...
2pacalypsenow  +   499d ago
lol meh i already bought it on steam
Angerfist  +   499d ago
The Game was bbeautiful. Good Story, nice Graphics, Animations. Had only a few parts that needed a little fix, difficult to type down here but if you played through the game you probably saw the flaws too.
Prime157  +   499d ago
If they fix multiplayer, then maybe I'll consider. That experience was horrendously broken.
Sevir  +   499d ago
You bought TR for ... multiplayer? I'm sorry but that's just ridiculous!
Prime157  +   499d ago
Did I ever say that? No.

I did 100% of single player and wanted more. I'm just saying that a fixed mp would help as I beat everything already. Way to interpret that incorrectly.
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Prime157  +   499d ago
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Sevir  +   499d ago
I'm surely picking his up next year! Good thing I passed on this earlier this year.

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