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Study Reveals PS Vita’s Struggling Userbase, Half Of Mobile Gaming Users Are Women

A newly released study performed by the mobile device research institute App Annie Intelligence, using data collected by IDC, has found that the Playstation Vita is lagging in last place under many handheld markers. Mobile devices are dominating the handheld market, with Nintendo and Sony consoles lagging far behind. It was also found that half of all mobile gamers are female, among other important findings about the handheld and app-based gaming market. (3DS, Android, Apple, Industry, iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, Mobile, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PSP, PSP console, Sony)

mikeslemonade  +   218d ago
There's more money being made in handheld consoles though. You may say half of mobile gamers are women. They may buy 1 $1.99 game per year. While the DS and Vita owners are buying 4 to 5 $29.99 games a year.
Am_Ryder  +   218d ago
A good point. The study was mostly useful for looking at market sizes, is all.
Hicken  +   218d ago
My question, as it always has been, is why try and assume the dedicated handhelds and mobile devices are after the same market?

To be sure, there's some overlap, as there is in any area related to gaming. But those who spend money on the little mobile gaming apps are not the same people that would be interested in a Vita or 3DS if the former did not exist.

Yet these articles and studies all present themselves under the assumption that dedicated gaming devices and mobile devices cater to the exact same gaming market.
iamnsuperman  +   218d ago
Actually there is more money and securtiy to be made with the mobile game root. Since the prices are cheap it is easier to buy more games but also, since they are cheap games, it is more acceptable to have micro transactions which rake in a lot. The problem is the handheld games cost more to develop which is the reason why they are more expensive. The pay off is a lot riskier (which is why you see big companies like EA embracing the mobile market more than the handheld market)
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cluckey07  +   218d ago
It is rare that a mobile game developer makes a lot of money. Don't forget they don't keep all of the .99 cents their game makes. Most mobile game developers only make enough money to get by. Nothing more. Console gaming is where the money is to be made.
Am_Ryder  +   218d ago
Oh actually, come to think of it, the data says that mobile games have like 1.3 billion gaming users... I think that extra million users probably makes up the price differences.
lassenwolf  +   218d ago
By stats the vita would be 1/2 a game a year
MajorGecko  +   218d ago
the only SERIOUS touch screen gaming iv ever done is on vita and 3ds, iv played a few games on mobile even gta for andriod n its nothing that can hold my attention due to how its only touchscreen, anolog sticks and buttons help quite a bit also most phones and tablets only get 2-3 hours gaming time. I doubt anyone buying these games play them for longer then a month unless its farmvilleish.
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psDrake  +   218d ago
The app market is saturated. People aren't willing to pay for games like they used to. ( In-app purchases are huge bs in my opinion. ) Any app ( even the premium apps ) become free after certain amount of time.

Any game developer knows that developing games for iOS or Android is like buying a lottery ticket. There are hundreds of thousands of apps and getting recognition is almost impossible unless you are willing to pay big time bucks for platforms to advertise you.

Unless you are Rovio, Gameloft, EA, Activision, or Ubisoft there is a little chance that you will make money...

They can give you numbers on which mobile gaming profits are more than handheld consoles'. Fine but majority of those profits are going to the major publishing companies I have mentioned above not to indie developers.

Handheld gaming's future aren't bright but at the moment iOS or Android games are no match for Vita & 3ds games.

3ds has an unmatched library. Vita has unique experiences to offer with great hardware, not to mention ps4-marriage...
tubers  +   217d ago
Yup mobile is the craze.

Lower investment has a chance to turn big than if put on the VITA since the mobile market is more receptive to simpler games. If you fail, that's it just a few thousand bucks unlike KZM that must've cost a couple of million (2 year development) with questionable return (41K NPD 1st week USA).

The fact that the medium for mobile games are basically "$ 0.00 cost" since it's almost a "requirement" in modern lifestyle in developed countries (millions and millions are adapting the smartphone integration in daily life, every quarter).


"Hm, hmm. How badly? Quite badly. It’s a matter of convenience. People carry their smartphones with them all the time. The tablet is there at home. So it’s hard to compete with something that easy that people already own."


I hope Sony still tries another handheld next gen on whatever form (transforming PMP/Tablet/Phone). Their hardware is pretty slick.
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chase123  +   217d ago
Sign this petition please,if you want gta san andreas on ps vita.
BelkingOfSony  +   217d ago
buttons > touchscreen
Killzoner99  +   217d ago
Troll article

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