Kritika – New trailer for upcoming character class gets high and hot

First revealed about a week ago at Tencent Games Carnival 2013, the Korean server for Kritika started previewing the 4th playable character class with a new teaser trailer. The official class name is now “Scyther”, with her first class advancement named “Vakyrie”.

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j-blaze1625d ago

the female characters design in this game are freaking hot and amazing ><

plaZeHD1624d ago

For once I agree with you

Are_The_MaDNess1624d ago

the characters looks good. to bad that thats all there is to this MMO :/
look really static and uninspiring combat. atleast over all the other asian MMO's that is coming out soon.

ScubbaSteve1624d ago

Sadly that's all there is to a lot of MMOs lately. I pretty much assume every MMO is going to be some boring theme park filled with "go kill 10 of these things" quests. What bugs me the most tho is how the trend is to design a game to be single player with other people just running around. It makes me wonder why they even wanted to design an MMO if they were just going to make a bunch of single player quests.

Are_The_MaDNess1624d ago

i bet we are getting some of these armors imported into Skyrim pretty soon :3

level 3601624d ago

You can sort of sense there is that difference in look between Korean-anime design from Japan-anime.

And yes I agree the character design on Kritika is so damned flaming hot!