New Batman Game to be Called Batman: Arkham Knight?

It comes to no surprise to learn that eventually, the Batman series will add a new title to its long-lasting franchise. After speaking with a source connected within Warner Bros. Interactive, we learned that the developers responsible for Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are currently working on a new project. From what we've heard, the next game of the series will be called Batman: Arkham Knight.

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-Foxtrot1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

If it's going to continue with the Arkham name why didn't WB just wait for Rocksteady instead of tainting the Arkham Franchise with Origins, it's not as good as the past Batman games and I just felt like they did it to close the trilogy quickly since they knew we were coming into a new generation of consoles

If it is called Arkham Knight then it's a shame the Black Sheep of the Arkham franchise is Origins.

Thought they would of just called it Batman: Gotham Knight or Gotham City

Lucreto1562d ago

There was nothing wrong with Origins. It was just more of the same which for me was not a bad thing.

I just finished the game and collecting the blackmail pages and I enjoyed the game and can't wait for the next.

-Foxtrot1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

It was more of the same but the stuff it did do wasn't as good as what Rocksteady did.

The past two pushed the series forward...Origins didn't, that's the difference

DarkBlood1562d ago

who expected a prequal to push a series foward?

Are_The_MaDNess1562d ago

origins where buggy as sh!t and it still is IMO.
they broke the combat, too many bugs.
rushed investigation parts.
flow of the story is off.

not to mention all the reused assets in the game. they didnt even bother to upgrade the textures and meshes. seems like they just removed all the trash in the streets and made it alittle cleaner. atleast the north part of Gotham

ginsunuva1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )


say that to MGS3

MightyNoX1562d ago


There was plenty wrong with Origins, it was a technical nightmare.

HeavenlySnipes1562d ago

The game was really buggy
The pacing wasn't as good as the previous games
The side quests were nothing compared to the ones in Arkham City (and many of them were copied and pasted from that game anyway)

The game was a poor man's Arkham City with a different story

Prime1571562d ago

I love the Batman games!

I hate yearly iterations!

What do?

DarKnightDave1562d ago

agreed, if it aint broke, dont fix it. I'm loving every minute of it. I just beat Copperhead, the only thing I wish would happen with this series is make boss fights more tough and make the city feel more alive. Add more civies, but its not that big of a deal to me.

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MrSwankSinatra1562d ago

if it aint broke don't fix it. origins was a good game despite the retarded low reviews it got.

ZombieKiller1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

After scouring this game with 8 playthroughs already, apart from a few glitches (on both consoles) there is nothing wrong with Origins.

The story and character development is waaaay better than the Rocksteady games, and apart from a few nitpicks, the combat and all the elements that made AC fun are still there in the finest form.

They stated in many developer diaries that this game wasnt straying from the Arkham series so the gameplay not changing is expected.

So Fox, you're telling me WB Motreal didn't add anything to the series? Like the answer to the question as to why Bane looks the way he does? Or even finding a suitable replacement for Mark Hamill's Joker? Or the surgical elements that they added to the already near perfect freeflow system? Or the new enemy types? Granted, I do feel like some things were reused. Hell, the Gotham Merchants bank is almost a perfect replica of the Museum room that held Mr. Freezes suit when he was captured by the Penguin....and the glue grenade felt like a cop-out to the freeze grenade. Those to me, are forgivable because of what the DID add to the game. The boss fights, the story, the assasins, character interaction, the map, etc etc were all awesome. Even if they didn't change the formula from what Rocksteady designed, RockSteady made such an awesome game that I could go for round 2 with a bigger map! The game was amazing! Plus you know people would curse this game even more if they changed things too much. At least they kept the good stuff and added to it instead of changing things.

They innovated, but in different ways. More of the same is not bad if there are 2 games in the series. If this was Batman 9, with the same gameplay elements, we might have an issue here like Call of Duty. That isn't the case and the combat is too deep for just 1 game. I was glad to have Arkham Origins and to this day, it's my favorite out of the 3 games due to the story and character design. The characters were so true to the comic/animated series/movie versions and I loved it. There were certain parts that were pretty damn awesome. Red Hood bad day anyone?

Regardless, this was a filler for the RockSteady game about to be announced. I hope it's announced today @ VGX I need a Batman game on PS4.

nassour1562d ago

Yet it did not feel a step forward like Arkham City. Its as if WB Montreal was afraid to step out of what Arkham City did right.

Deadpoolio1562d ago

They didn't taint anything......It's only a handful of idiots crying about how awful Origins is. Hell some is the story is worlds better than what was in Arkham City

MoroseMankey1562d ago

Origins was an amazing game! It was the same game as City, but that isn't a bad thing.

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Lucreto1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

I say we might hear something tonight at the VGX.

They did announce Arkham City at the VGA's months after Asylum.

djslimzz1562d ago

I wonder! It would be great if they did.

Maninja1562d ago

I think we will because months ago Kevin Conroy(the voice of Batman) said he was working with WB on a new Arkham game but that was after it was confirmed that he wasn't in Arkham Origins so it seems like they've been working on this game for almost a year now. And they did reveal Arkham city 4 months after Asylum came out so there's definitely a possibilty

ATiElite1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Batman: Modern Gotham Warfare: Arkham Ghost Ops 2 coming soon!

The Batman games have all been solid so I can't complain about yearly releases.

N81562d ago

My thoughts as well. I enjoy the games but when I saw arkham knight I said uh oh don't milk it.

SniperControl1562d ago

Why can't it be called Gotham Knight? I loved Origins, but getting a bit bored of Arkham now.

With the power of next gen systems, they should really be pushing for a larger map of all Gotham, heck if GTA5 can do a whole region, I'm sure the next Batman game can do it.

someoneagain1562d ago

The Batman games wouldn't benefit from a GTA-sized world as much as a GTA game. The world is really just a hub to buildings that act as dungeons. Outside of story-driven events, all there is to do outside are beating up respawning groups of baddies, Riddler stuff, and a handful of side missions.

Arkham City was a good size that didn't feel chorish when a mission had you cross the map, but was designed well enough that it contained a lot of small things that could easily be overlooked.

I felt Arkham Origins was too large that it needed the Batwing transportation. I ended up using it and not exploring.

MisfitsInc1562d ago

please no more Arkham games. i enjoyed them but i feel that the series should've finished with Arkham City

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