Rockstar Hints at GTA V PC Release?

Junkie Monkeys: "Rockstar is pretty much infamous at this point for the silence when asked about…well, anything. A next-gen/PC version of GTA is no exception, and up until today they’ve basically been telling everyone that they don’t have anything to announce.

Maybe that’s changed. Now, take this with a grain of salt, as this may be the result of automated-replies to fans on twitter, but I don’t think this has happened before."

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ZombieKiller1594d ago

I want a PS4 version so bad. Just so I can use the share feature.

There are so many things that happen in GTA online and I would love to save them and start a collection.

jayswolo1594d ago

PS4 version for better graphics/more players/QUICKER LOAD TIMES, lol.

guitarded771594d ago

There will be a PC/PS4/XBOX1 release. It will happen. It will be a GOTY edition, then a year or two later will be a complete edition with all the DLC. We all know it's going to happen. I couldn't wait, so I got it for PS3... but I'll rebuy the complete edition with all the DLC when it comes out on PS4.

Gamer19821594d ago

It will be announced at VGX tonight I reckon..

ATiElite1594d ago

1. That wasn't even really worth being approved as a story!

2. Where is the friggin HINT at? did I miss something?

3. anyway GTAV PC/XB1/PS4 will arrive in 2014

PurpHerbison1594d ago

The fact that they didn't deny the PC version is probably what made N4G think it was worthy. But come on ATiElite, we know damn well worse stuff gets approved on the daily.

jayswolo1594d ago

1. This is N4G

2. "STAY TUNED" - They never say that in reference to any form of next-gen release. They always say that they're focused on current consoles, that they have nothing to announce, or just flat-out ignore the question.

KrisButtar1594d ago

I'm sure that when you ask Rockstar or any other game company a question about unannounced projects that the media themselves can not answer or know, they will reply and guide you to there website to follow their news. True or not seems like a standard answer.

jayswolo1594d ago

the thing is, that's not their standard answer.

NihonjinChick1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Yes it is. It's been that way ever since the GTA V release. Every time they get asked about DLC, they tell people to go to the website and follow their news.

They did it with the patches, beach bum packs, and heist.

magikmark81594d ago

Would be nice for a PS4 release via PSN but hey, its ok to dream...

RiPPeR76661594d ago

i just want the ps4 version!!!

Grave1594d ago

Come the f**k on already with a Steam release announcement Rockstar. I am still really freaking pissed at you for not giving PC gamers Red Dead Redemption.

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The story is too old to be commented.