Deus Ex : Universe Reported To Be Coming Exclusively On Next-Gen Platforms, Will Skip WiiU

DSOGaming writes: "A lot of people wondered whether the next Deus Ex title would be a cross-platform title or not. Well, according to the LinkedIn of people working on that project, it appears that Deus Ex: Universe will be coming exclusively to next-gen platforms (in other words PC, PS4 and Xbox One)."

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vishmarx1414d ago

plumber ex:marioverse announced by nintendo soon happy.long live wii u

abzdine1414d ago

Wii U is no difference from previous Nintendo consoles. Everyone buys them for the first party.. Would be stupid to buy this console for third party games, like it was stupid to buy a Wii, GameCube, N64 for third party games.

mikeslemonade1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

3rd party on Gamecube wasn't a disparity at all. Just that there were less people to play online.

Wii U isn't current-gen so makes sense that the game isn't coming to the Wii-U.

HAHA that's so true. Nintendo always adds a Nintendo character skin to certain games like they did with NBA street and Soul Calibar.

ape0071414d ago


well N64 and GC 3rd party support was so much better than wii and wiiu

abzdine1414d ago

it's not a question of who got better than the other, it's OVERALL Nintendo consoles compared to competition haven't had much 3rd party support.
I'm also talking Third party multiplatform games. Except with gamecube, Nintendo hardware has always been special compared to the competition, it's no exception with Wii U.

ShinMaster1413d ago

@ abzdine

That wasn't quite the case for NES, SNES, N64 and maybe even GC.
Nintendo's third-party support was through the roof. Of course, this was before Nintendo stopped trying.

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Iltapalanyymi1414d ago

great news. im all in for new deus ex game.

frostypants1414d ago

Yep. Deus EX: Human Revolutions is one of the best and most under-appreciated games of the last few years. Anyone who still hasn't played it owes it to themselves to go grab a copy.

My only complaint about it is the pointless boss fights.

Reibooi1414d ago

yeah I can't wait. Honestly I'm shocked at anyone who thought the game would come to Wii U. I would bet pretty much the majority of games coming out from here out will not be coming to Wii U. Pretty much cross generation games are the only ones that have a chance to and those games will die off as the new gen gets further along.

That said I can't wait for the next Deus Ex. If it's as good or better then Human Revolution it's gonna be one incredible game. Can't wait to see what they do with the power of the next gen consoles.

chasegarcia1414d ago

oh Mario! No Deus Ex....mamma mia.

TheEnigma3131414d ago

Wow third party studios don't even bother trying anymore huh?

Baka-akaB1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Well they no longer need to soften the blow and pretend anymore . XB1 and ps4 are there and very successful at that .

Cajoling the WiiU , just in case , is a thing of the past for some . The wii U will just have its own set of potentially successful games

Imalwaysright1414d ago

It is too soon to dismiss the WiiU. If after next year the WiiU doesn't sell well I'll agree that it is time to move on but not before Nintendo releases their big guns. People tend to forget that Nintendo has by far the strongest 1st party of the big 3 and that it can move a lot of hardware.

Baka-akaB1414d ago

I'm not dimissing the wii u . it will have it's set of successful game , exclusive or not . But it's pretty clear where lies the interest of publishers . It's already a pain obviously for them when they can't make identical versions across all consoles , they even force PC gaming to just get sometimes the same versions only in higher resolutions .

Most that move on to a new gen ... wont be making a separate wii-u build clearly technically inferior to XB1/ps4 and using it's "gimmicks" .
In that area the best chances of the wii are ps3/360 games still being produced

DialgaMarine1414d ago

@Imalwaysright Nintendo has the strongest 1st party by far? Mmmhmmm... And let me guess. That's based entirely off of Mario and Pokemon, isn't it? Sorry, but having 2 franchises that sell amazingly doesn't make that the best first party. It just means that Nintendo knows what audience to cater to when pushing out their rehashed shovelware. It doesn't matter what Nintendo releases in the future. People forget that the GC had all the same games that Ninty is releasing for Wii-U, and yet it still only sold an 8th of the PS2 sales in their respective lifetimes. Wii-U will have some great sellers, but the system itself will be lucky to hit GC numbers. Simply put, it's because noone cares about the console. It's weak last gen hardware that can't even hold a candle up to the likes of the PS4. Third Party suuport alone has already ensured the PS4 will dominate the Wii-U.

Imalwaysright1413d ago


That would be true if most engines today weren't scalable. If the the Wii U proves to be successful I see no reason why 3rd party publishers wouldn't want their games on it.

@ Diagal marine

Mario Kart Wii 33.95 million
Super Mario Bros 26.91 million
Super Smash Bros 11.85 million
Super Mario Galaxy 10.91 milliom
Super Mario Galaxy 2 7.09 million
Zelda Twilight Princess 6.84 million
Donkey Kong Country Returns 5.99 million

Why are you talking about the GC days when we have more recent history?

Wii was also weak compared to the PS3 but that didn't stop it from winning the generation. Same is true for PS2 and PS1, both less powerful than the competition.

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badz1491414d ago

both the new consoles are likely to have bigger userbase compared to the Wii U early next year! The PS4 is already ahead in the UK by the matter of days despite a year headstart. and 3rd party games tend to not sell much on the Wii U. so...they should bother, why?

listenkids1414d ago

Nothing against Wii U, but I hope this is the case to fully get the most out of the next Deus Ex.