PS4 vs Xbox One - US Launch Sales Comparison

"The 8th generation has heated up in the last few weeks with the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 hit US shelves on November 15, followed by the Xbox One a week later on November 22.

The PlayStation 4 managed to sell 984,212 in the first 48 hours in the US, while there were 732,569 Xbox One's sold. The PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One by about one third.

There were 2,255,864 games sold for the PlayStation 4. That would put the attach ratio at 2.29 games sold for every console sold. There was also 1,885,427 games sold for the Xbox One. That would put the attach ratio at 2.57 games sold for every console sold. That figure is slightly higher than the PlayStation 4."

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SLUG1595d ago

xbox one looks like they are wining the console wars we have 3 xbox one

trunkswd1595d ago

In the US sales are pretty even and it is anyone's game at this point.

aviator1891595d ago

I agree.
Marketing will play a huge role in the states.
And constant supply in the first few months.

Biggest1595d ago

Are you guys drunk? How are sales even when PS4 sold close to twice as many on launch?

MeknSence1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

There gonna believe what they want to believe. As we know (as a fact), this is only base on U.S. Therefore, why didn't they include Canada? Or U.K? So in that case, it's no way Xbox has similar or close units sold compare to what the PS4 sold. Plus for what has been reported, they are plenty of Xbox still available, but no PS4 available.

Don't worry, I ain't hating, just stating the facts!

At Pope, how is Xbox "winning"? Calculate the software total and then units separately. You'll see who's winning!

JokesOnYou1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Yes X1 had 1 mil in 24hrs for 13 countries but that was all their 1st stock shipment spread out with the majority in the US, still you can launch in 100 countries but if you only ship 1 mil then that's all you can sell for launch plus so when sony announced 2 mil a few days later that is a cumulative total with more time for including a 2nd launch in other Europe. Now while a week more time on the market is irrelevant in the long run its still a significant difference when comparing launch sales just a few weeks after launch.

What it looks like is that sony had a initial larger stock than micro and they rightfully planned the lions share for the US then the rest for Euro but now they are facing supply shortages given more markets they are released in now. While micro was spread thin from the start due to launching in more markets even though like sony the lions share went to the US still with less initial stock and more markets at launch obviously it contributed to lower headline making numbers but it seems they are now getting more resupply stock in the US to even out or win the US market:

As of 10:30 PM Pacific Time 12/06/13
Now it's sold out again but not before it reached the #1 best seller on Amazon.

Also it's X1 is #12 while ps4 is dropped to #75 on the best sellers list of 2013 due to essentially lack of any significant re-supply allocations, I assume:

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1595d ago

EYEROM + 7m ago
xbox one looks like they are wining the console wars we have 3 xbox one


aviator1891595d ago

Yeah, lol...I'm left scratching my head over that last bit.

Veritas57841595d ago

I know right??...that figure is only for US n ps4 still have the lets put europe numbers...

SLUG1595d ago

my family as xbox one i have one and my mother as one and my brother in law has one oh i for got my Cousins have 8 xbox ones too so we have a good team wind titan fall comes out

avengers19781595d ago

200,000 more PS4s sold than XB1s in NA alone... How exactly is Xbox winning the console war, and you have 3 GTFO

trunkswd1595d ago

Second week sales in the US were much bigger for the Xbox One than the PS4. 307,000 for the Xbox One vs 87,000 for the PS4. However, both consoles are supply constrained and just about every console shipped will sell out within a few days. The true test is next year once they supply can match the demand.

OhhWerd1595d ago

@ biggest

Do you know math? Twice as many? Lmao

PSNrandom151595d ago

Lol I know xbots have selective memory and forget fast but the xbox 360 was outselling the ps3 2-1. So even if the sales are "even" that is a huge victory for sony as it is gaining back market share. Hell even if the dbox outsells the ps4 1.5-1 it still good for sony. But we know that the sales are not "even".

trunkswd1595d ago

Each generation is a reset. Being #1 the gen before doesn't mean anything. The PS2 is the bestselling console of all time, so everyone expected the PS3 to continue that trend. However, that did not happen. The 8th gen has just started and anyone could take it. Though I don't expect the PS4 or X1 to outsell each other by more than like 20m lifetime.

razrye1595d ago

How? Sony are selling double the numbers.

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curtis921595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Not trying to stir anything up, just guiding some misguided people here, PS4 in NA the past week was all but nonexistent in stock due to supply being emphasized in the UK. So bulk of what PS4 has sold in NA is from the first 48 hours. Compared to XB1 with 2 weeks of sales. To say it's even is a gross oversimplification.

S2Killinit1595d ago

true. There is no PS4's anywhere right now. although, i think Best Buy is bringing a new batch on Sat or Sun

TheEvilGeneral1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Don't guide anyone with that logic. How is it any different saying the XBOX is in short supply cause its been splitting its supply all around the world for the last 2 weeks, thus US sales could be better?

The playstation had a week of sales with no competitors and only in one region.

The XBOX had brand new competition buzz it had to fight as well a release in 13 countries.

The only place the PS4 has a clear, mile head advantage is in these forums, everywhere else its no better than the competition....

deno1595d ago

Who cares let's all play videogames.🎮🙌

Pogmathoin1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Damn that shlt, lets fight over petty numbers! Games are for losers, sales numbers are for winners!! Hell yeah!.... Ahhh whatever, hope theres a Fallout 4 reveal, might go back and play Skyrim.... Gotta new laptop, finally get to play mods.... That morroblivion trailer looked incredible. Happy gaming Deno, that is what its about. Let the fanboys duke it out over numbers. Apparently they all work at games stores and have pictures of X1's gathering dust... But strangely not one of them has a smartphone with a camera.... Odd, I always thought Kingthrash was tech savvy....

parentsbasement1595d ago

Is one selling more than the other?....yes....does that mean the other one is doing poorly?

trunkswd1595d ago

Basically. They are both selling amazingly well.

ltachiUchiha1595d ago

Didnt the ps4 sell 1million+ in 24 hours in NA? It only has stopped selling because it was all sold out.

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