Xbox One Chat Pad Confirmed?

Xbox One console replacement instructions indicate not to ship your xbox one chat pad if you have one.

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cl19831630d ago

I imagine they use the same paper work for the 360 and the xbox one. Which easily explains this image.

dp2774071630d ago

Sounds logical but all the pictures match the Ones stuff not the 360's so it seems kinda off.

cl19831630d ago

I see your point, and I didn't originally see the underline in the top left corner. However the disk, head set, power brick, hdmi, are generic. I'd also would think that these where sent off to be printed long before the all of the accessories where announce.

nukeitall1630d ago

A chat pad makes sense and why not?

I loved it on the Xbox 360, and people generally wanted it to work on PC. That is how awesome the chat pad was, so bring it back!

I will gladly give you $30 for it, but preferably $20 or less! :D

dp2774071630d ago

Are they generic? I think there specific at least in a couple of those cases.

cl19831630d ago

The controller and Kinnect are specific, maybe the power brick, but the others are generic.

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dansdooz1630d ago

ive got this piece of paper in colour print, they sent it to me when i had to return my xb1, i can confirm the chatpad graphic is on there, never even noticed!

parentoftheyear1630d ago

Who needs a chat pad with Kinect Voice! :/

nukeitall1630d ago

websites are easier to browse to or typing emails. Heck, MS Office would be pretty sweet.

I wonder if I can use MS Office Live on Xbox One?

parentoftheyear1630d ago

If they had office suite or at least word on xb1 that would be sick.

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