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Submitted by pat_11_5 722d ago | opinion piece

Here’s why you should buy a Wii U this holiday season

Nintendo’s Wii U, depending on how you look at it, could be the only next-generation video game console worth purchasing this holiday season. (New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, The Wonderful 101, Wii U, ZombiU)

wonderfulmonkeyman  +   722d ago
The only way I'm buying a new Wii U, is if my current one breaks in an unfixable way.XD

Having said that, I've already got a large majority of its best games, and 2014 is looking sweeter and sweeter.

Edit: A disagree already, and likely over the opinion of 2014.
Why am I not surprised, N4G?
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ZainreFang  +   721d ago
Wii U realy is the best system for 2013. Jason Rubin said it's a crime other people can't play Nintendo games. It's no crime, it's exclusivity. Wii U is the cheapest system by a long shot compared to PS4/XBO.
Shnazzyone  +   721d ago
Yeah, I got mine and there's already a good selection. I do reccomend it. Wii U is gonna be a great system to get past the ps4/xboxone dry spell we're about to experience.

All I need to know is, Mario Kart 8. Played it at the best buy e3 event and it was incredible. I normally hate motion controls but steering with the tilt sensors in the tablet controller are incredible. It played perfect. To the point where I was perfectly drifting like in mario Kart 7 with red flames by my 2nd lap.

Beautiful too btw, 60fps smooth as hell.
joab777  +   721d ago
If I come into the lottery and after I build a gaming pc and finish everything I have on ps3, ps4 and my new pc then I will consider it. What I love about Sony and MS is that they have great exclusives but in the meantime you can play all the great 3rd party titles. And I will be honest...with a ps4/vita/3ds...I have all the games I will ever need for a dryspell. Oh and I still have my ps3 and 360. I love Nintendo but there really is no great reason to go drop $300 on a wiiU. And if u don't have a vita or 3ds...I would recommend them first...especially if u have a ps3 or ps4.
Chrono  +   721d ago
Sorry, no chance.
nerdman67  +   721d ago
I have a Wii U, and in all honesty it is a great system. I just wish there was more to play. After Zombie U, Lego City, and Monster Hunter, i have not touched it.
The new Supre Mario 3D World is great, I just want a new Zelda
Sarcasm  +   721d ago
So far the best looking game that has caught my attention is super mario 3d world. But man if they would have just released a zelda game like their concept video I'd buy a Wii U just for that.
bobsmith  +   721d ago
Get a wii u because Mario Kart 8 is coming in Spring!
Play 3d world and old wii games on it until then
KakashiHotake  +   721d ago
I really do wish people stop calling the Wii U next gen because it's not. Having said that I think it's a great current gen console and I would get one now for about $250.
Metallox  +   721d ago
The Wii U Basic pack costs 250 dollars. And sorry, but the Wii U is clearly next-gen (now current-gen actually). Why? Because it's the successor of the Wii and it's the competition of both PS4 and Xbox One. Now, saying that the Wii U has technology of the last console generation it's a little bit more accurate, because even the Wii U it's more advanced technologically than the PS3 and Xbox 360.
KakashiHotake  +   721d ago
The Wii was current gen with PS2 and Xbox 1. Not saying it's a bad console, but just call it what it is. Wii U shouldn't be mentioned with PS4 as it's more comparable to PS3.
iceman600  +   721d ago
people are too stupid to go online and read that's why.
Sarcasm  +   721d ago
Actually if they do a super mario 3d world bundle for $250 I'm going to buy it.
miyamoto  +   721d ago
Wii u is in the gray area
Next gen iteration wise but current gen specs wise

in these difficult times buying a console is more of a long term investment now not an impulse buy. Not all people can afford multiple consoles per generatrion.

Nt My investment with Ps one, ps2, ps3, psp are all well worth it because of long term games support from Sony.

I am confident PS4 is a very good investment as well.
Rzep  +   721d ago
Out of the three new consoles, the Wii U is the most interesting to me. If I could play the handheld games on it I would buy immediatly, as it stands new Mario on Wii U, new Zelda on 3DS. Not willing to spend that much.
mysteryraz11  +   721d ago
no reason to get a wii u, dont care for mario no more and horrible online, nintendo really should have gave this thing more ram
mochachino  +   721d ago
Correction, essentially no online.
DCfan  +   721d ago
Buying a Wii U when it hits 99$, the same price i paid for a Wii.
iceman600  +   721d ago
"Here’s why you should buy a Wii U this holiday season"

lol no thanx i already have one in going to sell soon.
mochachino  +   721d ago
I actually almost bought a Wii U for the newest Mario game...then I found out the co-op, which is its best feature, is only local. No online co-op matchmaking.

It's like Nintendo hates gamers over 13 years old. My friends all have jobs, girlfriends, families, etc., were not going over to each other's houses after work to play video games.

Someone should tell Nintendo that it's not 1995 anymore.
muffinbutton  +   721d ago
no match making? omg that game must suck then....
mochachino  +   721d ago
Sarcasm noted, but what's the point of a co-op game that only allows for local co-op.

It's incompatible with the reality of the average gamer's life responsibilities.

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