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No Fallout 4 At VGX Because Bethesda Thinks Its Fans Don't Matter Anymore

Pete Hines got on Twitter to squash the rumor that Fallout 4 will be seen this weekend. And then tweets that fans "don't pay my wages." Really?

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Exactly what Knightshade said, this was taken completely out of context by the writer. The guy who Tweeted at Hines said HE paid his wages. Hines said exactly what he should have said.
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This isn't news - this is Pete responding to an entitled troll.
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kalkano1389d ago

"Why is Bethesda trying to get into the FPS game?"

This is a very strange question, when you're looking forward to Fallout 4 so much.

digim01389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Well I think of Fallout as more of an RPG than a straight-up shooter. It's slower paced, more exploratory with a complex story. Wolfenstein seems to be an attempt by them to be more like Bioshock/COD.

Pogmathoin1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Well maybe they are not ready for a Fallout reveal. Sure it sucks that it will not be now, but like GTA games, its worth the wait. Skyrim was incredible, played nothing else for almost a year, so I do not have a problem if nothing is shown for Fallout. When its ready its ready.

Happy B/day, deadman. Make a wish, one that we can all enjoy...:)

Rikitatsu1389d ago

Article's author sounds immensely butthurt.
Hines didn't say anything wrong.

ZodTheRipper1389d ago

He has lots of valid points though and I agree with the article as a whole. Bthesda is not making the right moves at the moment.

ZodTheRipper1388d ago

I just think that Wolfenstein, EvilWithin and even Elder Scrolls: Online are not what Bethesda should focus on and what gamers are asking for. Personally, I'm not considering buying any of these ...a new Fallout or offline Elder Scrolls on the other hand would jump to the top of my wishlist.

-Foxtrot1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

It will be...or maybe a few days after but a tease should be at the VGA's

I hope the VGA's won't be packed with trailers we already know are coming out.

DeadManIV1389d ago

Its my birthday tomorrow, i am super hyped for some awesome stuff. Hope i'm not disappointed.

OrangePowerz1389d ago

By mistake clicked on disagree :)

Happy birthday

Deadpoolio1389d ago

Really? Why is it that anytime someone who isn't a known troll squashes a rumor because people have whipped themselves up over something someone said they heard from someone who heard from someone who read it on neogaf. it's yes it will, that person again not know for trolling is saying no but he really means yes....

josephayal1389d ago

5 years and 12 months of waiting, I feel totally heartbroken

digim01389d ago

lol not to bust on your math skills but that sounds like 6 years to me ...

josephayal1389d ago

6 years? Now I'm even more depressed, But I'm still hoping there's a Fallout 4 announcement soon

SegataSanshiro1388d ago

Disappointed? 6 years? Brother please, I'm still waiting for mega man legends 3

frostypants1388d ago

Tack on another year after they release it for them to iron out the inevitable bugs. Bethesda has never in their history released a game that worked right.

Dafreakzo1389d ago

We don't have anything to do with him getting paid? Without the consumers he would be flipping burgers or out protesting because of the $7 p/h job he would have that can't pay the bills.

WildArmed1389d ago

He isn't a developer, he is a VP. He is in charge of charge of public relations and marketing of games published by Bethesda. Which means, his talents aren't making games.

If the gaming industry didn't exist, I'm sure he'll find a VP position elsewhere.

That would def be true of a developer group said that though.

Dafreakzo1389d ago

If consumers were not buying their titles he would have nothing to market.

travelguy2k1389d ago

Who is he marketing to other than his fans... who, other than fans would possible be interested in his twitter posts.

darren_poolies1389d ago

Way to spit your dummy out.

I couldn't give less of a crap about Fallout 4 tbh but people need to have a little patience, they'll announce it when it's ready to be announced.

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