Twitter's Top 10 Christmas Gifts: iPhone triumphs over PlayStation and Xbox

The iPhone had almost twice as many mentions as the second most-desired product, the PlayStation 4, with the products receiving 5,600 and 3,180 mentions respectively.

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Tooly1598d ago

Well of course its a phone

IcyEyes1597d ago

Another awesomely stupid, useless article.

nukeitall1597d ago

To be fair, there is no other phone on the list. The iPhone does play plenty of games.

The lead is about 60-70% more than PS4 and Xbox One, which is quite significant.

HammadTheBeast1597d ago

Do you primarily buy a phone for games?


Also, there's only one main IPhone model at a time alongside about 10 or so Android phones at a time.

nukeitall1597d ago

No, but do you hate or not buy a phone because it plays games in addition to being able to make phone calls?

parentoftheyear1597d ago

I think it always is iPhone at the top, or itoy something LoL. O well

chrissx1597d ago

Why compare a phone with vid game consoles? Journalism these days

amnalehu1597d ago

I think a gallon of milk also trumps PS4 and Xbox 1. What a silly story.

KakashiHotake1597d ago

Well at least they beat out ipad and that's huge. That actually would have made a much better story and is more evenly matched. Still quite a feat they managed to have more mentions than all other phones including Samsung Galaxy which has been growing in popularity.