MS:"Many Of Our Customers Have Serious Concerns About Government Surveillance Of The Internet"

Despite the rumored intrusion with Microsoft's Kintect, is Microsoft giving lip service or are they taking a stand against Big Brother.

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Angels37851628d ago

Yeah...regardless of their intentions ANYONE would be at least a bit uneasy if someone wanted to put an advanced camera in heir home connected to the internet....doesn't matter if it was sony, microsoft or my friend dave down the street....I dont trust dave.......

JsonHenry1628d ago

Very valid concerns. One branch, just ONE branch of our government here in the USA track 5 billion cell phone locations a DAY. Yes, that means more than just US citizens but around the world. And they are doing it with or without the consent of of the company you use for your cell service.

What do you think they are doing with your webcams or Kinect peripherals?!?!?


JhawkFootball061628d ago (Edited 1628d ago ) We're now able to create our own blogs and post news on N4G? The guy couldn't even spell Kinect right.

See quote, "Kintect"

Actually see SWayne's profile (Just joined 3 days ago), he merely created a blog and have been posting his own articles.

Jeedai Infidel1628d ago

They still need warrants to do anything with that info; Are you in constant fear of police barging into your home whenever they please, because they can, but not without a proper warrant signed off by a judge.

This loss of trust in our society is what we should be alarmed by. We sit on computers/tablets/phones all day long and worry about surveillance, yet we are slowly abandoning human contact.

JsonHenry1628d ago

The Snowden files show that they do not bother with warrants. They collect the data they want to use THEN (maybe!) get a warrant retroactively to use that data against you.

The 4th amendment is being violated by the simple act of data collection in the first place. The fact they then use that data against you or others after the fact is breaking so many state/federal laws that there is not enough time to list them all.

morganfell1628d ago

Sorry Jeedai but all they need to enter your home is probable cause. It's too easy to gin that up. Full search of the house will require a warrant but under the Patriot act they can move quickly on that.

MS helped create Prism. They are the last company that should be trusted to insure our privacy.

Jeedai Infidel1628d ago

When's the last time any of you knew anybody that had their house barged into? Don't let the Marxist propaganda machine keep you living in fear, that's all I'm saying. Why do you suppose that all this spying is still attached to conservatism, even though the "Progressives" are the ones instituting it? And before you say it, Bush is no conservative, neither is McCain nor Romney. We should be worried that none of our choices ever matter, and that they are all Marxist.

And don't get my brushing away of fears confused with allowing constitutional infractions, I'm a Constitutionalist, but I'm also a realist.

pompombrum1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

"They still need warrants to do anything with that info"

Wrong, they only need warrants if the person is a US citizen on US soil. For everyone else, they can do what they want with that info.

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Nujabes_1628d ago

Then you're screwed if you have a smartphone; which has GPS and microphone that can be used to track you even when the phone is turned off.

malokevi1628d ago

I guess that makes me nobody then.

*whisps away into nothingness*

rdgneoz31628d ago

According to the listings of when each company bent over for prism, it doesn't look like MS put up much of a fight to begin with. And all of that was done using "legal process."


parentoftheyear1628d ago

"That’s why we are taking steps to ensure governments use legal process rather than technological brute force to access customer data."

That's sweet and all Microsoft but the government will do what is wants.

ambientFLIER1627d ago

An advanced camera connected to the internet. Hmm, you mean like...a laptop webcam? Or...a...1080P cellphone cam?

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b00mFargl31628d ago

Using the term ANYONE already makes your argument invalid. You dont see people putting tape over their camera's on their smart phones, tablets or laptops commonly. All of these devices can be monitored on so many levels, but we are more concerned about the gaming systems in homes. Seems a bit silly.

GrandTheftZamboni1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

The devices you mention have narrow view of vision compared to camera positioned to see the whole room. I still wouldn't want the government checking my aural hygiene via my phone or how much spider web there is on my ceiling via my tablet.

ssj271628d ago

It can see behind walls

HolyDuck1628d ago

Phone docks, laptops, webcams, tablet docks, holding each device gives near enough the same field of view so what is your point? Unless you have a weed farm in your closet ands kinect is actually looking who cares? Besides, you take your phone to more places than just having it sat in one roomn 24/7.

b00mFargl31624d ago

Did the CIA put a chip in your brain too. Better start wearing aluminum foil hats for all the NSA spying going on. I guess just unplugging the camera just isnt an option so bitching about the camera instead seems like a much better solution. Your phones and tablets besides just your cameras can do far more things to be tracked than a camera pointed at your couch. I would be more worried about my texts and phone calls than anything. Not a damn gaming console in the living room. Panasonic and Samsung have had stuff like this forever on their smart TV's.

SilentNegotiator1628d ago

I have more control over my computer than a closed system like a console. Even Android has infinite more ways to control what it does, what info it sends, etc.

stuna11628d ago

Because the home should be the most secure place you have! Cell phones, Laptops, Tablets are mobile devices that for all case in point are not something many attribute to privacy, simply because they are mobile.

My Desktop doesn't have a camera, but my Laptop does! My landline telephone doesn't have a camera, but my Cell phone does! It's because if these different functions that determine what I say or do with each device I'm using. When I'm at home there are just certain things I should be able to do without the fear or concern that someone is possibly seeing everything I see or do.

buynit1628d ago

I just dont understand some ppl.. the funny part is that I bet most of them have web cams a cell phone a tablet but lets just say they dont... how are they going to avoid highway cams mall cams intersection cams...

Its like I said if it bothers ppl that much then move out of the states and go back to the cabin in the woods with lanterns and shit. Most of you are just flattering ur selves anyway unless you are doing some serious shit that isnt legal..

parentoftheyear1627d ago

I am in IT, and I know ALOT of people that put take over their webcams. ALOT.

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Eonjay1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Microsoft was involved in the Prisim program so the concerns are more than valid. The question I would ask is whether surveillance actually makes us safer. Also, if Microsoft aand other companies set up back doors to give the NSA access, who else has acess and what is stopping companies and individuals from using those very same doors to spy, steal, and compromise accounts (financial or otherwise)?

Benjaminkno1628d ago

The NSA can FORCE communications companies to compile data for the government, as well as barring them from informing their consumers. It doesn't matter what company it is, they will have to comply with "national security" matters as the government sees fit.

It's the law.

sAVAge_bEaST1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Microsoft IS big brother.. @ least in bed together. That company is the definition of the 1%, and their elitist attitude towards us , the 99%.

Bryan5741628d ago

Microsoft and Google are helping to create George Orwells 1984.

XboxFun1628d ago

Oh really?

Maybe instead of jumping on bandwagons and spouting off popular false views from other fanboys, maybe you should actually read some current news.

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