Dark – Cult of the Dead DLC released for PC, Xbox 360

Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studio’s vampire-oriented stealth action game Dark gets it first major story-based DLC; the Cult of the Dead pack is now available for the PC and Xbox 360 via Steam and Xbox Live for £3.99/€4.99/$5.99.

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AltairvsEzio1716d ago

is the main game any good ?

zeal0us1716d ago

It got a low or bad review from a lot of people. If you want to try it I would recommend renting it at best.

Whatsupdog1716d ago

Might be worth a shot if you like vampires and stealth-ish games

Nujabes_1716d ago

I talked to a few people who played it, most said it is pretty bad.

MrTrololo1716d ago

Rubbish and is not worth your money. Go watch IGN & gamespot review for this game.

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