Microsoft signs up Sony’s Gracenote for Xbox Music

Sony has revealed that rival console maker Microsoft is using its Gracenote gear to improve the performance of its music services, including Xbox Music.

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jackanderson19851657d ago

i'd say it was a toss up between Sony or Apple and they opted for Sony

lastofgen1657d ago

I'd say it's a good decision.
I dig more of sony than anything apple.

irepbtown1656d ago

Just another example:

Samsung makes Apple's retina display for iPad. Samsung and LG make the display for Apple's Macbook, iPhone and iPod.

We all know the constant lawsuits Apple and Samsung file against each other, yet right at the heart they both need each other.

That's just how businesses operate.

zeal0us1657d ago

Microsoft and Sony are just frienemies

UnholyLight1657d ago

Just like Shuh said, "We need eachother"


Or a a little bromance going on here?


hellzsupernova1657d ago

So why can't we all get along

kingPoS1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I scratch you back you scratch mine, that's just how things work corporate side.

Gateway MT6706 2008

ShinMaster1657d ago

Microsoft and Sony Corp are not in direct competition like Xbox and PlayStation.

tanookisuit1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Friends with.. benefits? lol

christian hour1656d ago

Sure this is nothign new, Sony laptops have come with a windows OS for forever now, both companies are bigger than their game consoles, it's only the silly fanboys that can't see the bigger picture that think otherwise. As shinmaster said, "Microsoft and Sony Corp are not in direct competition like Xbox and PlayStation."

UltimateMaster1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Well, let's see.
Apple is Microsoft's direct competitor and Sony makes Windows Laptops.
Which one would you pick?

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mrmarx1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

sony music is the 3rd biggest music distributor behind universal and warner brothers.

nosferatuzodd1657d ago

i choose apple over microshaft anyday

kayoss1657d ago

Honestly I think Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft should team up to take Down Apple. Microsoft have the money, Nintendo have the ips, and Sony knows hardware. Once they take down apple. We can place the three in an empty small room with one sharp weapon and lock the door. Who emerges from that room can declare them self the victor.

Ripsta7th1657d ago

Apple has the massive zombies that'll buy the new iphone ina hearbeat . Its not that easy

mt1657d ago

why should they team up to take one company I think, in general, the more companies the more competitive prices among each other thus, it is for the best for us consumers.

you are not forced to buy specific and one company ( that is why , again more companies, the better for consumers )

think clearly and don't just go jumping on the bandwagon.

adorie1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Izombie, now with a new connector.
Adapters start at $4000.00

Mega241657d ago

you really don't understand how business works. If there is no competition, prices will only go up, in a monopoly (only one ruler) there are no winners, except the company which provides the service. An example of this was cable television, when it started, it was very expensive, until more cable companies started to arise and costs went a bit down, than satellite appear and prices just drop, satellite tv was better in quality and was at the same price or even a bit more cheap, cable companies had to lower their rates just to keep up. That's why Microsoft/Apple wouldn't be able to live without each other, just like wouldn't be Sony without the competition.

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Brien1656d ago

Gracenote does work on Apple's music services, as well. Anytime you're searching for a track listing or you've uploaded your music and do a cover search, that's coming from Gracenote's servers.

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mhunterjr1657d ago

No surprises here, Sony and MS are partners in more sectors than they are competitors.

drsfinest721657d ago

Too bad biased gamers don't see it that way.

zeal0us1657d ago

Without biased gamers the console wars wouldn't exist.

I do not partake in those silly wars since I am Glorious God Gamer

Grave1657d ago

@zealous lmfao at that picture ... those dirty little wretches!

malokevi1657d ago

*grabs battle axe*

Console wars, you say?

Solidus-X1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

@ zeal0us - I'm liking that term more and more. The master race thing was just Yahtzee making fun of arrogant PC gamers. Glorious god gamers though, that I like. Also, yes, I am a glorious god gamer as well.

dboyman1656d ago

@ zeal0us

Yes I strive to be a glorious god gamer as well

christian hour1656d ago

Glorious God Gamers unite, though I'm holdign off on buying an Xbox One, I wasn't happy with the smug way microsoft presented their console earlier this year, it was an insult to everything I stand for as a gamer.

Of course I will buy it eventually, but it'll just have to wait until there are some solid exclusives I can't find on pc, ps3/4 and handhelds. I've been a "Glorious God Gamer" my whole life, while I may not have owned every console for those earlier generations, swapping a sega with a friend for a nes or a snes was a common occurence, I don't think that even happens today anymore.

I remember when I was younger, I didn't look at the games I couldnt play and think "Ha, my games are way better" I just thought, omg I want to play that game, can i borrow your console for a while?! PLEEEASE?!

I haven't had to borrow a console since march 1997 when I introduced my PSX to the N64. I also find myself preferring the term "Consumer Wars" more these days as this behaviour is not isolated to consoles and we're all fastly becoming multi-device users.

This year though I almost cried from nostalgic joy and what felt like a return to the good old days. Here in Ireland we have a huge 360 user base, pretty much all my friends are 360 players. I was ovewhelmed by the amount of requests I had to loan out my ps3 so they could experience The Last of Us. Thats the kinda stuff I like to hear :) "hey, I really want to play that game". Dont get so attached to your products people, get attached to the experiences they can deliver.

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Godmars2901657d ago

Still comes off like using Google to improve Bing. Comes off as hypocritical when someone from MS says they offer "the best" experience.

Then again this is the same company that has the nerve to say that the XB1 is the all-in-one box when it needs a cable box to act like one. That when the 360 in some regard did much the same on its own.

creatchee1657d ago

No, it doesn't come off either of those ways. Sony has a great system in Gracenote. It's better for Microsoft to license it than try to reinvent the wheel. Can't you ever just leave your fanboy rhetoric at the door?

Sitdown1657d ago

By your logic, we also should bash Microsoft for saying it is all in one because it does not contain it's own screen or house it's own power. Somebody call Tony Starks.

christocolus1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )


Dude you are unbelievable....dont you know when to stop being a silly fanboy and be reasonable for once? Is that all you care about? Fanboy wars?Do you live off the hate and bias that stems from it?..dude just stop..two comments from you, youve been corrected and yet your still spilling the same crap.shut up or leave bro.

Nocando1657d ago

Wow, you never disappoint. I think you might need meds.

XboxFun1657d ago


Hey remember when Sony said their PS3, "It only does everything!"

Where you this upset and nerve racked when Sony rolled out that slogan? Or did you sit back and accept it because you knew it didn't mean it in the literal sense the same way MS is saying all-in-one box?

Or is it because you are a biased Sony fanboy and just can't wait to say something negative about MS or the Xbox One.

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Mustang300C20121657d ago

Yep in other news Sony uses Windows OS for their Vaio computers.

DonMingos1656d ago

And on that OS you can play SOE PlanetSide 2.

eliasg1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I am an XBOXONE only owner, and I play my games on a Bravia and listen surround sounds to a SONY 5.1 home cinema system :D

xDHAV0K24x1657d ago

I use SONY headphones *shrugg*

mcstorm1657d ago

Lol Same here only I have a Wiiu too. But sounds interesting news MS doing this. I have xbox music pass and love it as it use it on my surface, xbox one, 2 Windows Phones and a Zune we still have. I do think services like this are the way to go though as £8 a month for unlimited music and 99% of the Albums I want on day of release are there too is worth it. as I would buy 3 albums at lease a month.

RyuCloudStrife1657d ago

OMG My laptop runs Windows XD.

M$ and Sony owns!!!

Oagoz1657d ago

Honestly, Ps4 and Xbox are just brothers separated at birth.

Godmars2901657d ago

Only if one is less forthcoming about everything and wants more money for doing basic things.

lastofgen1657d ago

great, everyone was getting along in here until you popped up..

Fireseed1657d ago

Wow. Only a true blind zealot for a company could see people talking rationally and still want to stir up something. Congratulations kid.

JeffGUNZ1657d ago

@ Godmars290.

Get a life. It's just pathetic now. This is why this site can't have normal conversations. People like you spark nonsense over ANYTHING. Give it a rest. Whether or not you get your quota of Xbox bashing in per day, your PS4 will still be there when you get home. Step back from the PC and breath.

Prime1571657d ago

To everyone above me.

You all commented to him instead of ignoring

wolfsaviorzx1656d ago

Fail Troll. All game consoles are awesome but you suck.

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zeal0us1657d ago

So who's their two timing mother?

minimur121657d ago

They've got exclusive on Xbox one, while having exclusive content on PS for assassins creed, watchdogs and probably more games lol

Eonjay1657d ago

I don't see why not. Grace Note just works. Its fantastic on their surround sound systems.

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