If You Love Final Fantasy X-2, You’ll Love Lightning Returns

Richard Eisenbeis:

''When people ask me what Lightning Returns is like, I always respond that it's a lot like Final Fantasy X-2. A lot of people seem to take this as an insult to Lightning Returns. It's not. While I feel like I am in the minority, I loved FFX-2 and much of what made it so fun to play is also present in Lightning Returns''

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Marcello1469d ago

I want closure too ! of SE then they can sell the IP`s to a dev who can produce something playable with them.

chikane1469d ago

I like ff x-2 more since it has three characters which makes the battle system more fun.. plus when it comes to RPGs the more playable characters it has the better.. one reason why i'm not a big of fan of ff 13-2 as well

ff 13-6
ff 13-2-2
ff 13-3-1

see _-_

kalkano1469d ago

X-2 was absolute trash.
XIII-3 is absolute trash.

Xof1468d ago

It's not absolute trash.

It has very, very high production values. And if this generation has taught us anything, it's that a vast quantity (a majority, actually) of gamers are incapable of distinguishing between game quality and production quality.

CLOUD19831468d ago Show
LAWSON721468d ago

What did X-2 become something better overtime?

The only FF I have not enjoyed at all is FFXIII-2 and I am sure that will change once this is released. Surprise me Square because from what I have seen this will be garbage.

iamtehpwn1468d ago

X-2's story was not that great, but I find it hard pressed for anyone to say the battle system wasn't enjoyable. The battle system was awesome, if only the story would've matched up and possibly more playable characters, it could've been even better.

CrossingEden1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Did you even play 13-3 or did you just watch part 1 of a japanese unsubbed playthrough on youtube and then deemed the game unplayable? Because right now japan is loving lightning returns and it's the most popular ff subseries in japan right now.

-Foxtrot1468d ago

X-2 wasn't trash it was pretty good for what it was

I can't believe the author compared the two <shivers>

CLOUD19831468d ago

Very well said! I salute u my friend & comrade in arms (& games) :P

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josephayal1468d ago

Final Fantasy XIII LR is the best game in the series to date

Treian1468d ago

You clearly haven't played much of the FF games then.

rextraordinaire1467d ago

I believe he means "of the XIII Saga", speaking of 13 as it's own series within the Final Fantasy meta series.

newflesh1468d ago

I personally enjoyed FF13 more than 13-2, which I thought was boring

Hicken1468d ago

Same here. Wasn't the same sense of urgency, nor the collection of clashing personalities that I liked in XIII.

I also liked X-2, since I didn't go in expecting it to be X all over again... and, you know, Rikku makes everything better.

I think I'll enjoy LR just fine.

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