inFamous: Second Son’s morality is about “small choices” & Batman say Sucker Punch

OPM: A big feature of previous inFamous games has been its morality – decisions made by the player that impact the world and hero, for better or worse. That’s not been shown yet in inFamous: Second Son but now creative director Nate Fox explains what directions we can expect from Delsin’s moral compass.

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kmeck5181631d ago

Morality is about small choices and batman?!?!

Batman's in this?!

kwiksilver991631d ago it wasnt just me who thought -wtf?!, after reading the title.

medman1631d ago

Give me bundle please.

Sevir1631d ago

Sounds like it going to be far more underlying and subliminal verses being clear cut. Pretty much taking the morality system in the gray area. I can't wait to play this come March

SlapHappyJesus1631d ago

Would be interesting. So few developers explore moral ambiguity in games. Even further manage to pull it off to any real degree.

hazeblaze1631d ago

It's a nice claim, but my expectations aren't too high for the morality system... Even the example he gave, you had that choice in the first two games really. You can capture them alive or kill them.

If they pull off a more subtle system though, the game will be all that much better. It's a day one purchase for me regardless.

Sevir1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

True, But those were still greatly overshadowed by the way the presented Morality in clear cut choices for the big things. this seems to be making EVERYTHING you do affect the world around you, since you're constantly being watched. The DUP is monitoring everything, they are taking the more subtle approach!

I hope there will be huge important moments where the choices arent clear and the outcome surprises you in that moment but has a rippling huge effect that completely blind sides you later in the game, the morality system has always improved over the course of the franchise but I hope it really explores it even deeper.

BitbyDeath1631d ago

I know it's early but this is so far looking to be my Goty for 2014

curtis921631d ago

I usually cringe at 'morality' talk in games because it's always hyped up to be something it's not but I like where they're going with this.

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