Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Giant 2.1 Patch Gets Fantastic 10 Minute Long Trailer, Screenshots

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is going to be expanded by the giant 2.1 patch titled “A Realm Awoken” on December the 17th, and today Square Enix released an equally gigantic 10 minute long trailer, accompanied by a batch of lovely screenshots.

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SirBradders1449d ago

Looks sick, can't wait for all this content.

kazuma9991449d ago

Same but waiting for the ps4 version D:

Magicite1446d ago

my sub just ended, Im gona renew it in January, mainly because of all the new stuff thats coming soon.

SirBradders1446d ago

By then you will be seeing all the 2.2 content to be released for march also. Better get a a few month sub ;-)

gtxgamer21449d ago

Amazing. So much content. I would gladly play. I just not a monthly payment for games lover. Glad to see the p2p is doing the game good though

shammgod1449d ago

$10 for PS Plus members then another $45 for a 3 month sub...thats less than a normal game.

I often agreed with your stance on monthly subs and this is the only game i have ever payed monthly's fun.

OsirisBlack1449d ago

I play this on PC and it is an amazing game well worth the sub.

MoneyMeng1449d ago

wow, this actually tempts me to want to play again, but then the gameplay is just too boring. It gets boring fasts and feels like grinding more than fun. if they revamp the gameplay i would love to come back. atm elder scrolls online is what i am anticipating on delivering a real mmo experience.