How Nelson Mandela Influenced the Gaming Industry in South Africa

This morning South Africans woke up to the news we’ve all been dreading for most of 2013: Nelson Mandela had passed away. He was a political figure that overpowered apartheid and collectively avoided an all out civil war in South Africa. Instead, this leader brought all of his people together to love one another. He’s also the reason the gaming industry is as strong as it is in South Africa today.

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ThanatosDMC1599d ago

A little bit of a stretch but acceptable.

310dodo1599d ago

such a stretch in this article.
but what would you expect from the PC police of the MSM.

this guy preached the genocide of white people, openly and boldly but I guess Anderson Cooper & John Stewart didnt tell you that?

fossilfern1599d ago

Trust me dont even bother trying to start a debate about Mandela, everyone acts as if he was some sort of saint. Just dont bother I have tried.

KonsoruMasuta1599d ago

He wasn't a saint but he did great things.

310dodo1599d ago

yup political correctness and fear rule.

I am not white but I do love history, and the fact that many white people are crying for this guy is pretty mind blowing.

This guy caused the rapes,murders etc of so many white Afrikaans is insane.

LOGICWINS1599d ago


Why are you guys getting disagrees? Everything your saying is true.

Gh05t1599d ago

Because they watch the media and goto public school. Places where you don't learn these things.

BushLitter1599d ago Show
Gh05t1599d ago

Or that he ran an organization that is still on international terror watchlist.Who carried out bombing for years. He was on US terror watch list until 2008. He was a card carrying communist. He was friends with Fidel Castro and many other communist dictators. Was married to Winnie Madikizela (look her up)

AFTER PRISON he did become much more peaceful and could have lead a bloody revolution and chose peace but let us not bury the past. Know the person good and bad. It took prison for him to reform his views and ways. He did have some great post prison principles, but he was still a Marxist who started out with violence.

Inzo1599d ago

Is this a South African Site? Because this guy does not have a clue what he is talking about. No doubt Mandela did more for this country than most would know but some of the things this idiot is saying is so far from the truth its laughable. Anyway RIP Madiba.

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The story is too old to be commented.