Gran Turismo 6 Graphics Downgraded From Gran Turismo 5

Showing graphical differences between Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6. Loss of shadow and reflection fidelity are present in Gran Turismo 6.

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Convas1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I guess now we'll stop with the stupid, bulls*** comparisons and just get to playing our games, right guys?

guitarded771447d ago

I couldn't tell any difference besides the natural sunlight and reflections... and that was due to more cloud cover/later time of day in GT6. What am I missing that is a "downgrade"?

Godmars2901447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

The car's shadow. Its not as fully detailed as in GT5.

Wanna say its not a big thing, but its not.

Fun thing is while it cannot avoid not being compared to Forza 5 where it will likely lose in terms of graphics, in every other regard, content and environmental conditions, the 8th gen title wont be able to hols a candle to one from the 7th.

So when someone finds an obvious thing like it doesn't compare to GT5, when GT5 had its own issues, they're going to point it out. Use that to attack GT6 instead of Forza 5.

Studio-YaMi1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

The trees shadows are more detailed on GT5 as well.

Skips1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Practically everything else other than the shadows and a few reflections here and there have been upgraded. lol

Like the sky, the track, and everything from details of the car, increase in resolution, and physics. Not much else you could do on 8 year old hardware, and I guess sacrifices had to be made. : /

Glad it's not anything incredibly noticeable like the Forza 5 downgrade though. lol

Army_of_Darkness1447d ago

Exact same cars, tracks, sounds and graphics. .. .. Tell me why I should even consider buying gt6 again?

KidBroSweets21447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

The brake lights work in gt 5

Godmars2901447d ago

Not caring one way or the other if you do. Know I've been thinking about getting it for a few years now, only I keep cheapening out because of its rep I feel I'd have to get a drive wheel.

ShinMaster1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

There are more upgrades than downgrades.

The physics are better than GT5's.
Higher resolution.
The lighting is better.
There are more dynamic day/night transitions.
Motion blur (although some people are complaining that it blurs the shadows while in motion).

Also, this article refers to a Digital Foundry analysis from a demo in July.

Does this change the fact that it's still the best looking racing game in current gen consoles? Nope.

SolidStoner1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

what downgrade? clearly I see the same game, with new physics, lightning and content..

if that guy (probably girl) is talking about some random shadow 10 meters far.. while driving 200 km/h.. yeah.. that changes my racing experience.. lmao

Information Minister1446d ago

I see better shadows in GT5 and better motion blur in GT6. That's about it. I really don't think this is anything to write home about.

@ Army_of_Darkness - You can point that criticism to most racing games and nearly all sports titles out in the market. I'm not saying it's not a valid observation, but these games usually build upon the previous iteration, so it's only natural to find some shared content. You can take the exact same Honda NSX for a few laps in the High Speed Ring in all GT games from 1 through 6, but only the latest one allows you to take the Pagani Huayra for a race in Bathhurst.

Knushwood Butt1446d ago

That just looks like a different lighting (and therefore shadow) engine.

There's nothing special about the shadow in the GT5 video that they would have to cut back on; It's not exactly complex.

Aery1446d ago

Don't waste your time over this useless comparison. It's a pure click-bait.

Ju1446d ago

GT5 has cookie cutter shadow maps and reflections aren't natural (simple tacked on "mirrors") plus it has missing motion blur.

So adding all that with a dynamic lighting engine which gives you realistic reflections, soft shadows, real time weather and motion blur (which is huge for an 8 years old console) is now called a downgrade. We should just stop making video games. Looks like nobody cares.

Dee_911446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )


Now I remember why I barely visit this site any more.
Okay just read the article and holy f%^ing s#1t if thats not some bull s#1t pulled out of no where.
This is not photoshop,the motion blur in replays are not a damn filter its the result of a new rendering engine.Hi def Refelctions... LMAO.The reflections in gt5 was an over kill and they reduced it.The cars still have high definition reflections in gt6, they are just less mirror like.High def shadows? are you kidding me?The shadows in GT5 was far from high def, they were a jagged mess,They are almost as chiseled in GT6 but way less jaggie.The differences are, the shadows are different on the track because the Sun has moved which caused the tree shadows to appear less "chiseled" because PD remapped the entire sky on every track.The shadows appear less chiseled on the car because of the new engine, if you stop, you will see the shadows are nearly as sharp as gt5 but less jaggied.None of this is a downgrade.Learn a little more about graphics and the game before make more dumb claims.The only thing that got downgraded was the AA, which was a given considering the boost in resolution.
Its funny with these so called downgrades, the game looks better than a majority of racing games.

gaffyh1446d ago

It just looks like they are using softer shadows, and adding more anti aliasing, doesn't seem to be worse looking really.

UltimateMaster1446d ago

The car looks better on GT6, everything else such as resolution don't.

What I find fascinating is why would you buy the same game with a different number?

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jhorner131447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I agree that until the game is out we cannot compare. This could be Alpha or Beta footage, but it is an article some people will want to read.

xPhearR3dx1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

You're joking right? Alpha or Beta footage, really? The game is already out.


Um, yes it is. It just came out here in the US on the East Coast and it's already out over seas.

sobotz1447d ago

Feel the taste of desperation

moparful991447d ago

@xPheaR3dx. Uhh no its not.. It comes out tomorrow..

Narutone661447d ago

I already got the game and I played a few hours. The graphic look almost identical to GT5, but the driving physics is improved. GT6, when you start it first is geared toward beginners as there are a lot of tips on how to brake and accelerate. You have to earned your stars before you can unlock other events.

ShinMaster1447d ago

@ xPhearR3dx

You know the article referred to a Digital Foundry analysis from a demo in July and not he final release, right?

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Muffins12231447d ago

Motion blur and shadows are worse in gt6 than gt5....thats all i noticed.I think it was rushed while their putting most efforts in to gt7 for the late 2014 release confirmed.

wishingW3L1447d ago

while you're right about the shadows GT6 can't be worse at motion blur because GT5 doesn't even has motion blur to begin with.

TH3BR3W1447d ago

There was no motion blur in GT5 take a look again. Specifically watch the white fence rails by the bleachers. See how they look normal in GT5 and then GT6 they have a blur effect? Proof as to why GT6 had to dim the textures, lighting, and world reflection. Just so we can have a gimmick that doesn't really change the experience at all.

Abriael1447d ago

Article makes an entirely false point, forgetting that the resolution of the game has been largely increased from Gran Turismo 5. It considers only the elements that suit its argument, ignoring those that make it false. It's entirely misleading and fake, and hopefully a mod will take care of it.

Usual cinemablend flamebait.

Studio-YaMi1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

It's basically a comparison to get back at fanboys for the backlash of Forza 5.

Some websites are just gullible like that.

What's funny here is,considering that GT6 has much more going for it on a LAST GEN hardware,you'd think people would understand that corners needs to be cut in order to reach the goal of a finished/polished game.

Forza 5 on the other hand runs on next gen hardware and there was lots of cutting to do before release,not to mention the half baked backgrounds/lightning & no day/night cycles.

At least the Xbox fanboys are happy.

One major AWFUL thing about GT right now are the Micro-transaction,but that's business for you.

Dewitt1446d ago

The amount of reused textures and filters in the game is mind-boggling. The resolution is 1440×1080 vs 1280x1080 hardly a huge upscale difference, being that fanboys were saying this game looked better than FM5, I expected alot more. It definitely looks like the same game with very slight differences and the shadows are clearly better on GT5.

DOMination-1447d ago

At least gt6 adds the feature for a $195 "micro" transaction for a Jaguar

speedforce1311446d ago

I have no idea why people are disagreeing with you, sometimes PS fanboys just doesn't make any sense to me. I'm a PS fanboy too but damn it feels like **** to have your own 'people' trash the shit out of you for speaking some common sense. Some of us just like to play the goddamn game without all this drama.

monochromer1446d ago

"sometimes PS fanboys just doesn't make any sense to me"

Cool sentence, man.

thisismyaccount1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

GT6 at 1440p

Looks superb tbh! All this on 256mb ram...

+ Higher Resolution!
+ Dynamic Lighting!
+ Dynamic Tessellation!
+ Soft Shadows (?)
+ Motion Blur
- Sound still okay, not there yet though

1200 cars, 40 tracks, 100x track layouts, online (free on PS3) all this for $60 bucks! MT are 100% optional, nothing was stripped/removed from the disc, no need to download a patch to be able to play or enjoy 100% of the game.

I´am this close |---| to get me a PS3 and a copy of GT6, if i wasnt/didn´t level up ma Char in AOC these past days.

Seal of approval!

Ju1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Ha ha ha. Agreed. I was just gonna say. Are people retarded?

GT6 has soft shadows, reflection is a result of much better (dynamic) lighting engine and the the "side lines" are now motion blurred.

None of those effects are in GT5 and yet lets make an article and call it "downgrade". That's gonne generate hits. LOL

(BTW: It's still 512MB RAM. RSX has full access to XDR)

jerethdagryphon1446d ago

there is a 1 gig update no idea what it does, but i dont care also the vision gt is just car porn

inf3cted11446d ago

Since its not xbox titles we are talking about... yeah

GuyThatPlaysGames1446d ago

After watching this generic gameplay with horrendous car sounds, I now know how much better Forza is.

medman1446d ago

Yet another reason this should have been a launch window title for PS4. It didn't make any sense when I first heard about it, and it makes even less sense seeing the review scores for the game stream in.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1446d ago

Oh this is too good. Forza is still the King of racing sims. What a bad score for GT6. 75 is good overall, but for GT game... dang!

People were laughing at the score the new Forza got, and it's still a way better average score than GT6. Crazy!


Devs are rating next gen games higher than current gen ones? You don't say!

pete0071446d ago

gt6 is just to cash a bit from gt5 looooong development cycle. i heard it cost sony/pd something like 50 million usd to make. it includes all gt universe(racing team, ads, etc), GT no longer on throne. racing enthusiasts have now way better experiences across the board

3-4-51446d ago

Why didn't they just make the decision to go Next gen like 2 years ago?

pete0071446d ago

yeahh!!!! tottally agree with you, btw, why werent you just playing your games when xbox one games were downgraded?

lpc1446d ago

ye gandu article wala bakwas kar rha ha .... Gt6 kay graphics bohat imrove hain gt5 say full 1080 p pay chaltay hain

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Riderz13371447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Other than the shadows, I think GT6 looks much better. Much more crisp (Due to higher res) and more detailed courses.

mos61421447d ago

much better it what regard. it looks they added motion blur and thats about it.

RenegadeRocks1447d ago

Realtime Time Of Day and weather on all courses, Higher range in HDR: completely redone lighitng,Adaptive tesselation on cars. That takes resources. This isthe same ps3, yet they have managed all that in the new game.

WitWolfy1447d ago

Looks like the good old fashoined copy and paste method to me.

LiQuiZoN1446d ago

It's all about the new physics engine. I don't mind a graphical hit. Ps4 version will have best of both worlds! Still picking this up on 2 hours!

ErcsYou1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I'll take native 1080p over a sharper shadow and brighter reflections all day everyday. Tomorrow night I'm powering down my PS4, dusting off my PS3, busting out the GT Wheel and getting down and dirty with this beast of a driving sim.

TH3BR3W1447d ago

You know that no games actually played native 1080p on that last gen consoles right? This includes the precious GT series no matter what the box says you are play upscaled 720p with jaggies.

CGI-Quality1447d ago

False. Ridge Racer 7 was full 1920x1080, and I'm sure if I dig deep enough, I can find another.

neoMAXMLC1447d ago

Uhh no. Maybe not many "retail" games played at 1080p native but there are PLENTY of downloadable games that run at 1080p on the PS3. Also, GT5/6 aren't upscaled 720p. GT5 runs at 1280x1080 and the GT6 Academy demo was reportedly running at 1440x1080. Sure it's still not 1080p but that is a lot more pixels being pushed out.

CryofSilence1447d ago

Wipeout HD was another in full 1080p. GT5 actually did have 1080 horizontal lines, but its vertical lines were 1280 (GT6 increases this to 1440).

ShinMaster1447d ago


GT was never 720p on PS3.

Sarcasm1447d ago

GT5 was 1280x1080

GT6 is 1440x1080

Still significantly higher resolutions than 720p. Then again, it's a racing game so resolution is less of an issue.

Ri0tSquad1446d ago

Even SSDHD was 1080p/60fps & 720p/120fps. The Walking Dead is 1080p. There's a good handful of games that are native 1080p on PS3. Some less demanding than others. To flat out say none at all is wrong. There were native 1080p games at launch.

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speedforce1311446d ago

Shinmaster, shut up you're wrong about everything. Pretty obvious coming from someone named Pokemaster.

ambientFLIER1438d ago

"I'll take native 1080p over a sharper shadow and brighter reflections all day everyday."

First of all, 1440x1080 is NOT native 1080P. Second, more quality per pixel makes for a better looking game than pure 1080P. Maxed out 900P > stripped down 1080.

chikane1447d ago

Happy gt6 day every one hope you enjoy the game today

wishingW3L1447d ago

I noticed it when played the GT6 Academy demo but I thought it was because the game wasn't finished. But if you compare GT5 Prologue to GT5 you'll notice another slight downgrade.

And to make things worse, GT6 no matter if you play it at 1080p or 720p now both have x2 MSAA while on the older games you could have 4x MSSAA if you played the game at 720p. This most likely is to fix the old frame-rate issues although I heard that GT6 still has frame-rate issues at 1080p. Seriously, I have no idea what is going on....

ShinMaster1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

What is going on?

The physics are better than GT5's.
Higher resolution.
The lighting is better.
More dynamic day/night transitions.
Motion blur (although some people are complaining that it blurs the shadows while in motion).

Seems like more upgrades than downgrades. Not to mention game content hasn't been downgraded unlike some other racing game.

Also, this article refers to a Digital Foundry analysis from a demo in July.
Does this change the fact that it's still the best looking racing game in current gen consoles? Nope.

ambientFLIER1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

It hasn't been downgraded? GT6 carries over most of GT5's cars (even the PS2 ones) and tracks and only adds a few new things. That's far easier than making 200 brand new high rez cars and 14 tracks, like in Forza 5...

GT6 still sounds like crap, still has poor AI, and still has laughable damage modeling.

ShinMaster1438d ago

@ ambientFLIER

GT6 carries over most of GT5's cars because they're both PS3 games and they both have highly detailed cars. Besides, there are almost 200 brand new high-res highly detailed cars. What would be the point of remodeling the same cars?

At least it's damage doesn't consist of mostly texture swaps.

And those "PS2" cars have actually been upgraded to look better. No worse than Forza 2 cars.

Cars also drives better :)

So get out of my face.