PS+ Users Can Now Get Final Fantasy XIV for 10 Bucks on NA PSN, Will Upgrade to PS4 Version For Free

If you’re planning to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PS4 and you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber in North America, this could be the best chance you have to get your hands on a copy of the game.

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Goro1598d ago ShowReplies(2)
MizTv1598d ago

Do I have to pay monthly to play?

Lord_Sloth1598d ago

@ riceking

$9 or $15 per month depending on how many character slots you want.

Larry L1598d ago

2 questions. 1 simple one maybe a bit complicated.

1. DOes the 30 day trial start from purchase or account activation. I assume it's the latter, but I want to be sure because I'm getting GT6 tomorrow and will be busy with that for a long while, but I do want to take adantage of this deal. I'm willing to gamble $10 on the game, but I REALLY need that free month to decide if I'm actually gonna make the leap to payig a subscription to play a single game.

2. My father would be into this game, and he has a PS3 with my account as the main, so he can use all my Dragon Age and Skyrim DLC (and some other downloadable games). If I download this onto his PS3 on my account, is it possible in any way for us to play together without a second subscription if I have multiple character slots? Either on his account or mine? Or would he need his own subscription?

And a quick 3rd it worth the extra $5 for the "collector's" version? Are the in-game items great?

indysurfn1598d ago

Boomer when I first looked at the title I kinda got dyslexic, and read it as -final fantasy 9- instead of 14. I took a second look, and the illusion disappeared, and I was still in the desert!

UltimateMaster1598d ago

OH nice.
Did not know it would automatically upgrade too.

mikeslemonade1598d ago

My fellow N4Gers, is this worth playing? Considering the game has been out a while, going into the game as a level 1..?

FarEastOrient1598d ago


Game is good and if you sub, do it for one character which is ~$8-10 a month depending where you're at. That one character can reach all the classes and jobs anyway and there is a new content patch coming out in the middle of the month.

mikeslemonade1598d ago

Grrrr.. There's stuff that is compatible for PS4 but you can't buy it for PS4 unless you have a PS3. The next thing Sony should do is make the PS store unified. Just have all three systems in one store. Let the user filter through.

gman_moose1598d ago

@ Larry:
1) It starts from the point you activate your service account, not from the time you buy the game.
2) You can have multiple characters under the same service account, but only under ONE PSN ID. So you and your father cannot play at the same time, unless you have 2 subs.
3) IMO, no, it's not. You get Behemoth barding which I never use, you get a baby behemoth minion, and minions are useless, and you get the warrior of light helmet which gives +25% experience points when under level 10, and those levels fly by so quick you would barely notice the exp gain. Stick with the standard edition.

Also, with the payment, if you want to have multiple characters on the same server, it's $14.99 per month, but if you are ok with having 8 characters total, but they cannot be on same server, it's only $12.99. You get a discount if you pay in 3 month chunks as well- it's $13.99 instead of $14.99... can't do this with the other service.

ScubbaSteve1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

That one character can reach all the classes and jobs anyway and there is a new content patch coming out in the middle of the month.

This is my biggest problem with the game, not because you can level more than one class on a character, but because they punish you for doing so. All the end game raids are on a weekly timer so you'll find it hard to actually gear up the new classes you level. I may as well have just created a new character because then I wouldn't have that problem.

Biggest1597d ago

That isn't completely true, ScubbaSteve. The mythology tome timer is 300/wk. The Binding Coil of Bahamut is once a week. The other tomes are unlimited and the other gear is unlimited. There is NO WAY that anyone would be taking a brand new level 50 character into Coil, so that's not worth being upset. The mythology tome thing sucks a little, but if you want to gear your characters there are many other options. Having the best of the best for everthing immediately is a sure way to ruin any MMO.

ScubbaSteve1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Having the best of the best will ruin things sure but keeping me from playing the game 6 out of 7 days of the week is a sure way to ruin it too.

I think were a lot of these mmos fail is with their direction for the endgame. They've all turned to this item level system where every new event makes the old ones obsolete. And with 3 month updates introducing maybe 1 new event I don't think it'll be enough to keep people interested.

The next wave of mmos need to merge their item system with that of action rpgs where each item is a little randomized and unique. Hunting for perfect gear would be a lot more satisfying than having it handed down on a timer.

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Rai1598d ago

yeah but I think there is a free 30 day trial.

Omegasyde1598d ago

Yes but If I buy the ps3 version now and install buy don't enter new code....Can I D? ps4 version when available and then enter code?

Ragthorn1597d ago

The Guild Wars Series are the only MMORPGs that I know that you pay once and you have it forever. I love this type of payment, and the devs are doing fine in it. I played WoW for 4 years, it was really fun but I got tired of paying monthly so I stopped, it is at the same level as using microtransactions for me.

TRGMatt1597d ago

I believe it's also free for the first month and you won't have to subscribe until those 30 days are up. Not 100% sure since I got my copy at launch and carried over my phase 4 beta account.

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Grave1598d ago

The hits just keep coming. PS Plus is one the best investments a gamer can make, period.

jacksons981598d ago

Humble Bundle > PS Plus > Steam

Ragthorn1597d ago

For me personally I would rate Steam above PS Plus, but its still an awesome service. I have been with Steam longer and I love the awesome sales you get. I also love the "free" games you get with PS Plus cuz they help fill my Vita Library and its fun to play the games there.

fattyuk1597d ago

As someone who doesn't have the space/time for pc gaming how does steam affect me?

Ps plus is ridiculously good value for money for my ps3/ps4 and vita.

jacksons981597d ago

Yeah I hesitated a little bit posting it like that.
I have over 200 games on steam, but for the money I still don't think you can beat PS+. For $50 it's ridiculous I don't know how Sony can pay all the license fees and still be making money??

bryam19821598d ago

i don't know man final fantasy is such a trash game nowadays I'm scare to spend my money on this one

Xof1598d ago


I never literally lol, or laugh out loud.

But I'll be damned if I didn't chuckle audibly at that.

soljah1598d ago

i already bought ff14 on ps3 at launch.
can i buy this on my ps plus acct make a new se account and play it with another user id on this ps 3?

cell9891598d ago

another reason to have PS+ just when you think they do enough to make it worth it, they turn around and give you even more

ltachiUchiha1598d ago

U wonder why alot of ppl still hate sony despite the things they offer with ps plus. Sony actually gives back more then what u are paying for. I wont lie, when they 1st introduced ps plus on the ps3 i was kinda skeptical about it thinking it will be another xbl type service but after getting all the free games from my 1st year membership & early access to betas & discounts off games for my ps3 & ps vita, I welcomed it for the ps4 & can say it is well worth paying for.