McDonalds Xbox One Contest Starts, Promises 14,000 Consoles and Almost $1,000,000,000 in Xbox Prizes

McDonald’s “One Hot Holiday” Contest has finally kicked off, promising a whole load of Xbox related prizes from Microsoft and other partners, and doubtlessly aiming to provide a large amount of visibility for the new console from Redmond, not to mention a few pounds of meat on our ribs.

The prize list is very rich, with 14,000 consoles with Forza 5 and almost a billion dollars in Xbox prizes.

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Lalanana1597d ago

Lol. Mcdonalds lovers will love mcdonalds even more now.

Nice move by MS for exposure though.

Abriael1597d ago

14,000 consoles are a whole crapton of em. That's for sure.

torchic1597d ago

every little bit helps.

pyramidshead1597d ago

Gotta move that launch day stock some how :P

mikeslemonade1597d ago

This is such a tease. You're lucky if you are one of the winners. Even if you win you're gonna be probably waiting for months before you actually get it.

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ltachiUchiha1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Mcdonalds here I come lol.

Edit: My bad didnt know i posted this many times.

NukaCola1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Got a code with my fries today for one Fox tv show on Xbox Video. 100% worthless to me. Figured they offer something that anyone could use.

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kreate1597d ago

The massive billion dollar ad campaign continues from Microsoft.

I believe these ads are effective especially when its continuos. Taco bell to McDonalds. What's next?

Dlacy13g1597d ago

Don't forget Dorrito's and Mt. Dew and Monster Energy drinks... all have been used in promoting video game stuff this holiday season.

Tangostarr1597d ago

Saw a commercial today where you can win Xbox one from chef boyardee products now too. Crazy stuff. They are doing anything to get these into peoples homes.

Eddie201011597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

They'll all be launch day editions that people didn't pick up.

lassenwolf1597d ago

Maybe take business 101. You think the mcd's campain was thought up last week. The 14000 consoles don't even have to be made yet and /or were already. time tells how consoles sell. It took the ps3 years before it even sold well. Two weeks out of the new consoles and who knows what 2015 brings( no not 14) . More hacks, failed systems or something that kills them both-the wiiu comback

Eddie201011597d ago

The comment obviously was not completely serious but thanks for the insulting and defensive response. Typical

malokevi1597d ago

These sorts of campaigns go a long way towards both moving units and generating interest (not to mention generating revenue).

I know I'll be taking part, considering how much Mcdonalds I tend to consume! (heart-stopping amounts)


SaturdayNightBeaver1597d ago

I guess sh*t junk food and sh*t junk TV "console" come together..

Bzone241597d ago

I think the Taco Bell Playstation 4 promotion is already over.

Rimeskeem1597d ago

So MS isnt totally sold out if they have 14,000 consoles they are willing to give away?

Back-to-Back1597d ago

MS promoting unhealthy food. How american of them.

Bzone241597d ago

Umm, Playstation and Taco Bell...

TBONEJF1597d ago

what kind of idiot would go to mcdonalds every day just to win a damn xbox? its a wast of money and junk food

famoussasjohn1596d ago

You underestimate Americans. If we can get something for free, we will spend as much money or more to get it.

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bobsmith1597d ago

1 upping ps4 and taco bell

KonsoruMasuta1597d ago

They both seem horrible to me.

Would you rather risk chronic constipation and explosive diarrhea by eating Taco Bell for a PS4 or risk a heart attack and clogged arteries by eating McDonalds for and XboxOne?

muffinbutton1597d ago

If i had to make a choice i'd rather have chronic constipation and explosive diarrhea.

wolokowoh1596d ago

When given those two specific options. Risk a heart attack by eating McDonalds because I prefer the "food" they produce to Taco Bell's "beef". Also you're not going to eat so much that you are guaranteed to have a heart attack from the food If you do eat that much McDonalds, you're likely to have explosive diarrhea and issues with constipation. Because the heart attack McDonalds causes would later advances in medical science could help me out. Plus the pain of the attack and passing out while my heart stopping is a nicer way to go than dehydration from diarrhea. On the console side of things, I always have the option to sell the Xbone for $400 and use that towards purchasing a PS4 so it's smarter to get the higher priced thing for free.

lsujester1597d ago

BOTH! May die in five years, but you'll have consoles!

Callediceman1597d ago

If the mcrib got me an entry i most likely would win 13,999 xbones..

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