Xbox One owners unite to spur Microsoft to improve system

Microsoft has put a lot of stake and claim into their next-generation contender, the Xbox One, but it appears that the Redmond-based tech giant still has a lot of work left to satisfy gamers. There have been many complaints on the Xbox One’s interface, including the scrambled square-based UI and lack of an Xbox Guide, and users are putting pressure on Microsoft to make some changes.

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jackanderson19851143d ago

Still can't understand the issue with the guide like the 360. Yeah it was useful on the 360 but that's because it took ages to get back to the dash. With the Xbox one it's barely a second to get back to the dash. Also dunno if it's just cuz I'm in ireland and there is still functions missing but I don't find the dash cluttered at all. I removed the pins for the ones ms had pinned already, pinned my games and Netflix and have been having no issues with it. One of the biggest peeves I do have is the achievements not liking that it's a separate app uve to boot up

ShinMaster1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Hold up! Are you telling me Xbox One doesn't have features like Voice Messages like on 360 and the PS4 does? lol craazy

One would think HDD data management, battery indicator, notifications, chat and controller options, etc would be a given.

mrpsychoticstalker1143d ago

I never undertood not even one voice message they sent me (mostly trolls) on my 360. So im actually glad they got rid of it.

Pogmathoin1143d ago

Man can this be put to bed now? I love my PS4, I love my X1, whichever system you got, enjoy it, make the most of it. There are no doubt some kinks to be ironed out, and they will with updates to firmware. That is the nature of the console business now. Please people, and myself included too, as I get drawn into the ridiculousness of everything, lets move on, Next gen has arrived. I have never attacked either console, just cannot stand the hate that goes on, by both sides. If the 'other' guys system really gets under your skin, please go find a new hobby. Thanks, and as Alan Partridge would say, ahh ha!

alexkoepp1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

That website is great and I'm glad Microsoft has acknowledged its existence, most of the feedback is spot on - I agree with the original poster though a guide in the 360 sense is no longer needed, if a guide was implemented as the center button then how would I quickly return to the home screen?

Voice commands work well 95% of the time, except for Xbox on, I frequently have to say it multiple times, today in fact it would just not work I must have tried a dozen times before I gave up and hit the home button instead

I've only tried sending text messages, guess I missed that voice messages are no longer there

there is nothing wrong with a website aimed at constructive criticism, the original poster was way off base claiming people have no right to complain - they aren't, its feedback, and its a positive thing for addressing issues.

if everything is great for you then I suggest you don't waste your time downloading system updates, apparently they don't interest you

3-4-51142d ago

We had it on the Original Xbox as well.

They are so dumb they don't realize how dumb they are, which is why they think the choices they are making are correct, when they aren't even close.

It's hard to expect a clueless company to automatically "get it", when they obviously don't "get" whatever it is in life there is to "get/understand".

They are out of touch with reality...with our reality.

I used to be proud to be an xbox gamer. Now it doesn't even matter. I just want the truth.

Rocky51142d ago

@alexkoepp is your Xbox one set to power saving mode? (Basically turned off) easiest way is check the power brick, if the light is white then kinect should work, if its orange them the system is off.

Not had any issues with turning on the system with kinect.

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1143d ago

I love it, the only thing I REALLY want sorting is the way the friends/party system works...
And if I have played with someone (a random) on KI for instance, I still cant figure out how to go view their profile/add them as a friend etc...

Kinect makes EVERYTHING else easy.


Dude it does! I brought my X1 over to a buddies last nigh without the kinect and we were playing some BF4 and I was saying "Xbox Record that" and "Xbox, snap Music", etc. never would have thought it was something that was a cool feature until you get use to it then don't have it lol I love the kinect!

ShinMaster1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

@ DeathOfTheFanBoy

There's no "Players Met" feature like on PS4 either?


It's even easier and quicker on PS4.
You can just press the Share button on the controller and without the need to "Snap" Game DVR.

jeromeface1143d ago

@gutzn The fact that kinect is required for voice and they just didn's integrate a mic into the console is retarded.

Jeedai Infidel1143d ago

ShinMaster, how much is Sony paying you to recruit new PS4 owners?

ShinMaster1143d ago

@ Jeedai Infidel

Nothing. PS4 is selling out and outselling all on its own.

JamieL1143d ago

@ ShinMaster
Cool so you can just hit the guide button and import your extensive mp3 collection of music to listen to as well?

Just let someone like the feature of their console as well, stop being so self-centered.

Ashby_JC1143d ago

When I come home I can do pretty much anything without even turning the controller on.

I would NEVER want to use the xbox one without the Kinect hooked up!!

And this is coming fro someone who owned a 360 and was curious about the original Kinect. I sat on the fence and waited for a game that showed what it could do for me. Never happened.

So honestly I am waiting on that game to use it in conjunction WITH the controller. Because I feel that Kinect is better served to add to a game verses trying to use it for gaming alone.

Kinect in BF4 I ended up turning it off as the leaning and in vehicle use was not that great an experiencec.

Forza 5...the headtracking ...why they chose to change it from head movement to leaning boggles my mind. Why would I want to lean left or right to move my drivers in game head?? My buddy told me on the last Forza kinect tracked your head movement.

Overall I am VERY VERY impressed and hope that devs use it since its there. BUT I dont want tacked on BS.

OHhh BTW its minor but in NBA 2K14 I got a technical foul cause the kinect must have heard me cursing. You can call timeouts and double teams...its OK not mindblowing...I have used the timeout out loud at times.

KINECT does make everything easier..!

PharaohX1142d ago

I figured a way to add people you meet or met while playing a game. What you have to do is remember their name or while playing say Xbox record that. Once you have their Name or Live Login then go to Friends and then click on Find Someone. Type in their name and then you should be able to add them. Hopefully they will fix this soon but this is the best remedy for now..
Add me Pharoah X

redwin1142d ago

It's not like we are asking for magic here, these are mostly things that the 360 does... And they still wonders why people are displease ! @&$"!!!'

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malokevi1143d ago

I'm loving my dash. Getting to anything is as easy as saying "Xbox... [insert desires here]"

It's never been easier, and I couldn't be happier. Sure, there are some things that could use polish, and some things that need to be implemented, bt isn't that expected? Microsoft has said they are on it.

think of the Xbox360 dashboard as it was at launch, and as it is now. Nowhere to go but up. It's gonna be oookkkkk. As long as I can say "Xbox, go to Battlefield 4" "Xbox, Record that" "Xbox, Select" and "Xbox, Go To Netflix", I'm as happy as a clam.

And clams are pretty happy, seeing as how they don't have all that much to complain about. :D

Demster1142d ago

Look, you can't tell about your positive Xbone experience here. Ps4 fanboys (aka regular N4G users) will flame you to death.

Sarcasm1142d ago

The general consensus is that when the voice control works, it works great and feels great. It's just when it doesn't, that's when the experience is tainted.

And there are certain scenarios for some particular gamers that don't always allow them to use voice commands. For example at a party or gathering with a lot of people and noise, or at night time with a spouse in the bed. You might have no choice but to use the controller to navigate, that seems to be the main source of VALID complaints of trying to navigate the UI. That and trying to manage data is a nightmare, as well as trying to add friends or join a game isn't good like it was on the X360.

And those complaints are coming from hardcore true Xbox fans. It has nothing to do with PS fans.

Just look up the video on youtube, "Podcast Unlocked: Fixing the Xbox One"

redwin1142d ago

Clam chowder? Haha, that would make me nervous if I was a clam.

so19x1142d ago

I totally agree, I've had no issues in navigating around the system be it with voice command or a quick button press. I live in England and i'm sure we are missing over half the features out in America (Tv guide). But i would have to agree the lack of battery indicator, hard drive management, missing friends notifications has to be corrected soon. But if we think back to the time where the ps3 and xbox 360 were first released, there were so many features missing. What i'm trying to say is these features will come in time. I have both the ps4 and the Xone and at the moment the ps4 is the more polished of the two but i do really enjoy using my xone to hop in and out of games, tv and Netflix with a simple voice command.

BallsEye1142d ago

Got my box yesterday and got ZERO problem. Everything works blazing fast and I had no problem finding stuff. My kid can operate it without a problem and people complain they don't know how to use it? Really?

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ceedubya91143d ago

I haven't really had too many issues with the UI, but if that is the biggest problem that the Xbox One has, then that's good.

IcicleTrepan1143d ago

I think the title and article are embellishing how upset users really are. People are just asking for more features/fixes as usual. Microsoft has already said a lot of these are already in the pipe for the next update so it's not like they aren't listening.

Some people just really want to see the XB1 fail for some reason, even when it is doing just fine.

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