Supply & Demand: PS4 Is Worth More Than Xbox One

NowGamer: "Published on Dec 5, 2013
Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay. That's the saying, anyway, and judging by the hiked prices of the PS4 and the Xbox One, this is certainly looking to be true.

So while you would scoff at the idea of paying £700 for an Xbox One, a desperate parent looking to get hold of the console before Christmas likely world. In fact, it could well have already happened.

With the concept of supply and demand businesses can get a better judge of the value of a product. That's not to be confused with its price - in the case of these consoles the RRP of £349.99 for PS4 and £429.99 for Xbox One - but instead what a product is worth."

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Ted_Breakfast1630d ago

Doesn't surprise me given all the problems Microsoft have been having with Xbox One.

PFFT1629d ago

You make it sound as if the PS4 has no flaws. Last i heard this isnt the case.

georgenancy1629d ago

Hr didn't even talk about the ps4;why are you so quick to mention the ps4?

NewMonday1629d ago

the market sees higher value in the PS4 despite the lower price.

hobbit1531629d ago Show
mikeslemonade1629d ago

You and your hobbit buddies have long noses. Liar!

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PrivateRyan1630d ago

All down to the stock situation

strigoi8141629d ago

i knew it since February..

mhunterjr1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Certainly, the ps4 is under priced by Sony. Great for gamers, but I'm sure it's pretty frustrating for their stock holders. If I had to guess, the ps4 would have had similar popularity, even at $500, do Sony is leaving a lot of money on the table. I hope the strategy pays off for then in the long run

310dodo1629d ago

good lord
I own a PS4 and do not plan on buying an X1

but stop with these "PS4 is better heres why"
this shits getting old.
they are almost identical in every way.

stop this madness

ramtah1629d ago

mandness`? this is spartaaaaaaa

nosferatuzodd1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

What he said this is Sparta ,
I was behind enemy lines from 2006 sorrounded by the enemies
Too long I've fight like a mad demon giving raging demon to people
Swinging lightning swords scar h in one hand excalibure in the other
To long we fight this useless console war
To long we spill our gut on gaming forums fighting troll sites like polygon
To long we prayed to the gaming gods to grant us a miracle
To long we fight so Microsoft draconian ways don't bare fruitation

To long sarcasm

Biggest1629d ago

They are not identical in every way. One costs $100 more, but for no good reason. Not identical.

NeoTribe1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Almost identical in everyway? Are you slow or somethin because there not at all close to being the same. 1080 is far better than 720, ps4 ram, gpu, dvr, streaming, game loading, he compatibility, design, network infrastructure and exclusives. Ps4 literally does everything better by a decent amount. There is no identical in any form lol. Ps4 is a beast hardware and software wise. There currently is no competition between the two, and it tells by the sales.

310dodo1629d ago

so you come at me with fanboy shit?

you guys are pathetic, but I guess I forgot where Im commenting on haha

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The story is too old to be commented.