Akihiko Yoshida resigns from Square-Enix

The legendsry designer behind Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story has confirmed his resignation and expressed his thanks for fans of his work.

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MightyNoX966d ago (Edited 966d ago )

He will be missed. Meanwhile, Toriyama will stay there long after we've been dead for ages.

abzdine966d ago

he got tired of the corruption inside SE..
hope he joins a more ambitious company.

Irishguy95966d ago (Edited 966d ago )

Just give us KH3 and FF15 and you can die in peace SE

-Gespenst-966d ago

Dammit. I don't think we'll ever see the Vagrant Story sequel now...

cocadaking966d ago

And that's great, this new Square would ruin it.

Vithar966d ago

wow sad day for SE. His art style really meant a lot to me :( FFXII and all of Ivalice will miss him

zerocrossing966d ago

Not a good sign for Squenix, people will start to speculate Akihiko is jumping off a sinking ship.

This is just like what happened with Capcom when they started going down hill, good thing is we might see these talented devs getting taken on elsewhere, or even starting their own company ala Keiji Inafune and his new dev company Comcept.

Inception966d ago

My 2nd fav characters design after Yoshitaka Amano. I love his artstyle for FF Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Vagrant Story, and Bravely Default. I think his the only person that can match the awesomeness of Yoshitaka Amano.

Now...let's see who's the next person that will leave SE. Is it Nomura? Kitase? Tabata? Toriyama? or...all of them. But it will be a very big blow for SE if Nomura leave the company.

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