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Why you should replace the PS4 headset that came with the console

For the first time in Playstation history, Sony decided to bundle a headset with the Playstation 4.

We take a look at the headset and see if it’s worth keeping or whether it should be replaced. (PlayStation, PS4) -

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thekhurg  +   456d ago
The packaged one is a steaming pile of crap.
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kazuma999  +   456d ago
I second that!!!! It doesnt even fit in my ear lol.
usedandreviewed  +   456d ago
Exactly. It hurts mine !
Mikelarry  +   456d ago
Same i had to get the one below which is a beauty

Peppino7  +   456d ago
I'm TRYING to replace it with my SONY Pulse headset but...... they haven't fulfilled that promise yet. Anyone know when they're going to patch those headsets to work?
abzdine  +   456d ago
it works and that's all that counts for me..
i tried to use PS3 blutooth headset but it seems like it's not compatible.. can anyone confirm?
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Baka-akaB  +   456d ago

Pulse elite full support confirmed for january
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   456d ago
Already replaced it with a set of Audio Technica AD700x & Astro Mixamp. :)

AD700X - The New Best Gaming Headphones
Ripsta7th  +   456d ago
@Pepino7, they work alredy just connect ur audio jcak on your controller
devwan  +   456d ago
I've gone with Vita headset, has mic mute, perfect!
DeadMansHand  +   456d ago
@peppino. As the blue tooth does not work yet you can still plug the headphones into the controller. They work great. I've been doing that since day 1. You can still leave the power cable out and run on battery for 7-8 hours. I just plug in to charge when I'm done gaming. So basically, you just have to deal with the little wire going from phones to controller.
XisThatKid  +   455d ago
All in all I never trust Sony headphones anyway. They always give me outstanding quality sound for about 3 months and inevitably one of the wires starts shorting out. Then I buy some more lol
MatrixxGT  +   456d ago
That's giving it a compliment. I took one look at it and left it in the box.
Studio-YaMi  +   456d ago
Same thing I did,lol!
Ray186  +   456d ago

Haven't you heard. BT Headsets are not going to be supported by the PS4 AT ALL.

PS4: The Ultimate FAQ - Playstation.Blog

“Existing wireless headsets from third-party companies that use a Bluetooth connection will not be supported on PS4, though most USB headsets will be supported following PS4 system software update 1.50.”

The kept that news quiet before launch for a reason.
Callediceman  +   456d ago
totally agree it doesnt fit in my ear and generally is useless. I picked up the Turtle Beach Ear Force P4C
and its flawless.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   456d ago
Ditto all good thus far
nosferatuzodd  +   456d ago
you can get one off amazon see link above
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GirlOnFire  +   456d ago
It's too big! The earpiece wouldn't stay in. Besides my cat ate most of my mic now.. :( I'm glad I got an PS4 Camera. ^~^

And what's up with all the Twitch and UStream users wanting to see me naked. o.o I stopped streaming because people got weird comments.
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FriedGoat  +   455d ago
Welcome to the internet.

Since the inception of the Playroom, 4chan and neogaffers often frequent PS4 streams looking for crazy stuff to happen. I have to admit, I was doing it too for the first few days after witnessing half of the insane stuff like the drunk guy showing his wife to the world.

Since twitch stopped the playroom streams Its become increasingly difficult to find anything funny. Therefore they found you, and tried to make something funny happen.
princejb134  +   456d ago
Lmao that's what I said. I was like Sony must have paid 5 cents to build this in china
But it works pretty we'll for me. And audio quality is clear so far
frostypants  +   456d ago
Looks good to me. You want a chat headset to be minimal so you can still hear your speakers. Not everyone wants a giant pair of headphones. I have a surround system...I want to use it.
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thekhurg  +   456d ago
I have a surround sound system too, but I don't want a stupid earbud configuration that requires you to have mammoth cave for an ear canal in order to function properly.

A simple mono headset with a soft ear piece works perfectly fine and still allows me to hear all surround sound audio while chatting and hearing the players I'm gaming with.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   456d ago
Apologist in action ;-)

The turtle beach is pretty cool as it has a hole in the shell with the idea being the exterior sound still comes through clearly. Could be total bs but seems to work while offering a much improved chat function over the default.
frostypants  +   456d ago
@BadlyPackedKeebab, not everyone who disagrees with you is an "apologist". Hopefully they'll get the PS3 Bluetooth headsets working. Haven't seen the TB headsets with the hole in person. Most of the TB mono headsets I've seen cover the ear way too much though.
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Qdog  +   456d ago
Soundbot SB250 supports both 3.5mm audio out as well as Bluetooth 3.0 out. It has excellent frequency response and great bass output but of course that depends on the quality of the input. So it literally has the best of both worlds wired connection to work with ps4 and BT 3.0 for after the ps4 supports Bluetooth headsets.

-wub-  +   456d ago
Eh, it does the job better than people think.
SuperBlur  +   456d ago
Im not too fond of it . I just use the earphone that came with my android phone. Stereo and the mic works like a charm on ps4. Cant mute it tho
theXtReMe1  +   456d ago
I agree. I found the sound quality exceptional. I was actually quite amazed at the clarity and amount of bass tone the mic picked up in my voice. It does just fine.

I think what a lot of people are experiencing is what I like to call 70s envy. Thinking bigger is better, which means marketing has done its job in selling the big, bulky headsets. Advertising bigger and better 80 and 90mm drivers. I understand them if you are in a situation whete volume is an issue or you dont own a surround system... but to write them off totally, because of look or size...

I say, give them a try... You may just be amazed at the quality. As I was.
Bigpappy  +   456d ago
Every time I see that head set it cracks me up. Sony has a good sense of humor sometimes. They could of said if you want one buy one. But some people might call that rude. This should keep you quit, but you see need to buy one if you need one. Genius!
Blaze929  +   456d ago
that microphone is a joke and they know it.
worldwidegaming  +   456d ago
I was hoping they would have something similar to the old 360 headset and then I realized that Japanese still care little for talking to each other in a game.
looks like a last minute addition. Those things cost less than $1. Hell, the box might cost more.
frostypants  +   456d ago
The old 360 headset SUUUUUUUCKED. Are you joking?! Nobody could ever understand each other, it would cut out, had terrible feedback, etc.
TheFallenAngel  +   456d ago
It works fine for me. I don't have a problem with it. People hears me and I hear people so it does the job. It may be cheap but works.
TruthBTold  +   456d ago
Its free. I use it and it works great. Not sure why people complain about it. All headphones tend to become uncomfortable after sometime of use but since this is only one piece I just switch ears. It does the job and it was included. If I decide I need something more upscale and fancier I can just go out and buy one I really like but it will cost me more money.
yezz  +   456d ago
It's very cheap and Sony knows it.. They probably just wanted that everyone would have somekind of headset from the start and this one does the job.. If one want's a proper headset they will go and buy one.
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Mister_Dawg  +   456d ago
So thats why the PS4 is cheaper than the XB1 ;-)

hehehehehe (joke)

Disagrees huh? I see some people left their humour hats at home this morning.
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admiralvic  +   456d ago
Or maybe your joke wasn't that funny.
TheFallenAngel  +   456d ago
I agree, this is like a starter to get people to chat more online and buy better head phones. I have a nice set of Bluetooth headsets from Motorola where I do my music listening. But I hear they are not supported.
yezz  +   456d ago
Yeah the bluetooth stuff is not supported that well right now. I think there will be an update coming for that next month or something..
Ray186  +   456d ago
PS4: The Ultimate FAQ - Playstation.Blog

“Existing wireless headsets from third-party companies that use a Bluetooth connection will not be supported on PS4, though most USB headsets will be supported following PS4 system software update 1.50.”
thedon8982z  +   456d ago
I just went to amazon got the ps vita headset for 12bucks...works like a charm!!!!
Studio-YaMi  +   456d ago
The PSVita ones are SOOOO much more comfortable to my ears.
thedon8982z  +   456d ago
Right and the sound is d@me good!!
frostypants  +   456d ago
Good advice.
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Ray186  +   456d ago
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Mister_Dawg  +   456d ago
I don't have a PS4. Is that an earphone they've bundled?
Yep ditch that crap and get a proper headset. So much better in terms of sound quality and immersion.
TheFallenAngel  +   456d ago
Yeah those come in bundled with the PS4. I agree they are crap but they do the job. I'm waiting to use my Motorola headset where I listen my music.
MikeGdaGod  +   456d ago
i've been using the earbuds that came with my iPhone 5 and they work great. they might not have quite the sound quality as some high-end headsets but they definitely get the job done.
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cybervike  +   456d ago
@MikeGdaGod I second that. Been using my iPhone 5 headphones with no issues at all. Sounds pretty decent.
SpinalRemains138  +   456d ago
It was excellent because it was free in the box.

You get what you pay for. We should be thankful that they gave us one, guys.

Sure its better to replace it, but lets not get carried away bad mouthing it.
Fishy Fingers  +   456d ago
Why not? It wasn't "free", it was part of the sum total of the console. I bought it, there for are well within my rights to call it a complete and utter piece of s***.
SeanScythe  +   456d ago
Thank you, I don't understand why people think it was free. Is the Controller and HDMI cable Free? No it was all part of the packaging when I bought my system. If it was free the gamestop clerk would have said Oh here this is free for buying the PS4, and he would have handed me the headset in a different package.
yezz  +   456d ago
I kinda agree but I bet if the package would not include the headset and hdmi cable it would still cost you the same amount...
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Mr Blings  +   456d ago
Been using my Tritton 720's. Never took the packaged mic out of the box.
bromtown  +   456d ago
It's cheap, and the wire is hilariously thin but it works absolutely fine. The microphone is surprisingly clear on voice chat and for the voice commands it's never failed me. The shape of the earphone is awful though and pretty much falls out if you move at all, wink wrong and it's gone haha

Bundled headset though, it does it's job what else matters
rashada07  +   456d ago
I like the stock PS4 "headset" because it is subtle compared to the head-gear that is usually utilized.
ELCUCO  +   456d ago
I feel its disrespectful of me to plug that pos to my ds4.

I use the ear buds that my Galaxy S3 came with and they work like a charm. And for the record, you can plug any headset with a mic and be able to both listen to game audio and chat. Thank Sony for coming thru on that, it makes up for the poopy mic.
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bondsmx  +   456d ago
I hate the stock headset. Seems like everyone who uses them, has their TV way to loud and we echo soo bad. I never even pulled my outta the box, I got the turtle beach px4 before I even got my ps4. They work great.
AceBlazer13  +   456d ago
Been using my cheap PLa headset. We can all agree this headset was crap.
listenkids  +   456d ago
They know it's cheap, we know it's cheap, but it's a good option if you don't want to/can't spend £30+ for something half decent.
RiPPn  +   456d ago
Better than nothing, and it forced Microsoft to include one also, so people need to quit bitching.
ironmonkey  +   456d ago
I will eventually get a better one but no point right now cause its not broken. Just doesnt fit in my ear lol.
MasterCornholio  +   456d ago
I'm thinking about getting a Steelseries Siberian V2 for the PS4 but I dont know if the USB headset will work with the console.
MasterCornholio  +   456d ago
Ignore my previous comment.

I'll probably just get the Trittons Pro+ since the headphones have excellent sound and its already confirmed to work with the PS4.
curtis92  +   456d ago
anyone else just use apple earpods? They work amazingly well.
Dlacy13g  +   456d ago
Whomever at Sony thought that earbud was a good thing should be kicked in the jimmy.
ReLLiK  +   456d ago
I'd have to disagree with his comment about the volume of the voices being faint. I've been able to hear my friends crystal clear through mine. I will agree on the feedback issue sometimes does occur.
mpnothanks  +   456d ago
Both my friend and I thought it didn't work when we first tried to use it. Spent ten minutes until I realized you have to really jam it in before it clicks lol. Maybe I'm a dummy though, no one else seems to have had that problem.
KratosSaveUs  +   456d ago
At least we can use any earbuds ! I use my Skullcandy ear buds.
Phoenix76  +   456d ago
Why you should replace the PS4 headset that came with the console?
I think a more important question to ask is: What earpiece 'should' you buy to replace the PS4 headset that came with the console?
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ocelot07  +   456d ago
For the first few days I used this headset. Sure it feels cheap and nasty and the sound quality was not great but it worked fine. I could hear people properly and they could hear me fine. But then I found out my PX21 worked with the PS4 and used them instead.
mondofish  +   456d ago
Works fine for me. I might upgrade eventually but it's not a priority for me.
TRGMatt  +   455d ago
Any headset that is included with just about any product package should be replaced if you want better quality. If you're fine with a working headset that lets you voice chat and hear others voice chat, the PS4/XB1 headsets both work just fine.
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