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Microsoft claims Xbox One sold out worldwide; Retailers beg to differ

Recently, Sony (maker of the PlayStation 4 video game console) announced that more than 2.1 million PS4 units have sold worldwide.

In response, Microsoft's Xbox VP Yusuf Mehdi told website Ars Technica that their Xbox One is "sold out at retailers around the world."

A quick over-the-phone check at a six randomly-selected retailers found that isn't quite the case. (Dimple, Game N Trade, GameStop, Industry, Sears, Target, Toys R Us, Xbox One)

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GamersHeaven  +   604d ago | Well said
So pathetic and desperate Microsoft need to shut up already we all know this is a big pile of bs.
Angels3785  +   604d ago
Seems like everyone and their mother beg to differ xD Microsoft seem eager to generate demand atm....
Enemy  +   604d ago
Microsoft creating false demand, trying to make Xbone seem as demanded as the PS4, which is far, far away from the actual truth.
Eonjay  +   604d ago
Im a little confused about it. I will check the mall tomorrow. I think people are taking it out of context though. They don't mean sold out like PS4 sold out. They mean going fast and attempting to restock some retailers.

By the same token people should understand that different retailers have different situations. The reason why its so hard to get PS4 before Christmas is due to backed up preorders and stupid high demand. Thats what the warnings about preorder deadlines were foreshadowing.

With PS4 its first come first serve. I do think Microsoft is doing a better job with providing adequate stock... but like Jack Trenton said, Sony's major issue (insufficient stock verus demand) is a good problem to have.
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gamesR4fun  +   604d ago
this strategy is filled with so much fail

even if they are selling 2:1 vs the ps4 it's not like they ain't selling this bs will only hurt them more.
Bigpappy  +   604d ago
This article is a dumb article. having one or 2 units in some stores means nothing.

When GameStop and ToysRus call to say they need more console because they sold they stock, do you think that all the stores have zero units left? This is the kind of reporting shows what happens when a fanboy get hired or creates his own website.
spicelicka  +   604d ago
lol real pathetic are the people here flaunting their fanboy junk.

Out of a million units a few units were still found in stock, and some of them were just returned.

Firstly who the hell cares.

Secondly, I'm sure MS doesn't follow around the retailers like dog for constant updates. It's the retailers problem if anything.

Either way good luck comparing your tiny ones guys, I'm gonna go enjoy some games.
nukeitall  +   604d ago
I cannot for the life of me find an Xbox One in stock at any retailer near me in San Diego. I missed out on both Best Buy and Amazon.

hakeem0996  +   604d ago
So just because they good at replenishing their stocks ,they liars. good to know !!!I told you guys that MS was going to make sure that the XBOXONE was available threw out the holidays .I used to work retail one thing i know is that around the holidays stores leave certain stock to be sold on a specific day ,back in the day my old store had 360's and PS3's in stock but we were not allowed to sell them until a set date so we would tell customers they were sold out .it's a common practice in retail . Most of the stores right now have xboxone and ps4's, but they won't sell them until are told by corporate.
Tony-A  +   604d ago
To be honest, Yusuf may not have been lying.

Do I personally believe that Xbox Ones are selling like hotcakes, or anywhere near what PS4 is pulling? Absolutely not. In fact, I think that the gap is only going to widen as the holidays progress, and I don't ever see the XBO surpassing the PS4 in worldwide sales. The best chance MS had at being Sony was last gen with the 360, and even then they apparently still lost.

But PR is a work of sneaky bullsh*t, and the man is probably not lying here. XBOs are most certainly still available everywhere I go, and most likely heavily in stock all over the world, but there could be a couple of stores somewhere in this world that just doesn't have supply yet.

He said that the XBO is "sold out at retailers around the world." By saying that, it can give the illusion that he's stating a mass sell-out of units in every territory when, in fact, he can still be telling the truth even if the only stores that don't have XBOs are one Gamestop in East Nowhere, Kansas and one Wal-Mart in No-One Cares, New York. Two retailers in separate locations gives him the okay to say that they're sold out across the world.

Kinda confusing, but that's the magic of spin, I guess. He can say this all he wants, the XBO has not gained any form of hype whatsoever from what I've seen. The only "cool" thing that anyone mentions is voice control - which is #1: available on PS4 and #2: not worth an extra $100. I mean, come on.... it's basically a less intelligent Siri.
badz149  +   604d ago
that's the thing about this "issue". it might be sold out in some retailers, but when Yusuf Mehdi specifically said;

"sold out at retailers around the world."

it won't take long for people to accuse them for LYING! does it hurt them to use the word "some" or "selected" or even "many" before the word retailers there?
mikeslemonade  +   604d ago
Yep.. straight from the horses mouth. How much more more proof do you want? Time.. and time again.
mgeezy313  +   604d ago

If they're selling a low amount of console shipments at a time, then of course they'll sell out fast. That's a no brainer.
n4rc  +   604d ago
Sony boys at it again in here I see...

Its called supply chain management... Ms is good at it...

But a quick visit to best buy and im told they get new stock of both every week.. So if ms is lying so is sony
PS4 Domination
b163o1  +   604d ago
M$ is hilarious, they claim to be sold out, but in the same breath throw silly numbers out like "Since X1 release 160million zombies have been killed" or "125 million combos were achieved in Killer instinct" know one cares about these numbers. You all just released a new console, and the best you can come up with is numbers about the most insignificant facts about it. Wow things are not looking good for you, and this is just the beginning of its cycle. Can't imagine what the future holds. I would say I feel bad, but I don't...
Prime157  +   604d ago
You all are right. It's simple. The demand is higher for ps4 and so it sells out faster. X1 still sells out, just not as fast as both systems are keeping up with the same amount of supply. I can attest first hand.

I work in a gaming retail store in Ohio. I worked black Friday from 12am to 8am... it was miserable, absolutely miserable. However, I did get too observe this demand during the "rush" of midnight to 3am.

360 sales have always blown away ps3 sales in this store (that's why 360 has always been the first thing you see when you walk in) at literally close to a 5:1 ratio.

So, black Friday comes and we have 29 x1s and 27 ps4s. Ps4 sold out by 3am, x1 still had 19 in what we call "the closet" when my shift ended at 8am. Later, I was curious and asked the night manager (after sleeping from 9 am to 4pm) if we sold through the x1s (around 8pm), and she said, "we got through most but there are still 7 or 8 left."

Yes, both are putting out about the same supply - both sets of fanboys can appreciate and see that... but the demand is for ps4 so it sells out much faster; that it's why you can find x1s in stock.
Deadpoolio  +   604d ago
@Eonjay Really your going to try and defend it LMAO....Their exact words were it was sold out at all retailers, ALL meaning unavailable anywhere...There is no misunderstanding they LIED like Microsoft does best....Smoke and mirrors, lies and misdirection
flyingmunky  +   604d ago
^The thing about the ones on amazon being sold out so quickly....

Doesn't anyone think it's suspect that the scalpers may be buying all their stock to drive demand for their 899$ xbone consoles?

At least in Amazon's case I don't think them being sold out is a result of 'real' demand.
Ohohoho  +   603d ago
As long as there are at least 2 stores sold out then, technically, it's not a lie. They didn't say EVERY store.

Still, they'd have done better to just say "we've sold really well, better than the Xbox 360, and we're happy with those numbers."
XxGHOSTxX-420  +   603d ago
Almost every retailer in my city has xbox one but no ps4s.
EcliPS3  +   604d ago | Well said
Bring on the hate but here comes the truth. I wince every time I come to N4G because the front page is littered with Pro Sony material, or Anti Xbox articles. It's too bad this couldn't become a haven for gamers, instead of just absolute flamebait articles and fanboy comments.

Did anyone stop to think that it may be possible that MS is keeping up with demand? Is it possible they produced more consoles and are releasing them to said retailers multiple times per week? I mean, most retailers have these things called "trucks" which bring something called "product" to their store to replenish stock. Is it possible that adversely, Sony may have limited stock hence not being able to be found anywhere? It's happened quite often in the past. Of course not though. This is N4G. This is a hate mongering cesspool that contains only fanboys with blinders.

There are plenty of articles and comments on here saying "Xbox not really sold out", "My friend's dog saw one at Kmart" or"Amazon still has em". But I never saw the article saying that Amazon replenished their stock twice with Xbox One's and they sold out within 7 hours each time.

On this site, there's always one side to the story, and it's pro Sony. This website is a huge circlejerk of fanboys complaining. Years ago this website used to be moderately split at least, with fanboys from each side spewing hate at each other. But now it's just trolling flamebait articles from blogs and garbage websites.

I'm done with it. Constant sensationalist titles and stupid people.
TheTwelve  +   604d ago
maximus1985  +   604d ago
the eclipse is over your eyes. dont you wish you could ban us like microsoft
GamersHeaven  +   604d ago
M-M  +   604d ago
No one is forcing you to come to this site. The only reason why there are negative articles is that Microsoft sucks at PR and they're not clear in their messaging lol.
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gobluesamg  +   604d ago
Dont let the door hitya....
TheWarOrphan  +   604d ago
I've seen mainly truths be told on this site. Its generation playstation now! If you don't like it get out and [xbox tv]!
gamesR4fun  +   604d ago
you would've liked it here a few years ago when it was the other way around
buck up tho in another ten years a brand new set of fans will take over no doubt
Eonjay  +   604d ago
I really believe that Microsoft is better able to keep stock up because they arent serving as many regions and because the demand isnt as ridiculous as the PS4. It can be argued that they made a wise decision by reducing the number of territories they launched in.
demonddel  +   604d ago
bruh you couldnt have said it better I understand exactly what you are saying
Majin-vegeta  +   604d ago
Booohooo http://youtu.be/rAlTOfl9F2w

OT:Plenty in the central valley area.
Eonjay  +   604d ago
By the way... people are simply arguing that if its so easy for Microsoft to replenish retailers, then stock is available somewhere. If Amazon sold out twice in one day and has them back up this fast, then there has to be units available somewhere or Microsoft has immaculate timing.
Edsword  +   604d ago
When your done crying, I just want you to know that nobody cares.
Ju  +   604d ago
MS sold less than Sony on a global scale. How much is hard to say because those numbers are twisted for our all amusement.

Surprisingly, MS was closer on Sony in Americas than I thought: they sold 70% what the PS4 sold at launch, while in Europe I rather think the number is <50% (700k vs ~300K).

Now, these numbers do not indicate that MS has higher demand than Sony and it also does not indicate that MS manages supply better. It rather shows demand is quite higher for the PS4.

Now, one can say Sony underestimated the demand and threw everything they had on to the market at launch and ran out of supply while MS managed to resupply faster by launching "moderately". That's the optimistic view.

Given the cash reserve MS has, they can afford and would probably have tried to fill stock beyond Sony - in expectation of shortage for either console. But given that the reported numbers are in fact in favor for Sony I rather think the more likely picture is, MS "optimistically" reported "shipped" numbers (who can prove they weren't - it will sell eventually) while stock remained after launch. Those plus resupplies is what you see in stores.

Also, Sony must have sold another ~300K after launch in the US/Canada - after ~900K at launch the report says 2.1M global with 700K Europe; means Sony restocked and sold an additional 300K in Americas (most likely around Thanks Giving).

Both companies resupply as fast as they can, PS4 just sell through faster.
Trindividual  +   604d ago
erm cuz sony is good and microsoft is evil? FACT
kenshiro100  +   604d ago
So Sony is only allowed to make mistakes. Gotcha.

Anyone with a brain knows that Microsoft screwed up big time and it'll take a miracle for them to go up against Sony.

Apparently you weren't around when this was a pro Microsoft site.
isa_scout  +   604d ago
Don't let the door smack you in the ass on the way out. Did you ever stop to think that the reason there are more Playstation fans now is because a lot of former Xbox fans made the switch? I did, and I couldn't be happier.
Smootherkuzz  +   604d ago
I agree, this is the worst I have seen. Why are these people worry about where someone spends their money? What fail to remember is that these game companies are laughing all the way to the Bank. I think most of this junk comes from young kids thinking they have up on the other and the others just like see bs online and the more people that act like them just adds more silliness. Anyway back to gaming.
Prime157  +   604d ago
Look, I understand and agree with you too an extent. I think both companies are manufacturing very similar numbers (within a few ten thousand I gander).

What Sony fanboys see (I'm a Sony fanboy) is that the demand is causing the ps4 to sell out much faster than x1. Literally hours for ps4 and many hours to days for x1.

So, I agree that we Sony fanboys are probably annoying you MS fanboys, but all we want is for you to, at least, recognize that the demand for ps4 is higher. Just like you want us to recognize that x1 is selling out, just slower, to the point that we can still find them (if we wanted).
dansdooz   604d ago | Bad language | show
bellome  +   604d ago
It is fair that you find the front page littered with Pro Sony material when the other company is pure shit. This is the consumer voice, the market has chosen, deal with it.
aiBreeze  +   604d ago
Microsoft lost their dedicated fanboys when they near enough abandoned them in favour of trying to lure the Wii crowd in. While they were kinect kinect kinect, Sony were throwing AAA quality exclusives at gamers from all directions. It's no surprise that this place isn't as split anymore.

At the end of the day, it's called news 4 GAMERS and for most, it's fairly obvious which company really has your back. Microsoft are too busy trying to market their console as an entertainment system shying away from being labelled a games console while Sony are loud and proud of being a games console. I'm no fanboy however going by the last three years, I know which console maker values me most as a gamer and I'll be vocal about my support while continue to hate on the one that came close to trying to ruin console gaming with their DRM box.

That's not to say I won't buy an Xbox One.. I'm a gamer at heart and don't want to miss on the many great experiences that won't be available on PS4/PC however Microsoft have a long way to go before they regain my confidence in them.
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SonyKong64  +   604d ago
pro Sony articles have nothing to do with Sony doing the right thing and appealing to the majority of gamers that care about their hobby, right?

and negative Microsoft articles have nothing to do with the anti consumer profit before everything strategy Microsoft has taken over the years.. has nothing to do with the HISTORY of lies and deceptions allot of us have just grown disgusted with, right?

Microsoft defenders are delusional at best.
SoulSercher620  +   603d ago
Then don't come back. The faster you leave the better.
mananimal  +   603d ago

Dont forget to take your Microsoft tissue for your watery eyes, your Microsoft hanky for your runny nose, & Microsoft pampers for your soaked under trousers on the way out the door.
warczar  +   603d ago
you will NOT be missed. I'm sure you can find a pro-micro website somewhere to blow smoke up your ass.
Anon1974  +   603d ago
@ EcliPS3. It's amazing how you see only what you want to see. After the PS4 launch, what were the top articles? They were low review scores for Knack. They were multiple reports of PS4 "Blue line of death" among other complaints. Those were your top stories. How often over the last year or so have you come to this page to see an article about how lousy PS Vita sales are? How many articles in the past rocketed to the top about how Blu-Ray won't save the PS3, or 3D won't save the PS3, or PS Move won't save the PS3?

Quite frankly, I don't know what page you've been visiting, but it sure as hell ain't N4G. Yes we're seeing a lot of positive Sony articles now, and why shouldn't we? The PS4 is hitting it out of the park with consumers. But to bitch and moan that it's all pro-Sony and anti-MS...you're simply deluded.

By all means, take yourself, your duplicate accounts and your little tantrums and take your leave from the N4G community. If you aren't interested in contributing to the community, you aren't welcome.
Raiden  +   603d ago
Im with you on this my fellow gamer, people have no clue, cannot and girls are stupid fool. We are camera and are entitled to our opinions but when you stupid kids and worst yet dumb journalists with no common sense writing flame bait it pisses me off. So you called the the store to find out stock availability and you are told yes x1 is in ztockand for that you report MS PR is lying, did you ask each store how many time they are re stock from both console makers, no you didn't, when MS cut the the countries to 13 it was laughed at, it was to make sure that console was always available, PS4 is not because the speed themselves too widely, remember the ps 4 is available in more countries than the X1, the X1 sale should not be close to ps4 but it should be constant and available and that is MS game plan supply. Each gamer should be happy with there purchase, sadly I was not so lucky to have one yet, more important things to spend my cash on, but i was tempted after watching my friend turn on his tv via the X1. Anyway I think it best if all xbox fans leave this site its not worth it
tigertom53  +   604d ago
from what i have heard microsoft has been sending store with a steady supply of xbox ones but have been selling within a few hours. PS4 have been coming in at a much slower pace but all have been selling...
BX81  +   604d ago
Yeah I can see ms having a good supply of consoles. I can see why Sony would be behind not expecting such a huge surge for the ps4. Either way neither console is failing. Wish these kids would get over it.
tigertom53  +   604d ago
I do think the demand and hype is stronger with Sony, but both will do very well this generation...
Prime157  +   604d ago
I think it's more complicated than that... I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just arguing company strategy.

Ps4 and x1 reported almost the same exact launch number sales in 24 hours. Period. The difference is that ps4 was NA only, and x1 had 8 countries.

That being said, the staggered ps4 launch has seen surges of stock rather than a regular supply, whereas the x1 gives regular stock to its fewer countries.

I think x1 is still playing catch-up in NA, which has the most outspoken Sony fanboys because 1) it's MS' home turf, and 2) 360 kids in America gave ps3 lovers a SIZEABLE CRAP-TON (yes, that's a real measurement) of... well... crap.
irepbtown  +   603d ago
I can't speak for every store globally, but in England, where I live most supermarkets and regular game stores such as Game have sold out of both X1 and PS4. Well Game hasn't strictly run out of consoles, they've just decided to sell it for £600+ (RRP £349).

Of course I can't speak for America, but I think you'd find it pretty difficult to get either PS4 or X1 any time soon.

Here's 2 links from the biggest supermarket in England (Tesco) to prove both are out of stock: http://www.tesco.com/direct...
miyamoto  +   604d ago
joab777  +   604d ago
Just release the numbers like Sony has. No one care as if ur sold out. Its easy to say u have sold out when we don't know how many were shipped. It doesn't matter if Sony is ahead. Its early...just give the numbers or don't say anything.
ToyboxDX  +   603d ago
MS can't/wouldn't release their numbers simply because it is MUCH lower than Sony's.

MS sold around 200K plus in Europe and 790K plus in US on 22 Nov.

Sony sold 1.1 million in US on 15 Nov and 700K plus in Europe on 29 Nov.

By 1 Dec, on a worldwide scale, Sony sold 2.1 million units meaning an additional 300K on top of above numbers.

At best, we assume XBone is selling as fast as PS4, meaning 300K, total is still only 1.3 to 1.4 millions by 1 Dec.

A more realistic case would be XBone selling much less than PS4 after launch, say around 100K, that means a low 1.2 to 1.3 million units by 1 Dec.

No matter how MS tries to spin the story, the fact is there for all to see, hence why they couldn't announce any figures at all.

In fact, by saying they sold out the Xbone, they're trying to cover up that low figure such that when people question them on why they have a much lower figure, they can just say they sold out all units and couldn't produce additional units fast enough.
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MeknSence  +   604d ago
So what your saying is that the "1.1 million sold" is actually what shipped? SMH. But yet you claim that it is sold out? SMH again!
assdan  +   604d ago
What't the point in doing this crap? Your product is doing as well as you thought, so you make it sound better than it really is? This kinda crap is why I'll never trust xbox. Half of their press has been misleading the public into believing things that are incredibly false.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   604d ago
I mean is it really surprising? MS was channel stuffing the 360. They are a bad corporation to support gaming as also the news of the indie contract. I hope they do get out of the console business with their new hire. People say competition is good but this just slows down gaming, we need another company to take over
clae1  +   604d ago
What's pathetic is websites making articles like this to feed the trolls and fanboys. So some claim that ps4 is available in some stores then sony would be pathetic aswell.

What's more pathetic is fanboys wasting time calling stores just to verify. For what? to feel good about your purchase? Or just bored playing your beloved console?
Azzanation  +   604d ago
That's because MS have the supply to restock stores dip $hit. That's what happens when you sell out. They order more.
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come_bom  +   604d ago
I find fanboys so pathetic.
GamerzElite  +   604d ago
Nothing new, a couples of day before Microsoft Store were selling their Day One edition.
geddesmond  +   604d ago
I live in Ireland. PS4 has been sold out since day one while Xbox1s are still in shops and X1s have been available for sale in Ireland for longer. Most people don't want an Xbox because of its weaker power. Most gamers now know how important it is to have a consol that can run games the way developers want them to run without limitations on graphics or framerate.

I'm not saying X1 isn't capable of doing that. I'm just saying with PS4 the possibilities of improving further on what MS can do is there
Alvidta  +   603d ago
You know what seems so desperate and pathetic? that article.
FireStorm50  +   603d ago
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r1sh12  +   603d ago
did you read the article.
They found 3 in total!

2 in a store, and 1 that was returned.

Hardly any stock, so sold out makes sense.
Im sure if these bloggers checked across many stores they would find a ps4 or 2
ovnipc  +   603d ago
Idk if they are saying the truth or not but 3 of my friends are looking for xone here on florida and cant find one. One of them found a ps4 on gamestop and got it cause he cant find a xone.
dlocsta  +   603d ago
Once again you people are showing just how stupid you are. If you call a store and they say they have "one" in the back and the same thing is said for the next five stores you call, they are sold out. No company is going to count a single unit as having stock on the shelves you morons! Stop with all the hate. Both consoles are doing well and let's hope they both continue to do well. If you don't like the XB1 don't buy it but don't be a whiny punk and complain every chance you get about something you don't even want in the first place. Enjoy whatever YOU choose to purchase.
UnholyLight  +   603d ago
Has anyone actually read this article with some thought?

If this is an article comparing supply and demand between Xbox and Playstation...Why are we getting the sources of where the Xbox One still has units, while no references were made that the PS4 was not in stock, but just simply "Store checks for PS4 came up empty"?

Mind telling us which retailers you checked??

Rather than just banging out a quick article that lacks some detail here. Not saying your findings are wrong, just this is a bit weird that you chose to exclude any information about the checks for PS4s
eclectified  +   603d ago
So wait, they said, "sold out at retailers around the world"?

I don't see the problem here. It isn't a false statement.

Had they said, "sold out at ALL retailers..." or something to that effect, I would absolutely see an issue.

Granted, they could have said, "sold out at SOME retailers..." or "sold out at MANY retailers...", but that's too honest and entirely not how PR works.
Tyrone_Biggums  +   603d ago
Can I have some of what microsoft is on?
ramiuk1  +   603d ago
in my local tesco(supermarket in uk)i was looking at stuff near the checkout and someone walked up and asked if they had any and the person behind counter said yes ,they bought 2.
no preorder,no nothing
combatcash  +   603d ago
It's sold out in Los angeles county as far as I know but that's not the world lol
Bobby Kotex  +   603d ago
Tell that to the Xbone fanboys.
devilplaygame  +   603d ago
wow how so easly we forgotten what Sony said about their PS3 when it first was relase. A Sony higher up when being interveiwed said... when ask that the ps3 wasnt selling too well " I bet you wont find a ps3 on any shelf in the country".....well they called his bluff and GUESS WHAT their was plenty of PS3 on shelf....now I think about it they are less xbox one on shelfs now then their was of ps3 few years back....intresting.
3-4-5  +   603d ago
The problem is that Microsoft keeps getting caught trying to outsmart people using Corporate shyster tactics.

They think they are smarter than us, which is why they keep trying it.

We see through you Microsoft.

I love my 360........but you guys are full of feces
UnholyLight  +   603d ago

It's funny how these so called "Corporate responses" piss you off when they give us something that is indeed fact. I assume then, that you say the same thing about Sony's reps, and Nintendo's, and to expand...every corporation and business in the world? How are they no different. They all prepare statements and must be spoken properly because people like you are constantly trying to dissect it at a moments notice whether they say something positive or negative.

Good god
electricone85  +   604d ago
people always claim they make these phone calls or they just can walk into a store and find the xbox one on the shelf. However, you know what is always missing? A pic to prove that they are telling the truth. I know every one I talked to in various cities claimed they are no where to be found.
Tuxmask55  +   604d ago
You want a pic of a person on the phone? Go google it. There are plenty of them, I'm sure. Assume at least one of them is someone checking stock of the xbone.
tigertom53  +   604d ago
yeah they see them in stock and take pictures great then sold in the next hour, maybe stores are getting a steady supply of xbox ones and not so many ps4....
Trekster_Gamer  +   604d ago
Just a trolling.. Tux... How you back up your BS statement with proof.. If not please troll elsewhere.
Baka-akaB  +   604d ago
er actually some people did provide pics . I wouldnt bother , i doubt anyone from eu or us would bother boarding a plane to my country for a few xbox ones .
#2.2 (Edited 604d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
onyoursistersback  +   604d ago
Southern CA Riverside, Best Buy 92860

need a # google it!
lastofgen  +   604d ago
yet another case of anecdotal evidence.
Of course they're going to be available at some places..
vectorz  +   603d ago
I live near that store. I just stopped by, none in sight asked reps none in stock. Why don't you take a pic next time?
IcicleTrepan  +   604d ago
I have both consoles and love both. Just out of curiosity, I did 'look' when I was already out doing errands. WalMart had 3-4 XB1 and no PS4 in my store, and Futureshop.. well what they do is they only have empty boxes for both systems on the shelves and you have to ask for one. I did not ask of course, I don't care enough. However I did see a woman walking to the front with a sales clerk to pay for an XB1. So they had at least 1.

Truth be told, they're both selling ridiculously well. Yes Sony is selling a lot more, but they're both dwarfing the competition (Nintendo) and also their own personal records, which are nothing to sneeze at (PS2, 360). Anyone that says either company is doing 'bad' has got to be delusional.
oof46  +   603d ago
If only both sides could enjoy their platform of choice without demeaning the other side.

About the comment of Xbox One's being sold out? It's PR speak. Are there stores around the world where the Xbox One is sold out? Yes. Is it sold out everywhere? No. But the people up top will only say things to show their product in a positive light.

Does anyone remember this quote from 2007?

"If you can find a PS3 anywhere in North America that's been on shelves for more than five minutes, I'll give you 1200 bucks for it."

Whether it's the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U or PC, enjoy what you bought. No need to disparage the other side.
geddesmond  +   604d ago
Yeah I'd be inclined to agree until I clicked on the link and its from ABC news. Now if a news channel didn't do its research and lied it would loose all credibility
SonyKong64  +   603d ago
pick up your phone, no pictures needed. call the horse yourself dimwit..

this coming from 8 years on x live.. I jumped ship after E3, like so many.

half the reason Xboxes aren't fully stocked is allot of people, especially parents are buying the Xbox as the next best thing, having no choice in regards to the scarcity of Sony's ps4..

wake up zombie
Tuxmask55  +   604d ago
Of course it's not sold out. After all of the bad reviews it's gotten, who in their right mind would want one?

I'm sticking with my 360, thank you very much.
lastofgen  +   604d ago
bad reviews?
what on earth are you talking about?

edit: oh wow...8 disagrees already.
tell me, do any of you who disagreed with me see universal negative criticism for the xbox one?
All I'm seeing is a few negative and the large, large majority positive.
#3.1 (Edited 604d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(43) | Report | Reply
cyguration  +   604d ago
They disagreed because you have more than 8 disagrees. Duh.
osamede1  +   604d ago
republican conservatives on gays
creationists on evolution
n4g on xbox one.

logic and reason hold no bearings on any xb1 related topic on this site. i think yday i saw someone post they are excited about their future xb1. he/she said nothing negative about sony or positive about xb1 just his or hers excitement and he/she got downvoted a crap ton.
IcicleTrepan  +   604d ago

Agree with you that most of these Xbox One haters haven't even played one, therefore most of their opinions are worthless.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   604d ago
Same thing happens on positive SONY comments! "Cant wait for NOv 15th!" and you'll have like 8 disagrees! It's just the SONY fans are on here deep as hell!! Blame Microsoft for all that bad PR, they formed a mob of angry gamers that were out for blood!!!!
Trekster_Gamer  +   604d ago
Tux just full of be yet again.. Says he owns a 360 I would say he is a troll just lying..
TheSoundDefense  +   604d ago
Last night, and earlier today, I saw Amazon having them in stock for periods of at least 20 minutes.
lastofgen  +   604d ago
I don't get it.
What's the point of arguing over this stuff?
This must be like the millionth article I've seen over xbox one stock. We get it, there are xbox one's out there.
Microsoft's original statement never mentioned that the x1 is sold out at all retailers, just "sold out at retailers around the world." Doesn't seem like lying to me.

Besides, a ton of these articles may just be bringing up anecdotal evidence, never representative of the full picture.
#5 (Edited 604d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
TheSoundDefense  +   604d ago
It's misleading. They know people will read "sold out everywhere". That's intentional PR speak.
lastofgen  +   604d ago
Really? I don't find it misleading at all. If people would just use some comprehension skills reading statements, then I don't think people here or elsewhere would be up in arms about this. And if people can't interpret their statement correctly, well, that's their problem and they'll just get worked up about it for no reason.

Now, if they said that the x1 is sold out at ALL retailers around the world, then yeah, calling them out would be justified.

But at this point, there really is no reason to hate unless you just have something against microsoft or other personal reasons.

edit: 7 (probably more later) disagrees already?? what part of my statement is wrong? Did I interpret ms's statement incorrectly? Am I making an illogical argument? Or is it because I am making a logical argument that has you upset?
#5.1.1 (Edited 604d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(19) | Report
TheSoundDefense  +   604d ago
It's misleading for the reason I state literally right above you, Captain Reading Comprehension. Even if people do read more deeply and understand what Microsoft is actually trying to say, psychology dictates that our first impression is the strongest one in our brain.
#5.1.2 (Edited 604d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report
gamertk421  +   604d ago
@lastofgen. No, you're absolutely correct, but this site is just filled with hateful wankers who are more concerned about having others join their hatred than enjoying gaming themselves.
#5.1.3 (Edited 604d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(9) | Report
Ashlen  +   604d ago
I don't think people are mad about just this one issue.

It's that there have been many times where Microsoft has stretched the truth, tried to mislead, or maybe even lied to people.

Things like what the drm was, whether or not the drm could be removed. If Kinect was needed for the system to work or not.

To saying the games were being played on One when they were actually using high end computers. Using PC footage in advertisements for Xbox One.

And saying things like "I can't tell the difference between 720p or 1080p or that 720p was better because it was "more crisp".

These are just a few off the top of my head but it's been a constant stream of stuff like this in many peoples eyes.

If they would just be honest instead of constantly trying to spin a lot of people would be way less angry.

They should have just given the numbers and said "were happy with the sales". To the point and honest.
Why o why  +   604d ago
jc48573  +   604d ago
you go to gamestop

Me: I want a PS4.

Clerk: We don't have any in stock, BUT you can order directly through our warehouse.

Another guy: I want an Xbox One.

Clerk: Yes, we got them.

Another guy #2: Do you have an Xbox One and a PS4?

Clerk: We don't have any PS4s in store, but we have plenty of XONE.

Edit: I never said PS4 is out of stock btw. Just not in stores for some.
#6 (Edited 604d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
electricone85   604d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Nujabes_  +   604d ago
They never said it was sold out absolutely everywhere. They weren't wrong, some places had no consoles, while others had.
osamede1  +   604d ago
you are correct. however this is n4g....
admiralvic  +   604d ago
I believe they need to sell a certain perfect to call it "sold out". The idea is that most people won't find one with ease and while they're still out there, it will be a drastically different experience than trying to buy say, Super Mario 3D World. To give you an idea, at least two local Kmarts (assuming this hasn't changed in the past 3 months) still have the LittleBigPlanet 2 CE, Assassins Creed Brotherhood CE, Castlevania Lords of Shadow CE and Halo Reach statue CE. With one store also having the BioShock 2 CE and a GameStop still having a Dead or Alive 5 CE.

It would sound crazy to say all these things are still "in stock", even though these could be among the only copies (sub 400) in the wild.
Tuxmask55  +   604d ago
MS said worldwide. If worldwide isn't everywhere, then I don't know what is unless there's a GameStop on the moon I don't know about.
S2Killinit  +   604d ago
thats exactly the problem. I personally am tired of Microsoft's half truths. its like they are the Fox news of the gaming world.
T-Dawg6  +   604d ago
I couldn't care less if they're in stock or not. I got mine and that's all I care about. So just shut up about it already.
#9 (Edited 604d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
lastofgen  +   604d ago
I just find it amazing how so many of these types of articles are making it to the featured section of the front page.

And it's all because people can't seem to interpret ms's statement correctly.
gobluesamg  +   604d ago
Its "couldn't care less." You sound like a damn fool when you say it wrong
T-Dawg6  +   604d ago
I'm sorry for making a typo. Damn
#9.2.1 (Edited 604d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
SpinalRemains138  +   603d ago
You didn't end your sentence w/ a period, Gobluesamg. You look like a damn fool when you make grammatical errors like that.
whoyouwit04  +   604d ago
My thing is people keep saying that Xbox ones are in stock, but there are no articles from real game sites making this claim like there were when the PS3 was first launced. All these claims come from some no name sites that are more then likely run by fan boys. Not only that, there has been no pics to back these claims. If you are going to spit out these types of rumors then you need proof. hell I could easily create a site, and claim I did research and made phone calls to retailers that said they have 5 PS4s here 6 here and so on. until I see this from a IGN I say they are just are hard to find as PS4. hell we know both are probably lying about being sold out; because when these guys robbed a Gamestop there were "NO" Xbox ones, but PS4 was in stock. care to explain how that happen if they are sold out everywhere?
BattleTorn  +   604d ago
You don't need "journalist" to claim it's in stock when it is.

I've called all around town (Vancouver, Canada) looking for PS4s. Partly to assist friends, with less patience, find a system - as well as when I was looking a replacement.

Everywhere I called would say "no PS4s, we do have Xbox One in stock though"

I kept having to politely say "already got one of those"
mhunterjr  +   604d ago
Microsoft didn't say that the console was completely sold out world wide. They said that retailers around the world are sold out. Meaning that there are stores across the planet that are out of stock. Either the author is incompetent, or he likes negativity. Why are folks manufacturing lies to perpetuate the message that MS is dishonest? Do you fight dishonesty with more dishonesty?
#11 (Edited 604d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
yellowgerbil  +   604d ago
I wonder how many of those "sales" were the mnt dew contest winners? my co worker won one, I tried to convince him to sell it and get a PS4 and a game, he's not the BRIGHTEST tool in the shed and turned that idea down
maximus1985  +   604d ago
point is this no matter how much we bash xbox one or microsoft theyre fan base will find the brighter side. examples:

-xbox one forces kinect / its an investment into the future
-microsoft tried to force online only / who doesnt have internet these days?
-ps4 sold more world wide / sales dont matter
-xbox ones arent sold out / they meant in some stores

either way you look at it for some microsoft can do no wrong. but hey i guess N4G is a community for sony fans and not gamers in general....wonder why?
#13 (Edited 604d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Majin-vegeta  +   604d ago
-xbox one forces kinect / its an investment into the future-
Yea future my arse motion gaming will never take off it's a gimmick just like the original kinect.

-microsoft tried to force online only / who doesnt have internet these days?-
*Hands a map*Look there's other countries outside the U.S.

-ps4 sold more world wide / sales dont matter-
Oh so now that Sony is spanking M$ sales don't matter??But last gen when M$ would out sale Sony it did?

-xbox ones arent sold out / they meant in some stores
Well M$ needs to be more clear.
maximus1985  +   604d ago
lol i agree man.
Mac420  +   604d ago
Why do people even bother defending MS, there a horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE company all around. Just shut up an play what you like who cares what system you prefer. But please don't defend MS, you might as well drink bleach.
Shinox  +   603d ago
This , a Thousands times THIS !
People needs to wake the F up before defend something that literally look like a money hungry pig , M$ are the evil of the industry and Gamers needs to be aware from them
hulk_bash1987  +   604d ago
Who effing cares, really. If you have a PS4 enjoy it, like I am. If you have an Xbox One do the same. If you want either one, then wait for them to be in stock and enjoy them when you get them. There is clearly demand for both why should it matter which has a higher one?
#15 (Edited 604d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SactoGamer  +   604d ago | Well said
We're happy when someone has a gaming system they like whether it be PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, or even an Atari Jaguar. If they like it, more power to them.
Dodododuo  +   603d ago
I have never agreed with someone on this site more than what you just said, and it really says something about the community of the site that you have such low agrees compared to people worshipping sony on an article about microsoft (not that I think they are irrelevant but it just surprises me that people can have so much hate in their hearts to the point of disliking someone based on which piece of plastic they have sitting on their entertainment stands)
kevnb  +   604d ago
Sales numbers mean nothing when so many people are trying to resell for inflated prices.
Orpheo  +   604d ago
Not surprising, lying is just the way M$ does business. They probably want an excuse as to why PS4 is outselling them.
rydamgw  +   604d ago
Its easy to keep up supply when your demand is low and yes fanboys demand is extremely low selling amillion consoles in 13 countries is trivial at best especially when your direct competion sold that in North America alone.
saber00005  +   604d ago
Microsoft is entitled to their opinions, but not their facts.

And... This is coming from a PC gamer...
Consoles4kidz   604d ago | Bad language | show
corvusmd  +   604d ago
Uh...it's true that it sold out at stores worldwide...they didn't say that EVERY XB1 was sold...PS4 and XB1 didn't do that...but it DID sell out at stores worldwide just like PS4 did...all this really confirms is that some people can't help but spin anything XBox into something negative, and anything PS4 into something positive...when really it's the exact same thing.
christocolus  +   604d ago
I agree..ms has been replenishing their stock alot faster than sony has..happened with walmart, some gamestop stores and amazon . stupid to see how much hate some sony fans boys have for the xbx one. Not that im surprised though.but never the less the xbx one is doing really good. For a $499 console im impressed.
Consoles4kidz  +   604d ago
Whats killing Sony is the game to console ratio. This number was dominatd by Xbox last generation. GEtting the console in a household is KEY, but dont count for much if that household only buys call of duty and madden annually.
FRAKISTAN  +   604d ago
Best Buy confirms that day one edition xbone are still available

hemmo1986  +   604d ago
Still available at EB Games, JB HI FI and Target; where i live. Enough said
artsaber  +   604d ago
My local ToysRus is chocked full of Xbox Ones. The only thing available for PS4 are games and a controller. No PS4s in sight. I haven't seen a PS4 on a retail shelf since launch. Glad I preordered on Amazon. I can personally confirm XBOne is not sold out, forget a report.
DarthJay  +   604d ago
I can't find one anywhere. Every single store is sold out. Both consoles. I WISH I could find one locally.
n4rc  +   604d ago
People have no clue how business actually works...

Sony isn't rolling in liquid assets right now... You think manufacturers in china will just say "don't worry Sony, we will wait 6 months to get paid"

No.. 2 million units cost them almost a billion dollars.. Which they dont have just laying around... After xmas they will be everywhere.. Im sure they already ramped upproduction now that the cash is flowing into them
Rock_On_PS4  +   604d ago
There is around half of the demand for XBox One as there is for PS4 and the sales for next generation will reflect that. PS4 should easily sell 120 million console sales over 8 years at an average of 15 million systems per year.

The XBox One will struggle to sell 10 million consoles per year and reaching 80 million after 8 years and repeating the success of the XBox 360 may be a stretch.

The PS4 is priced at $50 to $100 cheaper than the XBox One and it is more powerful than the XBox One. The difference in the price is the Kinect is included in every XBox One. PS4 also has more exclusive games that sell console systems unlike the XBox One that relies on a few exclusive series.

Multi-platform games look upgraded on the PS4. XBox One is some where between the power of the PS3 and PS4. PS3 games look upgraded on the XBox One. XBOx One can only display games in 720p. PS4 displays games in 1080p.
YodaCracker  +   604d ago
Wannabe Pachter?
DoubleM70  +   603d ago
Bottom line it's hard to resist a console that's $100 dollar cheaper. Especially for the Holiday season.
pacosanchez88  +   603d ago
i predict that microsoft sony and nintendo all abandon the market next year and atari makes the jaguar II. then earth implodes.
Feldman9000  +   604d ago
It's all about the stockholders.
jspillen  +   604d ago
Hahahah... busted.
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