Nintendo’s Reggie Talks Wii U, Western Development And Operation Rainfall | Siliconera

Siliconera recently had an opportunity to chat briefly with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime regarding the company, its games, and what sort of effect fans have on Nintendo of America’s decisions. Joining us for the chat was the assistant editor at, Melena, who contributed questions to the interview.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

I feel he was off base on a couple of points[Sony came out with a prototype wand controller first, but Nintendo put their own wand controller on the market faster and made it work for them in a BIG way, for instance], but overall, you've gotta admire how positive he stays all the time.
It can't be easy to honestly feel that confident when it sometimes feels like 3/4ths of the damned community is up in arms against the entire company.

I'm especially glad to hear this part of his comment on the subject of development of regional games: "We’re looking to build more and more relationships with great developers here—developers who can take some of our best franchises and help create fantastic content."

It's also cool to see that Monolith Soft is being utilized to a bigger extent than many of us first suspected.

Now if only he would come out with a list of devs that he's trying to get to make entries in some of Nintendo's well-known series.

I'd personally like to see a Wii U sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising with the online battle mode fully intact and multiple control schemes so that we don't have to resort to touch screen, but that's just me...

just-joe1472d ago

I'm pretty sure he can't give a list for legal reasons or what not.

I do like what he said about petitions as it basically cements what I've always thought/knew. 100,000 signatures doesn’t mean 100,000 sales. Nintendo like Sony and Microsoft are businesses and if they don't think they can turn a profit on something, they wont do it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1472d ago

I agree on most of your comment, except for the last line.
Because Nintendo rescuing and fully funding Bayonetta 2 despite the poor projected sales of the original kind of speaks against the whole "only act when there's guaranteed big profit to be made" idea.

just-joe1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )


Maybe they actually believe they can turn a profit with Bayonetta, we can't really tell how this will pay off until the game is out. You can't win a game of chess in one move, you have to be patient.

stragomccloud1471d ago

You know they started developing the Wii remote back in 2001, right?

Sarcasm1472d ago

Whatever it is, I hope they make a comeback. Either new hardware, different bundles, price drops, more games, better network services, whatever it takes.

Chrischi19881472d ago

The jump from PS3 to PS4 is noticeable, but not that big, that you get some kind of eye cramp if you play the game on PS3. Wii U is better than PS3 and wore than PS4. It is right in between, I dont see, how you need much much more, I mean, we are not comparing 16bit games to nowadays. The games might have a smaller resolution or some effects turned off, but the gameplay of the games isnt changed, so the power is actually enough. New Hardware would completely kill Nintendo, even the fans of Nintendo wouldnt buy another one after that, I mean, I dont have the money to buy a Nintendo system again and have the risk, it wont do much better, which is pretty sure, it wont. All the people who say nintendo needs to release another console, just dont want to get a Wii U, want Nintendo to fail, so they can play Nintendo games on their PS or Xbox and I believe this is sad, so hateful towards nintendo, but still wanting their games on the PS and Xbox, somehow illogical, isnt it?

Sarcasm1472d ago

By new hardware I meant new wii u hardware, like a redesign. Only for the reason that redesigns do tend to sell for simply being in a new form factor.

And yes it's annoying that people want Nintendo to fail. I want them to succeed and come back better. We'll see what they do after the holiday season.