2013 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to November 23rd

Worldwide Hardware YTD:

1: 3DS - 10,184,929
2: PSV - 2,315,494
3: WiiU - 1,844,867
4: XOne - 1,186,324
5: PS4 - 1,165,601

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Lovable1632d ago

So Xbox One is on the lead. Great job Microsoft!

u got owned1632d ago

This nunbers are from before Sony launched in Europe they are at 2.1 mil now

iGAM3R-VIII1632d ago

Agreed this is quite old then I realised and thought there was mistake. lool gotta feel sorry for the X1 fan Lovale though, mans heart got broken by the truth once you replied lmfaooo

Eonjay1632d ago

Looks like PS4 and Xbox One will pass Wii U year to date in the next update.

Gamer-401632d ago


But Ps4 total of 32 countries worldwide, Xbox One 13 countries.

Ps4 32 countries= 2.1 million now.
Xbox One 13 countries= ? I don't know...

Very hard and long "battle", not true winner now.

VforVideogames1632d ago

Congrats to Microsoft, non the less.

Vojkan1632d ago

there is a reason why this fake numbers site is banned from many respectable sites and forums. Absolute fake trash. it's just funny at this point.

harrisk9541632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

It is amazing how vgchartz is able to determine the EXACT number of consoles sold down to the single digit... I am sure that someone at vgchartz has spoken to every single brick & mortar retailer, online retailer, Sony's wholesalers, Microsoft's wholesalers, and everyone else in the supply chain, as well as performed an analysis of all sales receipts, taking into account returns, as well as the total numbers shipped by the manufacturers (even though neither Sony or MS have revealed those numbers) to give such a specific sell-through number!! /s

Either that, or they are just guessing!

Eonjay1632d ago

#Vojkan -

Give them time to catch up. They are pretty accurate but their timing has always been delayed. Both Xbox One and PS4 (and even the Wii U) have more units presently.

maddskull1632d ago

microsoft never said how many xbox ones they sold so this proves this to be fakee if i may say

FamilyGuy1632d ago

PS4 is at 2.1 million as of Dec 1st but MS hasn't revealed their numbers which increased to some degree from black friday sales as well. I doubt it's anywhere remotely close to the PS4s numbers or MS would've said the amount rather than telling us useless game play hour stats.

They're probably close to 1.3 mil but till numbers get released for the week of black friday we'll have no idea how many they had and sold on that day.

Saigon1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

The only thing I do not like about these numbers is that the PS4 released a week earlier and though supply has been low, its not like as soon as the Xbone releases it takes over completely, which we all know is not true from most of the reports. The other issue I have is that with the supply constraints, MS would have more of an even number vs Sony; unless MS did not sell out of its supplied stock (which most publications do report). So from these fake numbers it looks like Sony supplied 1 million to NA with some trickling in after launch while MS must have supplied 1.5 million to the 13 areas or more. I guess next week VGC will report 2.2 for Sony and 2.1 for MS.

tigertom531632d ago

the vga charts are from 23 of November so black friday or any other sales are not included..

Shnazzyone1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

they only sold about 240k in europe. However this is from before black friday. So I think some of these rankings might change.

JackISbacK1631d ago

yeah i can already see fanboys barking , but be calm man sales does not matter at present because they are not launched every where and who ever wins the sales ,it truly does not matter at least for now beacuse they both are having nothing that exites us very much or realy good exclusives to play ,yeah it will be better to compare them next year where there will be better games on both console and their features will be at full calm who ever wins year ,it will not declare final winner,baoth rae working hard for exclusives and fetaures.

cliffyboy211631d ago

and ps4 hasnt even sold in japan or 11 other countries. i can only imagine how fast ps4 will sell in japan when its released

Boody-Bandit1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

My question is what is Nintendo going to do with the WiiU? Sony announced a few days back they are over the 2.1 million mark (worldwide) and most likely will continue to sell as many consoles as they can manufacture over the next several months. So it's more than likely a fore gone conclusion Sony is already ahead of Nintendo and most likely MS will be to shorty there after.

So what is Nintendo going to do if these new consoles just leap past them and leave them in the rearview? How long do you think Nintendo sticks it out? What moves will they make to try and increase the user base with the WiiU? Would a big price drop be enough?

Either way I think this is looking very bleak for Nintendo right now and I don't see how they will even be viable going up against the PS4 n X1.

Sony is poised to be the juggernaut this generation.

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mikeslemonade1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Yea old data that doesn't include the sales for the past 10 days. They haven't updated Sony's launch in the EU territory.

And great Job by Sony who launched in few territories and sold basically the same amount as the X1.

And also there you have it.., VGchartz favoring the X1 just by a little. Course that won't matter this generation when the PS4 will outsell the X1 by a large margin.

yellowgerbil1632d ago

agree. Though I believe the X1 will do a really respectable 90million by the end of the gen, I'd be surprised if the PS4 didn't do at least 110mil this gen

mikeslemonade1632d ago

Still don't see how the X1 will sell more than the 360 which is sitting at 80 million.

1632d ago
Skip_Bayless1632d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Because I'm usually right with my track record. It made sense for PS3 to win. I said it from the beginning. The brand alone coming from the PS2 was what gave it the extra boost to pull out the win. Did I think they would win by a bigger margin..? Yes I did so I was wrong in that sense but at the end of the day I was right saying they would sell more by the end of the generation.

X1 doesn't even have a chance to win. Outside of nuking Sony's PS4 production facilities..

Can you tell me what they have or what they have coming so they can win?? Nope. And if you do I can easily counter you. It's really simple you just need to look at simple math essentially the slope (y=mx+b), pricing, trends, brand recognition, quality of service, games, and PR.

Sony has pretty much all bases covered this time around.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1632d ago

in reality 3DS is in the lead.

Inzo1632d ago

Well, judging from the comments no one really cares.

SilentNegotiator1632d ago

The only successful handheld, which is more than 2 and a half years old, has sold more than two consoles that came out about 2 weeks ago?!


4me21632d ago

Sale numbers refer to:
PS4 = USA+ Canada -->PS4 - 1,165,601
XB1 = 13 countries -->: XOne - 1,186,324

Gamer-401632d ago

Maybe a little bit objective:

13 countries -> Xone - 1,186,32 + Black friday.

Xbox One was the big winner on Black Friday, but does it really mean anything?
Once again, 13 countries...not 32 or 35.

PS4 = USA+ Canada ->PS4 - 1,165,601
Now 32 or 35? countries -> Ps4 - 2.1 millions.

tigertom531632d ago

these sale dates are before the 23rd of November so black Friday was on the 29th so those sale figures are not in....

Horny1631d ago

Will you stop it with the 32 countries gamer39. Sony has yet to launch in half of those, the system is not even out in Japan yet.
These numbers are just Canada and US. The other million that come during black Friday was he launch in Europe where they sold a million in 48 hrs.

noctis_lumia1632d ago

thats before ps4 EU launch

Dehnus1632d ago

The XbOne also did not have it's official EU launch though. Most countries are still waiting till 2014.

Only about 3 or 4 EU countries can get the thing. It's quite hilarious really :). It's like the Dreamcast launch all over again :D.

Ju1632d ago

Xone launched in the biggest European markets with a combined population of around >300M - bigger than US/Canada. Is, yeah, it launched in Europe.

Clarence1632d ago

Xbone 13 territories 1.1m
PS4 2 territories 1.1m

These numbers are before the PS4 released in Europe.

Ju1632d ago

I don't even think those numbers are remotely correct, either. Sony - if their own numbers are correct - has sold an additional ~300K in Americas (2.1M - 700K Europe = 1.4M). Either they sold all those on Black Friday or since launch. Could be it really took 2 weeks to resupply those markets and there was an absolute drought till the weekend or those numbers are total fake.

Also, MS was "blurry" with their statement saying they sold out but reports indicated otherwise which IMO put a big question mark on those 1.1M reported in the first place. I think those are twisted numbers to just beat Sony in the numbers game - the same way MS plays this game until number don't mean anything (see recent statement which is on there to obscure hard fact sales reports).

The reality is closer to a 2:1 on Sony's end, based on all those reports and the fact that MS actually did not (!) report any "details" on their number which - if they'd had something to show - they sure as hell would plaster all over the internet.

True_Samurai1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Yeah Ms are on a roll. There is a bright future for the xbox

Off topic: I might lose a bubble. Sometimes I think mods mess with agree/degree. As in disagreeing or agreeing into Sony fanbase favor by boosting the votes. Or they're extra fanboy accounts. Because I always see the same people commenting but where are those extra 100 people coming from?

first1NFANTRY1632d ago

Lol I see Xbros are quick to cling onto anything remotely positive about the X1 without having even the slightest of rational thoughts.

The ps4 was released on 29th Nov here in Europe and Aus. The ps4 has already surpassed the X1 by 2:1 and has broken all sales records in history. How's that for information?

YodaCracker1632d ago

The PS4 broke the record for fastest-selling console launch. The Xbox One stole that record one week later. These numbers are through November 23, so they show 1 day of XB1 sales and 8 days of PS4 sales.

There is no possible way the PS4 has sold two times as much as the XB1 if they're at 2.1 million, considering the Xbox One sold more than half of that in its first day and is reported to have considerably outsold the PS4 at major retailers during Black Friday.

The total sales are going to be very close through Black Friday. That's bad for Sony considering their console is $100 cheaper, and has had an extra week of sales. Not to mention all the bad press Microsoft was getting up to release.

And this is only the beginning. Next year when there is a steady supply of consoles and they can meet demand, we will see which console is truly more popular.

JackISbacK1631d ago

heay be calm these no or ps4 sales are becasue of their presentation at e3 and their past work ,which does not tell what will be in future both are at hard work and what if sony break the record it is still not declared who will win ther are more 10 years down the road and games will be the one which will decide the sales factor in future and i'am wothing them both at hard work for exclusives ,its better thgat you talk your shit next year if sony wins next year sales ,next year is rwealy a competition to both for each othert and your shitty talks will not make any one of them win ,just play games on your console and stop dropping you fanboy bombs.

TheLyonKing1631d ago

@YodaCracker Please tell me this is some pathetic attempt at trolling?

My face has been well and truely palmed :(

Very old numbers but thats to be expected with different release dates in differrent places so they number are skewed as such for the moment, wait until after offcial numbers from both companies at their fiscal year updates.

However as it stand yes ps4 is NEARLY outpacing the xbox one 2:1

Clarence1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Yep your right.

The PS4 broke the record for the fastest selling console ever
The Xbone broke its record for selling faster than the 360.

The xbone released in 13 territories and sold only 1.1m
The PS4 released in 2 territories and sold 1.1m

These numbers are up from nov 23. The xbone was released in every major territory. They were only able to sell 1.1m now that's pathetic.

Again the PS4 sold 1.1m in 2 territories.

As far as black goes the PS4 is in more demand than the xbone. You couldn't find a PS4, but you could find a xbone.

"Infoscout stated that the gap between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is due to how heavily supply constrained the PS4 has been since it launched on November 15."

The demand for the PS4 is much higher.

The PS4 released in Europe and broke all records. Not just their own record, but all records. Of course it's 2:1 in favor of the PS4.

The icing on the cake is instead of releasing console sale numbers, M$ is releasing numbers of how many zombies were killed, how many miles driven, and how many combos performed.

That's the proof they are not doing better than PS4.

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Diselage1631d ago

I keep seeing people say PS4 or XB1 is the winner, there is no loser of this situation though. Sony and Microsoft just makes tons of money and sells millions of consoles a year.

JamieL1631d ago

At least they argue about what’s important. I know I got into gaming just to own the bestselling console. I know I fell in love with Super Mario Bros. on the NES because of the specs, and how many pixels it took to render Mario. I love Zelda for the same reasons.

Is that not why all of us got into gaming? For numbers, or the logo on the box. I know the games mean nothing now. They are hardly mentioned on this site. It's all about sales and specs. I love what the gaming community has turned into.

solidt121631d ago


How lame of them.

Back-to-Back1631d ago

Pro Tip: If you don't type in all caps lock people will take you more serious.

avengers19781631d ago

Look at that PS3 domination over the past few years. Sony did a lot to make up for there F'up at the beginning of the PS3 life.
Even though I was one of those people that spent 600$ on it when it launched

ovnipc1631d ago

I have both consoles. And i love the xone but kn the lead thats not true now. Ps4 its selling more ww. Both are great consoles and they both will be successful. But ps4 will sell more for being cheaper. I did a comparacion of cod ghost on both and yes its true on ps4 looks better, but has frames drop and on xone has non frames drop.

Magicite1631d ago

MS are in the lead of loosers.

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EasilyTheBest1632d ago ShowReplies(1)
Software_Lover1632d ago

Great launches by both Sony and Microsoft. Someone has to have a better launch of course and it was Sony.

Many years of good gaming ahead.

kratos_TheGoat1632d ago

Ms I'm proud of you for allowing x1 do the talking. With all the bad press still sold more then wii u

2pacalypsenow1632d ago

most people never even heard of the things MS tried to do. I know cuz Half the people i sold one to never heard of it

kratos_TheGoat1632d ago

Ms has better software and online and will get better years to come that the major reason to get x1. i got both ps4 and x1 so mores games for me

dillhole1632d ago

It's funny how people on sites like N4G often think that the mainstream keeps up with every bit of information regarding gaming and consoles. If the popular opinion on gaming websites and communities were representative of sales then COD would hardly sell anything and the Xbox One would be doomed.

JackISbacK1631d ago

this guy is still intelegent and a calm guy ,i like those kind of people who does not tend to fanboys ,yeah i can see many dissagrees on this post buyt i know it is realy hard for fanboys to eat the trutth ,who says ms have win it or will win it always but selling factor will be games which willo come next year it is better to compare next year and stop fanboyism you.

dannphou1632d ago

Lol... PSV... Already a generation ahead..