Pixelitis Picks: Games that should have co-op

"Competitive gaming is great and all, but sometimes when you’re playing games you’d prefer some heart-warming companionship over a bitter rivalry.

Co-operative modes in videogames have been around for ages, from the early days of arcade beat-em-ups to online tag-teaming in the form of the PlayStation 4′s Resogun. And while there’s certainly no dearth of co-op games out there, some of us got to thinking that there are plenty of single player games that could use a good two, three or even four-player mode.

Isn’t it crazy to think that it took Nintendo 24 years to incorporate a simultaneous co-operative mode in the Super Mario Bros. franchise with New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Then think of how 3D Mario games didn’t get that luxury until just recently with Super Mario 3D World on Wii U. Clearly, even major franchises could use more co-op.

That’s where the Pixelitis staff comes in. Join us as we look at other games that could benefit from some couch (or even online) co-op, and be sure to tell us what other games you’d think would benefit from such a mode." - Pixelitis Staff

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DestinyHeroDoomlord1632d ago

I don't see Okami with co-op, all the others I can agree on. I think all shooters should be co-op... splitscreen 4 players.

Lord_Sloth1631d ago

Any game that sticks you with AI partners should allow the option to place them in human hands. I cannot tell you how stupid AI is when trying (and failing) to be of use! Just allow me to play it with friends and for those who don't want to, guess what? Don't and your experience remains unchanged. SHOCK!