Battlefield 4 Executive Producer Kicked from Own Game by Server Admin

A Battlefield 4 server admin noticed that DICE’s Patrick Bach was playing on their server and kicked him with the message “FIX THE GAME”.

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xHeavYx1629d ago

I wonder if it was a joke, otherwise that admin can say goodbye to his privileges.

Saints941629d ago

Not when he's paying for it.

MWong1629d ago

Agreed and that was a perfect message to give Mr. Bach. FIX THE GAME with all this free time you have on your hands.

redwin1629d ago

Love it. Do it again and let him have it. This is why DRM is so scary, if you buy a mediocre product and it's not fixed, you don't have the "right" to resell it.

UltimateMaster1629d ago

He gets kicked out and he gets a message "Fix the Game".
Yeah, I'm guessing he'd better do it or else EA and Dice might loose a lot of money and reputation over these issues.


How exactly is it broken?

Serious question, I was planning to get the game early next year as more friends will probably get that than Killzone which I already own.

Also, despite Killzone being a great game, is not exactly my kind of multiplayer shooter... And quite frankly nor is Battlefield, what I really want is tactical shooters, but at least BF3 was good enough on hardcore.

Fluke_Skywalker1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

@bishop It's buggier than frog shit on all platforms. The actual game is great when you actually get to play it but there are so many bugs that it just makes it more annoying than fun just now.

KwietStorm1628d ago

lol yea right. I'm not saying I'm siding with anyone, but he paid for the game AND the server. That was his decision. You can certainly lose your privilages for abusing admin rights. And perhaps Bach was playing the game to look for active bugs. Isn't that logical?

Elwenil1628d ago


I can't speak for the other platforms but I can tell you how it's broken on PS4. Upon release, you could not play any Conquest mode and there were modes like Air Superiority and Capture the Flag listed that were not available. The Server Browser still lists endless numbers of empty servers and only rarely shows any that have players in them that you can join. There is no way for you to "squad up" with friends and join a game together. You can join a game your friends are on if there is room but it's a gamble on which side you are on. I have read that there is programming in place to allow players to join their friends in game and I have seen evidence of this on a few occasions but it's worthless if your friend joins a game and is put in a squad or team that is full and you can't join them. We had this issue with BF3 and I can't quite understand why they dropped the ball on this with BF4 when they knew it is important to the players. To invite another player to your game is a clumsy mess involving the main PS4 menu or going through Battlelog. Any Conquest map can crash but some seem more prone to it like Zavod 311, Siege of Shanghai, Operation Locker, Flood Zone and Dawnbreaker. These maps also suffer from a large amount of random lag spikes. Golmud Railway and Lancang Dam suffer from really bad audio issues that either intermittently wipe out all sound, the sound of vehicles, your own weapons, comms or any combination. It's not unusual to die in a vehicle because you never heard the lock on alarm of an incoming missile or rocket so you have to pay a lot of attention to the visual warnings, which are not 100% clear on the type of threat until it's too late. I've also experienced lag and odd things like driving a tank down an open paved road that slows down randomly which is usually accompanied by the sound of crashing metal like you are driving through a fence or light pole but there is nothing there. I have found that I can have enough XP to gain a level at the end of a match with the "bonus XP" we are getting as an apology and then when I join the next map, I'm still a couple thousand points from the level and I'm set back to the previous level. I gain it again in the first few minutes, but it's still disappointing. Then there are the usual issues with Battlefield since they came to consoles like the fact that bullets com out of your enemy's eyes and not their gun to they can shoot you with only their head peaking over a rock but while you can only see their head and are scoring hits by the hit indicator, you are not getting headshots and are not killing them. Cont...

Elwenil1628d ago

Continued from above...

Add all of that to the arrogance of EA saying they are not aware of any issues, the fact that you cannot directly contact EA or DICE with these issues and are at the mercy of their help forums and their overzealous moderators and just the infuriating fact that we paid our money for a broken product that they keep telling us to "be patient" when in any other industry there would already be lawsuits out the wazoo and all of this starts getting more than a little annoying.

The first thing they need to do is admit that they released an unfinished and broken product. Then they need to stop all the DLC and add-on crap and our all their resources into fixing the game on all platforms until the game is stable and operating as intended. If steps are not taken and they continue with their current arrogant stance, I encourage everyone who bought BF4, in the US at least, to contact the Better Business Bureau and your Attorney General and file complaints against EA. I assume people in other countries may have similar things in place for consumer complaints and I encourage you to take whatever steps you can as well. We were sold a unicorn that turned out to be a pig with a horn stuck on it and we deserve better. This BS should not be "expected" and it's disgusting that people consider this normal in this industry and people actually make excuses for it.

TekoIie1628d ago


Damage is done. This was really the last screw up I was willing to put up with from EA. I won't be buying any future entries for this franchise.

Experiencing the ridiculous level of problems with this game just burnt the series out for me :/

YoungKingDoran1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I hope you're qualified to be an architect.
Cause if that wall comes down, people gonna die.
But seriously, I want you on my debating team.



Wow, I had no idea it was this bad, some of my friends already got the game and said it was unstable but playable, but doesn't seen like that... I'm definetelly not buying it unless they fix. Thank you!


I'm usually not bothered by disagrees, but WTF just happened? Is everyone disagreeing with me asking a question? Or is it about Killzone?

If it's over my friends not getting Killzone, well I agree, their lost... If it's over not being my kind of multiplayer, it wasn't a dig at Killzone, not at all, I simply wanted BF for hardcore mode, a makeshift solution 'till H-Hour releases (Early 2015 I believe) or a new Socom is announced (but after Zipper was shut down I'm not holding my breath).

And yes, I know I'll get even more disagrees if I complain about them.

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eclectified1629d ago

It makes me glad I never pursued programming or game development. When my work day is over, nobody expects me to go work some more beyond my shift.

TheLeapist1629d ago

Be gone with your logic and reason! It's not wanted here.

PurpHerbison1629d ago

Sometimes I wonder how many of these people complaining are actually sh*tty workers themselves.

SephirothX211629d ago

It doesn't work like that. Programmers are not hanging on a string. The hours may be long but a programmer does not have to work extra hours to fix bugs unless they are given prior notice well in advance or it is explicitly stated in their contract. I know this because I am a programmer who has worked on big commercial projects that required a lot of periodic bug-fixing updates and enhancements.

itBourne1628d ago

Thank you lol, I was going to say the same thing, he doesnt need to spend every waking moment. Also if he is playing the game how is that a bad thing? If they do not play themselves they may as well be some suit, who makes all the decisions, yet doesnt know what the hell they are doing.

lawgone1628d ago

I don't know what job you have but if I complete a project and it's all f'ed up I am expected to fix it immediately. Then again, I'm salaried. But even being hourly doesn't mean you can release half a$$ed stuff and say "oh well, my shift is over." If you do you may not have a job pretty soon.

eclectified1628d ago

I'm sorry if I struck a nerve with you. I didn't mean to imply that he (or anyone) should be okay with a poor launch. You're right! If someones work is garbage they should be dealt with accordingly.
Also, I certainly recognize that some jobs don't have set hours. Hell, I've seen leadership in previous jobs work upwards of 80 hours per week, and that sucks!

All I meant is that I have the luxury(if you want to call it that) of having a job where I'm not expected to worry about deadlines or launches in the way a programmer or developer would. Very seldom do I have to stay late. In fact, my employer doesn't want me to stay late as it usually means OT, but you can bet your rump that if I do, it's to ensure the job is done proper. :)

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DarthZoolu1629d ago

@xHeavyx On PC many people rent their own servers so they can set the rules and games the way they want. A dice employee can't just say "no more admin power for you" because who ever pays for the server has control over that.

StoutBEER1629d ago

Hoooooly shit! LOL I love Bach man, one of my favorite game designers... but this shit is freakin hilarious! XD

TAURUS-5551629d ago

so BF4 isnt working perfectly....hmmm i think im gonna stick to COD for a while now...

GAMExxOVER1628d ago

Perfectly? lol, I do not want perfect, I want it to just work. But I am done with it, Should have spent my money on COD.

Soc51628d ago

It was a fake account, not really him, but its good that this gets out and gets noticed. Stop shipping unfinished games! Lots of games have issues but this is beyond that.

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