PSN Accounts Being Hacked, FIFA 14 Trading Cards Apparently Compromising Users

Remember how Sony reset PlayStation Network passwords last week, following reports of "irregular activity"?

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yellowgerbil1355d ago

That is why you don't have a credit card linked to your system. When will people learn.
go to the store and buy psncards or do it through amazon.

TOGC1355d ago

Or go down the pre paid route.

Eonjay1355d ago

"And of course it was also because of FIFA. That game is behind a large quantity of these unauthorized charges. All because of the trading cards or whatever it is in the game that you can buy with real money."

Micro-transactions are the Devil. FIFA was the only descent game that EA made that had next to no bugs and was actually worth a damn... EA's failure is complete.

kreate1355d ago

The psn got hacked or FIFA got hacked?

PeaSFor1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Some peoples use the SAME PASSWORD FOR EVERYTHING, thats the main problem, no wonder why some peoples wakeup with hijacked accounts and still blame others for their lack of precautions.

Why blame yourself when you can blame others..., sure they are "victims", victim of their own lack of precautions.

SilentNegotiator1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Better yet, when will people learn to stop buying the exploit-ridden FIFA games? Wasn't FIFA how Microsoft employees and pachter got their XBL accounts hacked a few years back?


GutZ311355d ago

Thanks again EA, we couldn't hate any other company as much as you.

UltimateMaster1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

It's more of a problem with Fifa than it is with PSN or Xbox Live.
Unless of course Both PSN and Xbox Live got hacked recently and everyone kept quiet about it which I seriously doubt.

The issue is that you need to create your own account with Origin within PSN or Xbox Live.
Even if Origin gets hacked, they have your email and user ID and info, and if you use the same password on both, then chances are your PSN or XGL account can get compromised.

PSN will send you yearly password resets to make sure you don't always have the same password for security measures. You should do the same with all of your emails and passwords, keep them refreshed.
The best security system in the world changes password every day.

Ritsujun1354d ago

People're still playing FIFA?

yezz1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )


Of course people are still playing Fifa?!! People who love football like to play football games...

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C-H-E-F1355d ago

Exactly after the first hack, that's how I do it (PSN cards). When i'm forced to enter CC information for plus/netflix etc. I put it in and then delete it ASAP. Those who are hacked in the future and have their CC info on their account deserve it lOl.

gameseveryday1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

It's simple. Use your credit card only when you need it. Once you are done with your transaction, remove it.

0ut1awed1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

This exactly what I do, PSN cards only. Again that's because of the month plus downtime and millions of jeopardized accounts a two years or so ago on the PSN.

Now to say you deserve to have your CC info taken if it's on a account is absurd. They are a legitimate company. If they give you a service that allows them to hold your CC then they are responsible.

Ripsta7th1355d ago

Is the PSN that unreliable?? Do i really have to delete my account details every time i purchase something

tiffac0081355d ago

^ Rip

In this day and age, its better to be REALLY safe than sorry. Not saying PSN is unreliable but nothing will go wrong with being cautious.

0ut1awed1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Exactly, I'm not terribly worried about it. Hell I know if my info does get taken then I will get refunded anyways.

It's just not that big of a deal for me to go buy the codes off of Amazon whenever I need them. That also ensures that I won't have a payment applied automatically without me realizing it, like for example the renewal of PS+.

iiwii1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

That's what I did for the free month of PS+

Entered my card info, got PS+ activated, deleted card info from account


That is the biggest reason I do it too. I hate when you forget to cancel something and they auto bill your card for it.

Christopher1355d ago

Just to note, you can add money via PayPal on the SEN Web site. That's how I do it. Since it requires an outside login to paypal to access the funds, it's a double wall of security.

pivotplease1355d ago

Most people don't have an issue with this though. Perhaps I'm playing a dangerous game but between the number of PS users, being able to blame Sony or a company like EA for any compromises, and having CC protection, I'm not that worried at all.

Watch me come back to this comment full of regret in a few months lol.

StoutBEER1355d ago Show
fullmetal2971354d ago

It funny because that the first thing Son'y asked for when I redeemed my PS Plus Trial.

Ohohoho1354d ago

It seems many of you are still under the impression that what happened with PSN was actually a hack, and millions of people had their info (including CC info) stolen.

It wasn't actually a hack. What happened was the keys to PSN were "stolen" and an unauthorized user logged in with developer credentials. Once discovered, that individual was locked out. The month long downtime was to acquire new servers with new security measures and to move them to a new location.

Absolutely no one's CC information was stolen as that information is encrytped.

Though removing your CC information is definitely the safest way to keep your information out of unwanted hands, it's also a tad paranoid to do so.

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kneon1355d ago

I have 0 liability for credit card fraud. I've had bogus charges on credit cards before and it's never been because of using them online. I just call and tell the credit card company, or sometimes they call me because they see unusual activity. They just send me a new card and it's never cost me a dime.

Ray1861355d ago

Sounds like you have American Express.

kneon1355d ago

I have Amex, visa and Mastercard, all have had fraudulent charges at one time or another and all have a zero liability policy.

I have an extra visa card with only a $5000 limit that I use only for online purchases and it's the one card that has never been compromised.

v6volume1354d ago

Yeah I love that. Bank of America does that

thrust1355d ago

Or have a network that does not keep getting hacked?

Ketzicorn1355d ago

Yes even though the issue with Fifa was huge on the 360 for years it must be a PSN issue.

Enigma_20991355d ago

Does such a network even exist?

GirlOnFire1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

This isn't just an PS3/PS4 article its an 360 article misleading title. Xbox 360 is so easy to hack they had kids guides to hack users on YouTube. PlayStation got hacked once by an genius and kids threatens to hack the Xbox 360 everyday. -_-

yellowgerbil1355d ago

the harder to hack the more determined they will be to hack it. There is no getting around it, some do it because of the money, most do it for the attention.
so be safe and don't give a gaming company your personal info. My name is Darth Vader my home city is the death star.

SoulSercher6201355d ago

You say that as if Xbox Live can't be hacked. If the government can be hacked into, I can guarantee Xbox Live can be as well.

Ju1354d ago

Who's spreading that FUD anyway? When was PSN hacked again? They are probably under constant attacks, but where are the reports the network got compromised? Link?

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CynicalKelly1355d ago

We shouldn't have to drive all the way to an ATM to take out money and go all the way to a store to buy a prepaid card just to insert a code to be able to pay for any service.

I use my card for everything. Not just shopping online but ordering take out or going to the store for a drink. I should be able to use it here.

I think it's absurd to tell people to just buy prepaid cards instead of demanding better security.

Shadowsteal1355d ago

Or buy from amazon and have a code in 30 seconds?...