Avalanche Talks Mad Max: Fuel and Vehicles as Economy, Max's Dog, Customisation and More - AusGamers

AusGamers has posted an interview with Avalanche Studios for Mad Max, derived from a chat we had with Senior Game Designer, Emil Kraftling, and Community Manager, Tomas Wiborgh.

They talk about a host of Max-related topics, including where any elements from the movies fit in, how fuel and vehicles might work as an economy, character and player trepidation with NPCs in the wasteland and, importantly, why we haven't seen or heard anything about Max's dog.

"Well, we haven’t announced all of the characters yet. That’s all I can say," teased Kraftling when we asked about the dog.

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0pie1600d ago

With every game economy comes awfull micro transactions:(

duli141600d ago

They do seem to love their micro-transactions. Lets hope that its not in this game though.

Gamesgbkiller1600d ago

From what I read , it sound good.

I hope we see something from the game soon.

Majors1600d ago

Micro transactions are fine ONLY if the game is free to play Or you can play the game normally without them.
But yeah this sounds as though it could be a great game.