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The end of the FFXIII saga is here, but was it worth it?

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Snookies121570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )


I have a platinum on XIII-2 as well though, I honestly thought that was the best in the series. Even with its shortcomings.

abzdine1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

what series? XIII or FF?
be careful what you will say :D

Snookies121569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Of course I meant the XIII series... Lol, no way does XIII-2 stack up to past entries in the FF series. Though it is a fun game for what it's worth.

My bad, I didn't realize my comment would be misconstrued like that. Should have been more clear. It's late, and I'm sick, so yeah... XD

mikeslemonade1569d ago

Quality dropping since FF has gone multiplatform and made there way in focusing on handhelds. SquareEnix decided to moneyhat this generation and this is what they deserve.

Captain Qwark 91569d ago


dont try to go all fanboyish. it has nothing to do with multiplat, it has everything to do with square trying to "westernize" all its games when nobody asked them too. FF should be a jrpg, all of squares works should have remained jrpgs but instead they want to appeal to the west, dumb down, and make all their games more mainstream. yes they did go multiplat for the money but they also tried to change the way their games are designed as well and thats what did them in. they could easily have kept their style, went multi, and nothing would be any different

kewlkat0071569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

SQUARESOFT....used to make great and diverse Jrpgs..Square - Enix is a different story...

Down hill slide began after that merger and after the last great Final Fantasy X.

What we get now from Squeenix is one mediocre Final Fantasy every 6 years...tons of spinoffs, rehashes and mobile games..

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chikane1570d ago

Guess they didn't like dressing up barbie......i mean Lightning

zero_gamer1569d ago

I'll likely buy it when it reaches the $19.99 bargain bin at Wal-Mart.

pompombrum1569d ago

If FFXIII-2 was anything to go by, you won't be waiting long.

ltachiUchiha1569d ago

Square needs to start listening to its fans. I dont see why they cant just make a FF7 Remake or an FF7-2? Whats so hard to do that when they know that would sell millions? Smh.

Nathaniel_Drake1569d ago

Because it's too easy and they want to be different and infuse their games with western influences smh

worldwidegaming1569d ago

get used to this. They will keep making DLC in the form of part 2,3 and how many ever sequels of a sequel until they break bank (I have no idea what that amount might mean.)
IOS games alone show how low this company has fallen.
Bargain bin is where you will go!

wishingW3L1569d ago

they can't even make good FF games anymore and you want a FF7-2? You crazy? Can you imagine if they put Toriyama at the helm of that project? Oh dear... Leave FF7 alone!

NikonSteve1569d ago

All I want to see are Final Fantasy games based in the FF7 world. Make a million sequels of those. It will sell!

XishikiX1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

It's a 5/10 because of the story.

Which is pretty expected, if you've paid attention or observed anything at all. I don't *think* anyone that was excited for this was excited for a highly elaborate sensical story.

It's a toriyama story. While I do enjoy his story's more than a lot of people because they're fun in strange ways. And end up making more sense after you think about it much more than you should have to. They have problems.

wishingW3L1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

he also complained about the lack of variety of enemies which have different colors and names but they still look and behave the same. And it is the same with many of the NPC's... He says the game feels rushed and cheap.

speedforce1311569d ago

agreed, just finished reading and came to post this. I thought that the score was bad and undeserved. A game of this caliber should have gotten 7-7.5 rather than a 5/10. These days the only website I take scores seriously is either Metacritic or IGN (both have actual criteria behind the scores).

Websites like this just give out scores and we don't know what area of the game got scored better or worse (or even scored like this at all). It's pretty much arbitrarily assigning scores.

I_am_Batman1569d ago

@speedforce131: "These days the only website I take scores seriously is either Metacritic or IGN (both have actual criteria behind the scores)."

Yeah right. Metacritics criteria is to take all the review scores you don't take serious plus the one you do take serious and calculate an average score out of that.

The idea of having a couple of outlets that are most compatible with you own personal taste and not paying attention to the others is a good one but why the heck do you list metacritic then?

speedforce1311569d ago

I list Metacritic because it has an actual criteria behind the score. In that average score, each website's scores are weighted, therefore if they are a small time website and produce scores/reviews that are outside of the norm, their score is worth less than other publications that have higher quality reporting. They don't just put together numbers and call it a day.

While I don't agree with certain individual websites (such as Polygon), that still did not stop The Last of Us from achieving a 95/100 Metacritic score.

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