Best Buy Employee Confirms Inital Xbox One Launch Editions Not Sold Out

GamerFitNation: Recently, while GamerFitNation was at a Best Buy event for Madden 25, it was confirmed that the initial Xbox One Day One launch editions, from the launch day event at the Best Buy theater in Union Square New York were not sold out. On a call with a Best Buy employee it was confirmed that they are not sold out but have a low quantity of the system available.

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SlavisH21416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

both systems are going to be hard to find. I can't believe people dont understand that. ps360 sold over 70mil each! The 1st few million will fly off the shelf like hot cakes even without software but this is n4g so i'll get disagress either way.

BLACKBIBLE1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

That's false, I personally know this to be true because I was there today talking to management. You can even call them and they will tell you there are left over units available for pick up. PS4 consoles are sold out completely.


SlavisH21416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

i am stationed at ft rucker. I called best buy in dothan. 334-671-1070 they do not have any. I finally grabbed one off amazon what best buy are you talking about?

P.S. SMH @ disagree, wow.

Transporter471416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I have seen some at the Bestbuy where I live. Also at the Target so yeah they are not sold out so yeah....

For those that say its "sold out" grab one of Amazon if you really want on here

SlavisH21416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )


And what best buy?

Also you know amazon just got new xbox and ps4 stock today, smh!

Eonjay1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

If you want one you can find it in stores. However Amazon seems to be the only major online retailer with stock

Eonjay1416d ago

Also if they have stock in stores Microsoft needs to try and move them. There is no point in misrepresenting availability because you might discourage potential buyers. Sometimes manufacturers will try to create the illusion of scarcity to raise demand. I dont think this is necessary because the demand exists for Christmas for both.

n4rc1416d ago

My buddy has been looking for a ps4.. He's getting conflicting reports..

Walmart says none til new years yet best buy is gettiNg thrm in on a weekly basis...

Neither have xboxs sitting on shelves...

It all depends where you live... Does it really matter that one best buy has stock? Considering all the other retailers in NYC including probably 3-4 different best buy locations.. People try to read too much into it...

They are both hard to get your hands on in general.. But doesn't mean you can't find either if you tried

scott1821416d ago

It's the fact that day one editions are reported to still be out there in the wild that is strange to me, those SHOULD be sold out completely...

TeflonHahn1416d ago

Dude, onBlack Friday I went to the Toys R Us in Times Square and they had two mountain stacks of NOTHING but Xbox ones. They had standard AND day one editions! They clerk who rang me out said they just weren't moving. All the PS4s were gone.

Muffins12231416d ago

Maybe thats not true but still for the first month stores usally arent swimming in new consoles that just came out..

abzdine1416d ago

Microsoft are just lying to give vaalue to their console as always. lots of shops still have it laying around.

nukeitall1416d ago

There might be pockets that have Xbox One in stock due to supply exceeding demand, but it certainly isn't the case for most people to just walk in and get one.

I have been trying to get an Xbox One Day One edition for the first week of launch with no luck, still hasn't been able to find one.

It is sold out everywhere, and sold out at all the retailers I checked around me. Wish I was in NY. Clearly they got way too much stock.

mikeslemonade1416d ago

Deny deny deny.. So many news items and the zealots keep trying spin it. If it walks like a duck, quaks like a duck then it's a duck. X1 is in less demand than PS4.

Sono4211415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

look I can't speak for all these other people who claim that they see loads of Xbox One's where they are from.. and i'm sure some are lying.. but I just went to Best Buy today to get an SD card and while I was there i noticed they had 3 Xbox Ones.

Now I was even surprised by this mainly because everyone in my area were/are huge 360 supporters.. anyways my point is Microsoft is clearly lying.... again..

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xtheownerzx1416d ago

That's online stock, even though it says no store pickup. That's because it could either be shipped to the store to be picked up or the store has a low quantity that doesn't register in their system.


Why did they disagree with you guys for that? LOL

LOGICWINS1416d ago

It's N4G Black. They only see what they want to see lol.

SilentNegotiator1415d ago

Because that wasn't the case when this discussion started (Amazon still had some). It simply fits LOGICWINS's agenda NOW.

GamerzElite1416d ago

Microsoft Store also selling day 1 edition.

typoknight1416d ago

There's a standard edition Xbox One and a launch-day Xbox One. This article is about the launch-day edition, which usually sells out by the day the console launches. Microsoft store is selling the standard edition.

Godmars2901416d ago

The thing is. we aren't talking about standard issued systems: this is suppose to be a special XB1 MS produced in order to recognize the launch of the console. And apparently they've yet to sell out of them.

Now either they're still making them, which questions MS's credibility, meaning they have none whatsoever, or they haven't sold out of what was suppose to be one-time-only stock.

One of those is actually worse than the other.

Bathyj1416d ago

This is what I was wondering about. Were all the consoles available at launch, ei all the consoles sold so far, the "day one"edition?

I assumed they were a limited number and most would just be standard in a green box. Are they saying the day ones aren't even sold out just the standard ones from the first batch.

Also, does anyone know if MS or Sony have done a second batch yet. They both seem to be slow in confirming when that might be.

LOGICWINS1416d ago

^^Sonys already shipped their second batch but Amazon sold out of them earlier in the evening.

ltachiUchiha1416d ago


"Product Alert
Due to extremely high demand, is currently sold out of PlayStation 4 inventory. However, there may be offers available from Marketplace Sellers. Please check back here for PlayStation 4 availability."

KratosGod31416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I live in Downey CA, and my local Best Buy have more than 10 Xbox ones in shelves, but non PS4s.

IrieMars1415d ago

This is why I hate N4G. Nothing but a bunch of PS4 fanboys. Seriously, you should head on over to R/XboxOne. Nothing but a positive and supportive Xone community. Even the PS fanboys are civil. This site is just trash and I hate myself for attempting to find "news" here anymore. Article like these are just flame bait, but as long as it's anti Xone then it's okay.

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-Foxtrot1416d ago ShowReplies(1)
ewstokes1416d ago

So much for Microsoft stating that they are 'selling every console they can make' lol

El_Colombiano1416d ago

Remember, they report console numbers that are sold to stores. Not customers, unlike Sony. Who knows just how many Xbones are out in peoples homes.

Bathyj1416d ago

So they were bragging how many they put in a truck not how many they sold.

For Sony it's easy to work out how many sold through. 2 million shipped, minus how many still left in stores, none, equals 2 million.

kingdip901416d ago

Its all pr spin. They not only have to maintain the illusion of keeping up with sony to the potential consumer base but also to microsofts investors. I doubt they want to be spun off (an extreme scenario) and they dont want to be the least pupular system.

we wont really know anything until official numbers are released by a 3rd party but its not looking as good for microsoft as they would like

HighResHero1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Their problem though, is that they have to convince everyone they are on even footing in a situation where many people know they are behind.
They may be caught between a rock and a hard place for a few reasons and if their marketing division can get them out of this one I will personally send them all gift baskets.

cell9891416d ago

At Black Friday I saw only one guy just one guy lined up for the xbone. People thought the PS4 would be selling too, once the manager confirmed no PS4s would be sold, everyone left except for that one guy lol. To each their own, I just find it funny how we all left bummed out cause there were no PS4s but plenty of bones

n4rc1416d ago

Separate lines for separate products now?

That's a first.. Lol

kingdip901416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Not really walmart had a separate line for the 32inch $98 doorbuster and limited one per customer

GuruMeditation1416d ago

It does seem an odd practice, but my store had separate lines too (uk) and although we have yet to sell the initial stock drop of xones in our region, both consoles are getting a lot of interest.

El_Colombiano1416d ago

One Sears around here says they have over 100. No PS4's to be bought within fifty miles though

n4rc1416d ago

Lol... A sears isn't going to have 100 in stock

iiwii1415d ago

That does seem like a lot for one store, but maybe it depends upon the area that store has to cover for the Sears brand. Meaning you see a Walmart every 10 miles and they may only have 20 per store, but if the next Sears is 50 miles away, I could see them getting a larger stock. Still seems like a lot though.