Will Final Fantasy X-2 Be Redeemed By History?

PSXE: This sequel was largely dismissed by the faithful when it originally released. Will the current state of the franchise have fans rethinking this game when the HD update hits shelves and hard drives?

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Snookies121601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

I really liked the game. It was just the horrendous dialogue, and complete change in character personality from X to X-2 that hurts it so bad. If you can get past these things, it's a fun game... Not even close to the quality X was though.

-Foxtrot1601d ago

It's really not that bad, it was a better game in my opinion then FF12 or even FF13/FF13-2...hell even Lightning Returns. Least you didn't pay to unlock more costumes in this :)

I thought the dress sphere system was unique and was rather fitting for this kind of game with the Charlies Angels vibe going on.

Plus the songs Real Emotion and 1000 Words were awesome

LAWSON721601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

FF12 and 13 are great games. FF12 was just different but is still very good and there is nothing wrong with that because some FF should try something new and it was good. 13 just did a very poor job immersing people into the world by having no cities/towns, minigames,and exploration like some previous FF and of course the long mindless tutorial.

-Foxtrot1601d ago

FF12 was good but FF13 wasn' please just don't try to defend that crap

LAWSON721601d ago

I will always defend 13. It is a quality title that just starts out terribly. The game took a different approach to storytelling and it worked just the problem was the cons to taking that approach. There are plenty of crappy games too bad FF13 is not one.

DarkBlood1601d ago

I for one can't wait to play this game it was originally the reason i wanted a ps2 in the first.

WeAreLegion1601d ago

Totally worth it just for that sweet opening cinematic.

Godmars2901601d ago

No. No it will not.

It was more about Charlie's Angels rather than a continuation of FFX.

Hicken1601d ago

No, it was a continuation of FFX. Just not a continuation of Tidus' story.

Godmars2901601d ago

1) FFX was never his story. It was Yuna's.

2) He actually becomes the focus of FFX-2 because se goes looking for him. Finds him.

LAWSON721601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )


It is about Yunas pilgrimage to become a grand master and become high summoner but the main focus is on Tidus and how he wants to change her fate so she does not have to sacrifice herself causing conflict between him and her guardians.

Excuse my summary of FFX it has been a while since I played it.

Hicken1601d ago

1. Tidus narrates FFX, even going as far as to actually SAY "This is my story." This is echoed by Yuna in X-2, as the story really is all about her in the sequel. "This is MY story," says Yuna. "It'll be a good one. It all started when I saw this sphere of you."

2. See above. Though he's really more of a catalyst to get the ball rolling, rather than the focus(which is actually about Yuna/Spira trying to find a new identity in the absence of Sin). Much like Yuna is a driving force behind the story of X, while not being the actual focus.

Regardless, both tales are ultimately about Spira and the happenings there, which is why X-2 is certainly a continuation of FFX.

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