Tearaway Video Showcases Critical Reception

A post-launch video glues together some quotes based-on the critical reception for Media Molecule’s Tearaway.

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Visiblemarc1834d ago

It really is amazing. I love it.

miyamoto1834d ago

Best of all is its fresh, new, original and creative concept.

insomnium21834d ago

I ordered it online and it's still in the mail. This waiting is killing me.

r211834d ago

It is absolutely charming. Vita brethren, you should be playing this game now!

zero_gamer1834d ago

Well it's Media Molecule. They're Sony's bread and butter for platforming games.

dafegamer1834d ago

Lol @ your disagrees, its 100% truthfacts what you're saying

otacon0071834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I almost went on a Media Molecule behind the scenes youtube marathon buuuuuut......I'm just gonna stick with my fantasy of MM games being made by awesome wizard hippies.

Seriously Tearaway gives me so many feels!