Alone in the Dark to Come to Sega Dreamcast Thanks to Dedicated Fan

Triverse writes, "Alone in the Dark was one of those titles that had to be seen to be believed, and many that saw it, bought it. The game was just so different versus what was available at the time. For the first time, it was actually like walking around a deserted mansion fending off unspeakable horrors that have invaded. This was no side scrolling, or over head, title like had seen so many titles through in the past, and afterwards. This was actually controlling a character and seeing their environment around them in 3D."

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lol_iz_dragenbern1474d ago

wth is a sega dreamcast is that a console or something?

triverse1474d ago

Yes. It was Sega's last console, they discontinued it around 2001.

Stringerbell1474d ago

I cant tell if you are trolling but seriously you are on the internet Google it!

Morgue1474d ago

Beat this game when I had the 3DO. Good times back then with that game, Road Rash, Need For Speed.

SolidGear31473d ago

Way of the Warrior.. Naughty Dog's second game.. decent Mortal Kombat ripoff.. remember it? :3

tablav1473d ago

Ah, the 3DO. There's some good memories. Playing Alone in the Dark, Killing Time and Psychic Detective!

Shad0wRunner1474d ago

Except this isnt Dreamcast graphics. I had a Dreamcast and owned/played some games for it. It was beating PS2, back in the day.

This tho...this looks more like SNES graphics. not impressed.

triverse1473d ago

They are using the original graphics that Infogrames released the first AitD with. They are also working on replacing as many of those graphics with newer models so it will offer both old and new graphics once released. That is part one. Part two runs, somewhat but has major bugs and part three doesn't run at all but those are just icing on the cake as the focus is the first game.

Coach_McGuirk1473d ago

first survival horror game i ever played. PC demo back in '93. 3D polygons!