God of War Collection for PlayStation Vita Available for Pre-order at Best Buy

Thanks to a tip from an inside-source, it has become known to TVL that God of War Collection for PlayStation Vita is now available for pre-order on Best Buy Canada's website.

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1416d ago
MajorGecko1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

yay finally!!!!!! aw gow3 isnt included still cool tho

colonel1791416d ago

not surprising. GOW 3 is a behemoth of a game, o way the Vita can handle it. Also, the collection is obviously the one already released,but still is a good buy at the right price.

I hope they programmed the controls to fit the Vita.

GdaTyler1416d ago

I wouldn't say God of War 3 is impossible to run on Vita, but it'll take a lot of work. Porting is extremely hard for those types of games which are so graphically demanding.

Dinoegg_961416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

(in addition to GdaTyler's comment) Also, they would need a bigger Vita game card

hard joe1416d ago

make new gow game for vita
dual stick ftw

GdaTyler1416d ago

I wish, I love Vita so much and enjoy every minute of it, but I am doubting that they'll bring past PSP franchises on Vita. Furthermore Rockstar was listed as a Vita developer back in the day but dropped out. Also Bioshock Vita is most likely cancelled by now. It's a shame that it's not selling so well, but I still believe it could have a great future.

bothebo1416d ago

Don't see any reason why anyone will buy this when you can get it for less on the PS3.........

MajorGecko1416d ago

people who dont have a ps3 like me

GdaTyler1416d ago

I would like this game on a small screen. Playing GOW2 on the toilet is a personal dream come true!

parentsbasement1416d ago

I disagree with putting this on a small screen.....Kratos is far to epic and should be on a 60 inch screen minimum...

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