Batman: Arkham Origins’ “Initiation” Bruce Wayne Skins Playable in Other Challenge Maps

WB Montreal Creative Director Eric Holmes confirmed that while the two new skins are available for use in the new DLC, gamers will also be able to utilize them in other challenge maps as well. There was no indication at this time that the skins would be available for use in Story Mode at launch or on a later date.

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lol_iz_dragenbern1468d ago

black mask is joker... let that settle in if i ruined a good climax for you

DFogz1468d ago

It's a dick move to spoil twists for others, but if you're going to do it, at least do it right.

Joker is Black Mask, not the other way around.

TransientDreamer1467d ago

You don't correct a spoiler with a spoiler...