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Submitted by s8anicslayer 800d ago | video

Which Version of Call of Duty Looks Better?

IGN mistakenly published a previous side-by-side comparison of Call of Duty: Ghosts that did not contain the full 1080p native resolution footage of the PS4 version. While IGN confirmed the display output setting on the PS4, the native resolution rendered in the game itself was not 1080p for an unknown reason. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PS4, Xbox One)

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Eonjay  +   800d ago
The difference is shocking. I thought people said you wouldn't be able to tell.
s8anicslayer  +   800d ago
In this video it makes it seem like your putting on glasses to correct the X1 version, the PS4 version just gives more clarity to the rendering.
BeathuberCH   800d ago | Spam
MorePowerOfGreen  +   800d ago
LOL at this damage control by IGn and PS4 fanboys.

The XB1 version clearly looks sharper with better lighting and lighting effects.

Glad to see IGN admitting they were full of sh!t and was caught trying to smear the XB1(only because it was hurting their rep)

BF4 looks better on XB1 as well, the differences are greater in favor of the XB1 version.

PS4 version of COD looks slightly blurry in comparison to the XB1 version.
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Hydrolex  +   800d ago
those are horrible graphics LOL !
Hellsvacancy  +   799d ago
MorePowerOfGreen............. to add to my ignore list
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T2  +   799d ago
@morepower - hilarious in your attempt to troll, you don't even see that the culprit WAS in fact IGN, who refused to acknowledge their mistake and therefore made the previous version of ps4 seem to be similar to x1 (which they were of course since they were both 720)...
so in fact IGN was trying to say ps4 1080p was similar to xbox 720, even though they were showing the wrong ps4 version. IGN should be your hero right now.
DoesUs  +   799d ago
MPOG is just a shill, no other explination. To say this and BF4 look better on XB1 borders on insanity. And no doubt ACIV looks better on XB1 aswell! Words truly fail me..........
ShinMaster  +   799d ago
@ MorePowerOfGreen

Aliasing/jaggies is not "sharper".
Crushed shadows is not "better lighting".
Xbox One using a post processing sharpening effect only looks good in low-res videos and does not make the PS4 version blurrier. I can do that with my TV.

The game doesn't look that good on either console, honestly.
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Kayant  +   800d ago
Am more shock IGN's player shows the difference quite well. You can also see XB1's upscaler at work with the crushed blacks in the night scene where they're scaling the skyscraper.
u got owned  +   800d ago
Major difference is the aliasing. The XBone version is a jaggy mess.
BattleTorn  +   800d ago
I'm not a big COD fan - not in the slightest actually.

But I would've expected Microsoft to cater towards their bread&butter more than this
Xsilver  +   800d ago
here's what Kotaku had to say
"On Xbox One the game is jaggy and blurry by comparison, and the overall experience feels a lot like playing an Xbox 360 Call of Duty game. If I'd bought Ghosts as the one big game for my new Xbox One, I'd be bummed."
donman1  +   800d ago
A better comparison would be the WiiU vs XboxOne version.
reko  +   799d ago

ARE YOU MAD ms leech????????
ramiuk1  +   799d ago
thats a major difference in quality there,in every part it looks better on ps4 and this is just the begining
xHeavYx  +   800d ago
"My console of choice has the ultimate version"
"I can't see any difference!"
"PC Master race!!!!"
I summarized all possible comments
classic19  +   800d ago
pc's are for gamers who play 100 hours aweek, i simply can't do that. i rather watch porn on my pc lol. its a master race alright yup:>.
sashimi  +   800d ago
I've put 100 hours a week into my PS3.... especially during the summer.
XboxPS  +   799d ago
You are right.
But disagrees are coming for you and for me.
DanDan7  +   800d ago
Why do all multiplats look blurry on ps4 and sharper on the xbone? That's not fair..
digger18  +   800d ago
I was thinking the same. I'm a massive Playstation fan, but looking at that video, the Xbox one looks sharper
classic19  +   800d ago
because they are ports, ps3 was ported to ps4 so yea, look at kzsf no blurring right, because they built from ground up on ps4. the 360 version of cod was always kripsper, then ps3. just look at kzsf.
classic19  +   800d ago
because why the ps4 looks better, it still is a port to both console, ps3 always had a blurry vision, when games get built from ground up for ps4/x1 you will see a difference. look at kzsf no blurring right because it was built from ground up on ps4.
Kayant  +   800d ago
XB1's magically upscaler.

So does that mean you prefer jaggies then??? I don't understand how you think XB1's is *shaper* the blurriness is clear compared to the PS4.
Hyper_Tension140  +   800d ago
Here we go again.... go to and see the face offs.
Brix90  +   800d ago
Those jaggies make pictures look sharper..huh? lol
BattleTorn  +   800d ago
I used to think the X1 version of BF4 "looked sharper" until I played both, having bought it on both nextgen systems.

It wasn't until I watched the Killzone "nextgen tech" trailer, that I realized there is a lot more power involve in making the PS4 version "blurrier" than the tricks used to make the X1 "look sharper"
Sci0n  +   799d ago
allot of ppl with untrained eyes believe so. Look at how best buy and walmart sell there tvs to consumers, uncalibrated with sharpness and brightness tuned all the way up. That type of BS wows the untrained eyes. Me I see the jaggies and crushed blacks along with the not so shabby detail.
TheMadHatter  +   800d ago
Obvious troll is obvious. I suspect you made two accounts to post those two comments.

And in case you're not trolling, how can you not see it clearly. Even my die-hard Xbox friends admitted themselves that they were disappointed. Sharper does not equal more clear. The Xbox One is too sharp that it creates jagged and blurred visuals. Watch the video at 1080p in full screen. The difference is extremely noticeable.
Nodoze  +   800d ago
It is due to anti aliasing. The jaggies on XB1 look terrible!
BattleTorn  +   800d ago
The "blur" is actually the superiority.

The "sharpness" of the X1 versions turns into "jaggies" when in-game.
ramiuk1  +   799d ago
the xbone ads more bloom i imagine to cover the issues up??
but i cant see it looking better on any multiplat game.
the jaggies on the xbone version are painfull yet silky smooth on ps4
T-Dawg6  +   800d ago
I can't tell much of a difference.
EazyDuz22  +   800d ago
Why even do these comparisons anymore?
WE ALL KNOW that EVERY cross platform game will look far superior on PS4.
Trekster_Gamer  +   800d ago
XB1 looks sharper and better!
Pascalini  +   800d ago
Haha it still looks better on xb1 wtf
Hyper_Tension140  +   800d ago
I swear the only people that say that are the ones that never seen both side by side on a real TV. Tell me @Pascalini have YOU seen both on a real TV?
Qrphe  +   800d ago
I love bigger pixels on my TV too, the bigger they look the better
NatureOfLogic  +   800d ago
PC Master race: "Doesn't matter COD sucks anyway. PC gaming over all"
PS4 gamer: "OMG the difference!"
Xbone gamer: "There's no difference, 720p is equal to 1080p. Play games, resolution doesn't matter this gen."

With that said, show me one Xbone game that looks better than KillzoneSF. I'll wait. This is only the beginning too.
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TheMadHatter  +   800d ago
Xbox fanboys clearly in denial. Saying things like "The Xbox One version is better" even though the difference is obvious. Pc fanboys wouldn't say it sucks they would just say it will always be the best.
XboxPS  +   799d ago
I am exhausted from the trolling and denials in N4G.
Just stop.Please stop.
RantandRave  +   800d ago
Looks like the same video they released prior to the XB1 / PS4 being released. I remember them saying XB1 was using PS4 footage... Another broadcast of the same footage. Who would of thunk?
danny818  +   800d ago
No difference. Move along people
BattleTorn  +   800d ago
More visible alaising on the X1 version. Look at the difference in the grass at the end, the X1 version flickers where the PS4 does not. I used to be 100% Xbox 360 - but I can't deny the difference I see in BF4 on both systems PS4/X1. (i own both) I used to be one of those people who foolishly thought X1 "looks sharper" - until I watched the Killzone "nextgen tech" trailer, and realized there's a lot more power behind making the PS4 'blurrier' than the tricks used to make the X1 "sharper" .. I'm an Xbox veteran, have had XBL for a decade, but I converted!!
Nodoze  +   800d ago
Welcome to the PS family!
danny818  +   800d ago
I got so many downvotes lol u really have to try to see which one is better. but if the difference is subtle why do people care so much. the real difference will be in first party games. plus killzone and bf4 crush cod ghost anyday
Qrphe  +   800d ago
free downvotes
S2Killinit  +   800d ago
it does look better on PS4. especially if you watch this video on your phone you can really see the difference between the two. its less obvious on my laptop for some reason.
KonsoruMasuta  +   800d ago
They're both beautiful but the PS4 version looks better.

Edit: Why is the moon so bright on the X1 version?
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_FantasmA_  +   800d ago
1080p makes a difference. Even a turd like COD looks better on PS4 than on PS3 and 360 with that 2006 engine. I'm not saying its a good game at all, I'm just saying there are some very minor graphical upgrades that you can see, most noticeably on the space missions. The colors in 1080p on any game let you know that next gen graphics are here. Once you go full HD, you don't go back. PS4: 1080p, Xbox: 180p lol jk.
MajorGecko  +   800d ago
the one that got thrown in the garbage looks the best
Dlacy13g  +   800d ago
Maybe its just me (could very well be me as I am watching on a 24inch 1080p screen so it may be more obvious on larger screens) but honestly I found little difference between either version while watching that video. So little in fact that if you presented one version to me and told me it was the other I would have believed you. I will add though that I am not sure COD Ghosts is a game that is going to really stand out on one platform over another.
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Hyper_Tension140  +   800d ago
Both look like turds, but the bone version is a bigger more nastier and smellier turd.
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gpturbo81  +   800d ago
who gives a shit, they all play the same
James Vanderbeek  +   800d ago
you buy next gen for a boost in graphics not the same graphics as current gen.
gpturbo81  +   799d ago
i could give two shits about the graphics.
James Vanderbeek  +   800d ago
xbox1 = jaggie city

xbox1 looks like a 360 game almost.
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XboxPS  +   799d ago
Of course.
Do you think that IW will build Call of Duty:Ghosts from the start for X1/PS4?
They are ports of current-gen.
contradictory  +   800d ago
ahhhh i see...
do you not see?
alright, here's a hint: you probably shouldn't care about CoD
BobBelcher  +   799d ago
PS4 is better, but there's barely a difference.
ironmonkey  +   799d ago
Man Xbox version is ugly. What a mcjagger mess.
BDG  +   799d ago
I propose that the self proclaimed experts of amazing graphics (Gamer PC users) should be the ones to pass judgement seeing as they don't really care for XBone or PS4
Lucifun  +   799d ago
Call of Duty Ghost should of just stayed with current gen consoles.
76erz24  +   799d ago
They honestly look (almost) identical. I would give the ps4 the slightest of an edge.
gnothe1  +   799d ago
I mean come on...this video looks 99% those claiming the PS4 version looks way better or far superior is just fooling themselves...I have the game on xbox one..make no sense to buy it again on my PS4 but the games look THE SAME.... I understand a little bias towards one system but damn....there's really no difference here...
Rock_On_PS4  +   799d ago
Battle Field 4 and Assassins Creed 4 are much better games than Call of Duty: Ghosts. The multi-plat games look and perform better on the PS4 because of its Cell 2.0 processing brilliance and its upgraded Blu Ray Player. PS4 version is even better than the PC version.
MRMagoo123  +   799d ago
PS4 has the better version of all multiplats, its gonna be that way from now on lol, better get used to it.
corvusmd  +   799d ago
Anyone pretending they notice a difference is just lying to themselves....if anything the XB1 version looks a tad smoother in some minor cases...but that could be due to just the particular spot they froze the video at. IF you notice a difference (esp one to brag about), you're making it up in your head...sorry. What they need to do is release one of this, and tag them the wrong way...then about a week later tell everyone...see how many fanboys were bragging about the wrong system being better.

I have to tell you, whatever graphical difference there may be, it's not enough for PS4 to call it a victory, esp since they have more frame-rate issues and don't have true dedicated servers for a primarily mp game...which by the way, that's NICE!! I've only had two games that were even slightly laggy, but it was my router, and once I restarted...lag is practically non existant.
#27 (Edited 799d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
svoulis  +   799d ago
Oh boy, that one bubble defines you.

Lag being practically non existent?

I have Ghost on PC PS4 and Xbox One.

IF you really can't see the different go to a optometrist

If you dont know what that means its an Eye Doctor.

It is rediculously noticeable how much worse the Xbox One is especially in PERSON. I have tested all 3 versions on the same monitor same color settings and same gamma settings.. I have shown it to my live stream and I will make screenshots putting each one on top of each other.

I know you can't reply to me which is a shame, cause I'd really love to hear your counter argument, but obviously it would just spew with ill-regarded nonsense as you defend something that is clearly a difference. So I suppose its good you can't reply.

That being said, I have had Host Migrations on Xbox 360,Xbox One PS4 and PS3. (haven't played PC enough to see it)

IW already admitted how Their "dedicated" servers work on Next-Gen.

So enjoy that.
gnothe1  +   799d ago
man the game looks the looks different to you because YOU WANT IT TO LOOK DIFFERENT.... I have watched many many videos an I see no difference between the I said I have the xbox version one so I see no need to buy it again on my ps4 unlike you who claimed you bought the same game on multiple systems...I highly doubt that..other than alittle sharpness(which some call jaggies) an color saturation...THERES NO DIFFERENCE IN THESE just let it go dude....
svoulis  +   799d ago

You're joking right? Why would I want it to "look different" having both consoles?

Maybe you see no difference cause you're looking at it on a 10 inch netbook screen?

You can highly doubt whatever you want. I put Gifs up of the differences and yea, very noticeable regardless of what you say. denial is a strong feeling isn't it?

HAHA "You want it to look different"

-_- very sad.
Crillvirus81  +   799d ago
X1 version looks clearer and more bight to me but I would have to see them both in person running to tell
svoulis  +   799d ago
I made it easy for everyone.

Nothing altered here ya go.
ironmonkey  +   799d ago
Looks like xbox is running on lower graphic settings.
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