Lower your expectations for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

"Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has officially been announced as a standalone title in the Metal Gear Solid V story.

Originally unveiled back in 2012 without the “V” in the moniker, the hype train has since picked up momentum, most recently at the PlayStation 4 launch event. Even though Ground Zeroes carries the weight of a numbered title in the Metal Gear franchise, fans should lower their expectations. In fact, with every new release of information regarding Ground Zeroes, the more skeptical I become."

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LordMaim1605d ago

I stand corrected. Hell no.

crxss1605d ago

don't get me wrong, i think GZ will be great and that's because i'm not expecting much from it. i just wish it was in one MGSV package rather than the separate releases. TPP on the other hand, that will be marvelous.

remember the MGS2 tanker demo in ZOE? that's what i'm expecting

2pacalypsenow1605d ago

i already did , after they changed the voice and other changes im not exited for this one as i was for the the other ones , this one for me is kinda meh..

-Foxtrot1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Yeah they arn't doing anything to get me pumped for this game

- The voice actor
- The way Kojima dealt with the subject, what he did to Hayter
- Rations to regen health
- Another prequel
- Kojima admitting there will be inconsistencies
- Not getting much of a stealth vibe from it

I think he's pushed it with another game. I mean fair enough further the story with new characters but don't go back and try ti make stuff up that there's still stories to tell when there isn't. Least if Hayter wasn't in it it's because we will be controlling a new character

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

@-Foxtrot: You have no idea whether or not this is only a prequel. Your assertions are ridiculous. For all you know MGSV will span multiple eras and end after 4 so why don't you just wait and see. Your whining is insufferable. Every MGS article you show up like clockwork and bitch.

-Foxtrot1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


Right first of all when you reply to someone don't go to personal attacks and come off as a douche.

Second of all, lots of people complain and share concerns, look at this article, it's not just one person....I mean IT'S THE INTERNET, people on N4G for example always say roughly the same things in different articles whether they are good OR bad...we all do it. Even you. It's what the point of this site is for

Thirdly...if you can have the same people saying the same old good stuff about something why can't people post the same criticism/concerns. You can't reject one side of comments because you don't like it

Lastly...don't like peoples comments....ignore them.


EDIT - Oh and I forgot to say the reason I say things despite not knowing is because I deal with the information given at the present time. When new info comes along your comments get updated. Not hard to understand but he's given us no hints that it will span across multiple eras thats just your speculation

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

@-Foxtrot:My problem is you continue to complain about the same exact thing every time there is an MGSV article when you don't know for a fact some of the stuff you listed are going to be part of the game such as it only taking place early in the MGS timeline as a prequel and Hayter not voicing Solid Snake since we may be wrong about all of those things. I'm just saying man you won't let the games come out first before writing Kojima off as an asshole for changing things about the MGS series without knowing all the facts. If I came off as rude I apologize but this constant attacking of Kojima is kind of unwarranted without knowing all the details.

Edit. In reponse to your edit. Im not really speculating about it spanning multiple eras I'm just saying it is a possibility and maybe that will be the case but we should all just wait and see what Kojima has planned because we all know that he is a tricksy one.

-Foxtrot1605d ago


Me...look around mate most people are saying roughly if not similar things to me.

Don't just single out one person because it makes your whole comment look stupid when you refuse to acknowledge other people. It's like your doing it on purpose for whatever reason

Joe9131604d ago

I would have to agree with TheOneWhoIsTornApart but Foxtrot is right everybody is complaining but that is whats so annoying and I find this on the movie sites as well but now a days ppl hate on stuff without knowing all the info I understand voicing concerns but ppl are talking like they visited the studio and did not like what they seen lol it is madness this goes out to eveybody not just foxtrot that is why I do not like were no info is given and you play to find out anything because you have to deal with this crap if Kojima did not play all these games ppl would not have such a negative outlook about this game if Hayter is going to be in future MGS as Solid snake then say it so ppl can stop crying lol oh and if he want to change stuff he needs to reboot the whole thing

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Aleithian1605d ago

Agreed. I'll wait a year or two until the Ultimate edition (or whatever it will be called) releases. But prudence aside, I'm simply not that into it now after Kojima's antics and the whole prologue mess. Honestly - after ditching the voice actor I'm not even sure I will buy it. That was a really scummy move IMO.

gamedebater1605d ago

It's going to be a bit longer than the tanker level in MGS2. Prolly only a 3-5 hrs

Tdmd1605d ago

Should it be 5 hours long, I'll be more than pleased! On the other hand, less than that, it is a glorified demo and, as much excited about it as I am, I'm not paying for a demo... I'd wait for the complete experience instead.

gamedebater1604d ago

bro I replayed the tanker level in MGS a million times over. It was great. The demo we saw @ TGS showed how snake can infiltrate bases differently. I just hope that they can the stealth right "as" good or better than Last of Us since they game pure perfection.

Joe9131604d ago

I agree 5 hours is long enough for a $30 game I think ppl just want something more to bitch about honestly ppl need to wait and see how long GZ is before bitching about it cause if it is 5 hours then it is longer than COD ghost yea some ppl say you get COD for muiltiplayer but first I like storys if the story is crap I wont buy the game second who is to say that MGO will not be in GZ so bottom line stop crying until we get more info if it is a two hour game Im right with you to short to be worth $30.

DCfan1605d ago

Already did that. Konami seems to have forced themselves into the development this time which is not so good.

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