Dragon's Crown sells over 800,000 titles

GameDynamo - Atlus announced today that its controversial beat-'em-up Dragon's Crown has currently shipped 800,000 copies

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MrSwankSinatra1571d ago

that really outstanding considering how niche this game is.

majiebeast1571d ago

Yeah best selling game Vanillaware has ever produced.

miyamoto1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I guess I have to thank the haters for giving this game publicity and great exposure to the public eye.

Congratulations Vanillaware and Atlus for picking this game up like you did Demon's Souls.

sequel maybe on its way!

Level 78 Infernal difficulty!

hulk_bash19871571d ago

Congrats to Vanillaware and Atlus, this was a great game that deserves alot of sales.

Knushwood Butt1570d ago

Yeah, I'm very happy for them to have success with what many would consider is a retro title.

Let's have more in the future.

yeahokchief1570d ago



800,000 is NOT ENOUGH! Keep buying this game!

badz1491570d ago

I definitely will! damn...why am I waiting so long to get this? shame on me

DanielGearSolid1571d ago

Havent played it but the word of mouth was crazy for this game. I wonder if the sex appeal or the gameplay were the main driving force for the sales

Ratty1571d ago

Definitely gameplay. There is no sex appeal at all in this game. The boobs and butts are so exagerated it's more of a turn-off.

The art is still amazing if you can get past that and so is the gameplay. It's also rather cheap. I'd say if you're looking for a good couch-coop experience it's probably one of the best game for that on PS3 right now.

The only downside is there's a lot of griding involved if you keep playing after beating the story... which is pretty much the reason I quit but it's still an amazing game.

SilentNegotiator1571d ago

"Definitely gameplay. There is no sex appeal at all in this game. The boobs and butts are so exagerated it's more of a turn-off"

Tell that to people that think Kim Kardasian is hot.

Bhuahahaha1571d ago

yeah great game.
grinding is okay to me. its way better than making it some kind of dlc a.k.a micro-transaction

i wish if theres even a sequel they tone down those tits a little

Inception1570d ago

Gameplay, beautifull graphic / artstyle, and amazing music: That's the reasons why people bought Vanillaware games.

Stringerbell1571d ago

Look at it this way Atlus is now owned by Sega. Sega commented they would allow Atlus to work on some of their IP's that have collected dust. Bring us a proper sequel to Golden Axe. If anyone could do it, its this development team right here.

Chrono1571d ago

Just saying, Atlus doesn't own this IP, they only published the game.

Eyeco1571d ago

Golden Axe on the PS2 was a travesty, that said 3D Beat em Ups have worked The Warriors was an excellent example, but if anything I would love Atlus to do either Phantasy Star or Shining Force.

Stringerbell1570d ago

Dont remind me of that crap lol It didnt even have the iconic title theme, which by the way the remixed version on Sonic Racing is epic!

Blank1570d ago

Wow excellent intelligent comment vanillaware+golden axe=proper revival!

EmptySkyForm1571d ago

I loved this game. Clocked in over 200 hours. Everyone is lvl 99 with almost the best weapons.

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The story is too old to be commented.