Huge Aksys Games Sale Announced

Aksys Games announces a variety of sales just in time for the holidays. Now you can either give your favorites games to your family or friends, or purchase a little something for yourself

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dark-kyon1811d ago

Fate extra is a great game,if you like rpg and anime do not miss for that price.

prodg521811d ago

I wanted to get Blazblue: CSE but it's a 3GB download for Vita! New memory card already maxed out :(

dcj05241811d ago

Yeah. Had to sacrifice it for Mortal Kombat. I'll redownload it after I'm done with Jet Set Radio.

RedHawk021809d ago

God I hated that game. Luckily I got it for free with Plus because I honestly would have been pissed if I bought it. I did not like it one bit.