‘Destiny,’ ‘TitanFall’ and ‘Watch Dogs’ potential sequels discussed by Michael Pachter

Michael Pachter has provided some analysis in regards to the future of the gaming industry in regards to sequels and new franchises.

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kevnb1603d ago

Amy game that does well could have a sequel...

Skate-AK1603d ago

I hope Amy doesn't get a sequel. That game was horrible. Haha.

Soldierone1603d ago

This guy should be called "The Common Sense Guru," Since he predicts nothing that isn't common sense.

"PS4 and Xbox One will sell at least one unit on launch" IM AN ANALYST! YES!

Muffins12231602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

He is sopost to say what he thinks what will happen..lets hope its common sense and not some crazy prediction you dumbass.Its his JOB to predict what will likely happen...

Soldierone1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Actually no, he is supposed to predict the atmosphere around the industry and provide details that we wouldn't otherwise think of.

If his job is to constantly tell us common sense, then what purpose is does he serve? None. Thanks for the insult though, come again.

Edit: It just bugs me, its "SUPPOSED" not .... "sopost" lmao

andibandit1602d ago


Have you ever watched the show?
He is an analyst by proffesion, but on the show he just answers question from when a user asks "will publishers just keep releasing sequel after sequel..." what answer do you want???.

Muffins12231602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

So his job is not to predict future even though its certainly going to happen.And what determines what is "common sense" thing with you is that you think common sense is universal and is the same for every human being.Its not and he helps many people and theirs a reason why investors pay him from private advice because he knows the gaming industry to a certain degree where he can found out "common sense" information that's common sense to you and me but not for others that do not spend their lives with games. Btw he was ASKED to answer this,so someone out their dose not have this common sense you seem to think everyone has.

Soldierone1602d ago

Whats up with the insults? Honestly, what did I do to you? Are you pachter and got butt hurt by my comments?

He predicts the atmosphere around games. If someone asks "what sequels might we see" he could very easily dig A TINY BIT and talk about Halo, Gears, MGS6.... no instead he basically says COD will get a sequel.

And what is defined as common sense? Hmm how about two of the games he listed already have sequels announced? der? If you are investing in something and don't know that, perhaps you shouldn't be investing in that product?

Riderz13371603d ago

Damn son let the game come out first before talking about a sequel. I'm 99.9% sure all three will get sequels but it's a little early to even discuss that lol.

mo2411602d ago

All three are already confirmed sequels.
bungie has an contract over an 10 year lifespan for destiny, with 3 games and 3 DLC.

EA: said titanfall is exclusive to xbox over its entire lifespan, but possible sequels are multiplatform, knowing EA they will probably milk the shit out of it.

Ubisoft: confirmed there will be a sequel, they said they are not making an new IP without it having a future.

So yeah what you say is correct and all are 100% confirmed. And actually leaves the article pointless.

Nujabes_1603d ago

Titanfall sequel is already confirmed.

JackieCruise691603d ago

Successful games having a chance at getting a sequel?! No way!
Sarcasm by the way.
Way to point out obvious things, Patchy.

But on a serious note.. If Watch Dogs is as good as it looks I'd love a sequel for that.

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The story is too old to be commented.