Gameinformer January Cover Revealed – Destiny

Matt Miller:

''Given the pedigree of the developer and its many years of work on the Halo franchise, it hasn’t been hard for gamers to get excited about the potential of Bungie’s upcoming Destiny. However, concrete details about the project have remained scarce. How does the game play? What parts are based in the traditions of the classic shooter, and what elements draw on RPGs and MMOs? How does your character grow over time, and what specific activities will aid in that growth? Bungie opened its doors wide to give us the answers, and our January cover story lays out all the info we were able to glean from two days of playing the game, talking with the developers, and witnessing demos set across Destiny’s many worlds.''

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thepeacefulshot1570d ago

People still read Gameinformer?

DoctorJones1570d ago

If they didn't then they wouldn't have Gameinformer to read in the first place would they?

Surely be?

MizTv1570d ago

I like there previews but there reviews are another thing
I have a gi form like 2010 and they have like 8 games a 9 or higher
They are owned by gamestop and want to push games they think they can sell
That being said I do like to read it every month

WeAreLegion1570d ago

It's a $2/month subscription or $12.99/year on the Google Play Store. That's what I do. It gets there MUCH faster than the magazines.

DoctorJones1570d ago

It's not as good as reading a magazine in a bath though. I hope magazines are around forever, reading on a tablet or a phone just isn't the same.

WeAreLegion1570d ago

I read it in the bath. Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Water resistant up to 3 meters. ;)

DoctorJones1570d ago

Come on now WeAreLegion, it's not worth reading in the bath unless your reading material can get absolutely ruined. That's part of the fun.

Jughead34161570d ago

I know it seems kind of out dated, but I actually do enjoy receiving the magazines in the mail, even though I could just go to their website for pretty much the same gaming news.

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ThatEnglishDude1570d ago

Really looking forward to this title!

Regis1570d ago

Another GameInformer Destiny Cover Awesome!!!!!