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Very First Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 and PSVita Remote Play Gameplay Video Looks Awesome

During the PlayStation Awards ceremony last night there was a surprise first glimpse on PS4 and PS Vita remote play gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, shown by Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida himself. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PS Vita, PS4)

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strigoi814  +   259d ago
bely nice belly belly nice...
Abriael  +   259d ago
Haha you trying to sound Japanese?
strigoi814  +   259d ago
that is how far i can go Japanese..lolz
black0o  +   259d ago
are they gonna live-stream again?

edit: thx abriael
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Abriael  +   259d ago
Not the same footage I think, but on December the 14th they're gonna show more gameplay during the Letter from the Producer Live.
Sevir  +   259d ago
The PS4 footage looks decidedly next gen!! I'm surprised I just thought it would run at a more stable frame rate!
pabsis  +   258d ago
Really?... You can tell that through a youtube video?
You got good eyes!
Jubez187  +   259d ago
Can't wait. I want them to release some details about the beta. Will I have to relinquish my PS3 copy to get into the PS4 BETA? If so, how long will there be between the Beta and the actual release...cause I can't go back to my PS3 version after I upgrade.
ABizzel1  +   259d ago
Has anyone been able to Remote play from another house. I keep having issues with it, but I've seen people do it online with a much lower connection then the one I'm using away from home.

Other than that it's amazing.
leahcim  +   259d ago
go vita!!!!
ho0lee0h  +   259d ago
Why is there a scene with PC footage? The keyboard layout is showing. Unless it's possible to play with keyboard on PS4?
PurpHerbison  +   259d ago
Not sure but I believe it has full mouse + keyboard support.
Abriael  +   259d ago
It is, they already confirmed that. It'll also have both the Keyboard and the controller UI like the PC version.
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PurpHerbison  +   259d ago
What day is 2.1 dropping?
Abriael  +   259d ago
PurpHerbison  +   259d ago
Am I blind? I swear there is nothing about it on the launcher...
Abriael  +   259d ago
It's been announced at the latest Live letter

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